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Welcome. Glad you're here. Maintaining your Computer System health is my Goal.  Actually, your interest in visiting is just what my "Computer Security Awareness Campaign" is about - providing information to assure Internet travelers that they can be safe online.

That's why my Security Alert News Reporter, Security Alert Blog and this website are published - with extra emphasis on Family and Children Internet Safety.

I'm very fortunate to have 9 Grandchildren and a very recent addition of my third Great Grandchild (!), which explains the special emphasis on Internet safety for children. With computers being such a fact of life, cell phones connected to the Internet, social networking sites where many children have a tendency to accidentally "reveal all", increased potential for child predators to make contact with unsuspecting children - even teenagers - my passion has become more intense.                                                         

      Firewalls and Virus Protection is a family oriented web site.  I've published it to guide everyone, youngsters to oldsters, in understanding what's happening in the cyberworld that has become a hunting ground for criminals, miscreants, crooks, felons and other unsavory sorts.

  Here's what it's all about -- 


  The theme is one of understanding. If you are aware of
going on, you'll be better prepared to protect
    against it.

  You'll find information and advice on the most significant
involved in protecting your online security, your
safety, and that of your friends.

  Topics include basic explanations of firewalls, viruses,
identity theft, spyware, spam, cookies, trojan
    horses, and a
lot more.

  Some astute parents have even used it as a study
for their children - presented in a way that
   anyone can follow.

  Links to other sources of related information and even
protective tools and software for spyware removal
throughout the site - follow them and you'll have
   a much
safer and more rewarding surfing experience.


     The "Security Alert News Reporter" is issued by email periodically to announce interesting and useful information in a timely manner. It follows the trends, activities, and even problems Internet travelers are experiencing when visiting the World Wide web. There are links to the subscription form throughout the website.

     There's a "Regular Features Supplement" to the "News Reporter" loaded with permanent links to dozens of free reports and resources  - all supporting enhanced security and enjoyment for family members who like to surf the Internet.

     The "Security Alert Blog" is an up-to-the-minute Vital Internet Security Alert with Information for the everyday Non-technical Computer user, Internet User and Web Surfer who just wants to be safe doing basic stuff without the hassle of viruses, spyware, or worse.

     All of these publications are loaded with resources - many of them Free - to strengthen personal Security Fortresses and defenses.


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