Yes, I do seem to be a "Jack-Of-All Trades", as a broadcaster, writer and media consultant. But really, all of these professions work together pretty seamlessly in my life. I've been a broadcaster for over 35 years, but only started writing books when I turned fifty, which came naturally to me once I had achieved more perspective on my life and felt more confident in writing about it. My media consultancy is now over ten years old, and runs quite well, practically on its own. The people I've surrounded myself with are professionals who work out many of the details in that business which allows me to set the overall direction of it, while freeing me up from the more tedious aspects of media placement and talent development.

As you might surmise, my goal now is to live a life in which I am not tied down too much and can have the freedom to do what I love more than breathing---travel! In my e-course (more on that in a minute) I talk to student travelers about how they, too, can start living a life of travel while still being responsible in their work life. Americans especially are driven to work, work, and work. It's part of our capitalist culture, which has created the hardest working, most productive population on the planet. I just feel that this has gone too far. My book was written to free people from the many constraints they live under so they can discover this marvelous world we live in. Life is way too short to spend it only working.

Travel broadens your horizons, expands your consciousness and makes you happy! Paupers don't live to work---they work to travel! My challenge was to find ways to sometimes travel 'free' and sometimes even get paid to travel. That challenge has been met and my book reveals how unlimited travel is a dream that CAN come true for anyone.

Q. How often do you have a chance to Get Away?

Victor: I try and "get away" as often as humanly possible. That means, every chance I can. I live to travel! In the past, I would travel only when business called, or when I needed to handle family issues or when I had my vacation time coming to me from my employer. However, as I got older I decided I could do better than that!

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