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RE: December 17, 2004 Return of the Cws.MrHop hijacker
MWS writes:
"Richard,  you listed the bad things  cwsmrhop did, but you didnt say how you got rid of it. Can you tell me how? thanks" MWS
Dear MWS, I used these spy cleaning programs to find and destroy the pest(s):
                  SpyBot Search and Destroy
                  CWS Shredder

If this makes you wonder "Why so Many?", it's because I haven't been able to find one single program that will do everything. Actually, I found that there were about 8 other pests that came along with the Cws.MrHop worm incident, including adware tracking bugs and other spyware that presented potential threats (the spy cleaning programs identified the dangerous ones).

It also took me about three or four hours to run all of these programs and many more hours to clean up the mess left by Cws.mrHop.

Free versions of all of these spy cleaning programs can be downloaded from past issues of our
Security Alert News Reporter and from links on our
Firewalls-and-Virus Protection website.

Hope this helps. If you haven't been bothered by any of these pests yet, may I suggest that you get these free programs and use them regularly along with updated versions of your virus protection and firewall programs.

Thanks for your question.
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