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RE: May 8, 2005: How much changes in a year for the ordinary, everyday Cyber World adventurer?

Comment from visitor Patrick of
In response to my opinion --"I believe the online security situation really hasn't changed - we are still faced with virus infections, SPAM, malware, increasing spyware intrusions, potential identity theft, and all of the other nasty stuff that plagued us last year.

What has seemed to change is the shift of actual felonious criminal activities from our daily offline world to the Internet"

                   -----------------Patrick commented ------------------
"Concerning your blog topic--I think things have changed some, but you
mention this--in the area of sophistication. The malware idiots have to be
craftier to outsmart the new protective software available, which, of
course, causes the protection folks to come up with better . . . well,

If all this were taken outside of any value system, it might resemble a
system of evolution--what tends to win -- benefits all of us--sort of.

Carr Imaging 
Thanks for your comment, Patrick. Since evolution is a process in which something passes by degrees to a more advanced or mature stage, we all have to hope that the mature protectors are the winners (and soon!).

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