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RE: April 13, 2005  It's hard to believe so many people simply ignore
all of  the warnings about online security threats -

Comment from visitor Patrick of
In response to the questions which I raised in the posting,
                   -----------------Patrick commented ------------------
Of course we could all move over to Linux . . ."
Carr Imaging
                   ------------------- the questions -----------------------
My concern, and one that should be yours, is how to help the hundreds
of thousands of teen age 'chatters' become aware of what's happening to one
of their favorite pastime pursuits?
I'm a very concerned Grandparent with many grandchildren. I feel that this requires more than a website, newsletter or Blog. How would you spread the word to them?
                         -------------end questions -----------
Thanks for your comment, Patrick. No doubt, the Linux Operating platform has been less plagued with rogueware of all types to date, but it isn't an easy answer for everyone.

Even though Novell has recently shipped its latest software for "tech savvy
home PC users", what percentage of home PC users are really "tech savvy" enough to replace a Windows operating platform?.

The April 23, blog posting looks at this possibility in a little more depth.

Thanks again for your comment
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