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     Who Might Win the Browser Wars?


                   Microsoft and the Browser Wars
One of our favorite Authors is
Jim Edwards. He is a syndicated newspaper columnist who recently published this article discussing Browser Wars
and Security Problems as one of his regular newspaper columns. (          This is what he wrote:

                      Will Microsoft Lose The Browser Wars?
               Written by: Jim Edwards - © Jim Edwards -
                 All Rights reserved

Until recently, software giant, Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web
browser enjoyed a relatively unchallenged position as the most
popular Web browser in the world.

Despite lawsuits and charges of unfair competition from the likes
of Netscape and others, Microsoft dominates browser software
with over 90% market share.

Microsoft's dominance of the browser market stems mainly from
the simple fact that the majority of computers get delivered with
Microsoft Windows as the default operating system.

Internet Explorer (IE) comes standard with all Windows software
and, thus, virtually everyone automatically gets the IE browser.

By default, Microsoft owns the browser market because they
catch consumers early, get them conditioned to using the IE
software, and, until recently, no other software offered a
compelling enough reason to switch.

However, with a seemingly endless rash of security problems,
consumers started looking elsewhere for alternative Web
browser options.

This consumer demand may well spell the end of Microsoft's
dominance in the browser marketplace.

In response to severe security vulnerabilities, several alternative
Web browsers recently gained significant market share.

** **

One of the original "alternative" browsers, "Opera" offers a
significant number of interesting tweaks over Internet Explorer,
including the ability to open more than one html page within the
browser, as opposed to one page per window with IE.

The free version of Opera carries advertising messages, but for
$39 you can turn off the advertising and unlock additional features.

** **

Mozilla actually offers two choices for alternative Web browsing. Mozilla 1.7, the current version of the original
Mozilla software, includes an email program, newsgroup reader,
    and even a chat feature.

Mozilla also offers a newer browser called "Firefox" that has many
people raving about enhanced features. Both browsers come free
of charge and do not appear to carry any third party advertising.

** **

Netscape, one of the original Web browsers, still offers its browser
software free, though you must do some searching on their site to
find it.

Scroll to the bottom and click "Download Latest Netscape Browser."

Based on their site, Netscape seems to be in the middle of an
identity crisis since they look more like Yahoo! than a software

** An 800 lb. Gorilla on the horizon? **

Online search engine powerhouse, Google, has never shied away
from taking on Microsoft.

In fact, they've done something Microsoft couldn't do, namely
turn a profit with a search engine.

Based on past behavior, how long do you think it will take Google
to release a Web browser of their own?

Despite statements to the contrary, I believe Google will come out with their own Web browser within the next 18 months.(*)

Look at their alternative, Gmail, at

Google gave away so much storage space they forced Hotmail to
make major concessions in their free service.

Google Desktop blows away the Microsoft search utility for your PC.

Don't for a second think Google doesn't have a browser in
development and a strategy to release it (for free) if they can
cut Microsoft off at the knees.

    (*)Article posted Nov. 2004   

--  Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist
( and is the author of several best-selling ebooks, information products and software programs. He is
co-author of an impressive new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...(See SideBar for more information)      


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