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IS Your Computer SAFE From Hackers And Viruses?

Today more than ever, users are open to attacks and viruses on their computers.

This ebook explains in simple terms, how to make your computer less vunerable to becoming a victim of viruses, hackers, and other malicious online dangers.

Learn about free sites to check your computer's security.

Learn where to download free firewall and anti-virus software to protect your computer from attacks and from viruses.

Learn about some of the tools and methods hackers use.

Learn steps to take to prevent intrusion.

Learn more about spyware, pop-ups and other online dangers.

Be forewarned though, even the most secure computer is not completely secure.

Do you know why?

Loads of resources and links for learning how to best protect your computer, and to learn much more about the many threats that exist to online users today. Be sure to read the Foreword below for more details.

Below are some online sample chapters.


Foreword By Willie Crawford
Security Overview
Hackers, Crackers And More
Firewall Software
Anti-Virus Software
Spyware And Pop Ups
Cookies And Privacy
More Resources And Links
About The Author

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This is not some long 200 page ebook with long technical explanations.

It is a 38 page ebook that explains in a very straight forward (and simple) way how to quickly assess and protect your computer. It is essential for the many computer owners and internet surfers to understand if their computer is protected.

To read more about me (the author) click here. I have been in the IT field for 13+ years and felt it was time for a quick and simple guide for those that don't understand the many dangers online.

Your book was a good overview of things that every Internet user should be educated on for self-protection (without getting too technical and complicated --which would lose most people).

I particularly appreciated your examples of things that actually happened to you and others as a result of hackers and other problems.

It means more to hear how these things affect people and what you can be on the look out for rather than just the general stuff I always hear about viruses and hackers being "bad".

Thanks for some real life examples. Thank you so much for sending me this valuable information I really needed to know.

Susan Geary

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