Here's why I publish a Security Alert newsletter -

A lot of 'problems' and challenges have come my way during the past dozen years or so of using the internet. Originally, they were just "How to do this or that", but recently, all of us everyday internet users have been deluged with so many nasty viruses, worms, trojans and spyware intruders, the focus has changed to "How NOT to".

“How not to” get infected by these pests and intruders, and of course, “how not to” let them take over yours and my computers, surfing pleasures, or personal identities.

The comments, questions and advice received from many online and offline friends made it very clear that a lot of us could use help. And this help needed to be provided in a manner easy for you and me to understand and implement.

The theme of the
Security Alert News Reporter, Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, and the Security Alert Blog has been and will continue to be "simplicity" -- information that can be used and easily understood by the youngest internet users to the oldest of us Senior people, many of whom were fearful of even starting to use a computer in the first place.

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