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  Our Own Personal SiteBuild It! Case History

       "Our Own Personal SiteBuild It! Case History"

This note was sent to Ken Evoy of 'SiteBuild It! regarding Google's AdSense and SiteBuild It! about two months after posting our new site to the WWW.

     I'm quite excited about the incredible results I've experienced using SiteBuild It!.

    The most recent outstanding result was the acceptance by Google's AdSense team of this first website I've ever built using SiteBuild It!

    The site was submitted to Google on March 22, 2004, and received their approval the very next day - March 23.

    Considering the fact that this site was so new ... first uploaded at the end of January 2004, initial 4 or 5 pages submitted to the Search Engines just before 'Fast' and 'AltaVista' stop accepting, it's just astounding.

    There are now more than 20 Url's on the site, with about one a week being developed and uploaded to add to the important 'Content".

    The step-by-step guidance by SiteBuild It! really produces results.

    None of the other half dozen or so sites that I've built using the more conventional means come anywhere near performing like this SiteBuild It! site.

    Starting way back with the Keyword Manager, Brainstorming, right through to Search Engine optimization, Directory Submission, etc., and now, AdSense, the results are certainly 'awsome'.

    And having a currently hot theme has also been a major contributor to the growing traffic. With the help of the keyword manager and brainstorming, I selected a subject that is in high demand and vital for everyone who uses their computer on the internet ... avoiding virus attacks, and maintaining personal security.

    It's titled "" The pages are really loaded with powerful content. Soon, I expect to experience the 'M' in the
C-T-P-M formula. (Content + Traffic + Presell = Monitization)

    It even showed up in the top 4.6 percentile of Alexa! in just 8 weeks.

    I used Front Page with one of Paul's Colligan's special SiteBuild It Templates. Works Great! Looks Great, and the Site Build It! HTML Uploading and Analysis worked without a hitch.

    Next major step is to start emailing to the subscribers who have already responded to the Sign up form. Learning how to use the MailOut feature has been a bit slow going, but I'm working on the problems I experienced there.

    I'm certain that you've heard all of this before. However, I really wanted to share my exuberance and appreciation for the great tool that you have made available. Thank you.          Richard, April 1, 2004

              --------end of note to Ken Evoy-------------

    But this is only our experience. There are thousands of others who have been equally, or even more successful using SiteBuildIt!.
   Take a look at their Case Studies HERE. I guarantee you'll be impressed, and if you're considering building your own website to sell a product or promote your brick & mortar business, or publishing a newsletter or ezine, you'll learn how others built their really successful websites with the SiteBuildIt! tools.


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