As parents, grandparents, and guardians, we are reminded constantly to help our children enjoy the pleasures and excitement of the Internet in safety.

   But what about when they're outside playing, or at school? What if something terrible happened and they became lost?

  A child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone. If your child is missing, what would you rather be doing; answering a long list of questions about their physical appearance, or helping police and others begin to look for your child right away?

   In this situation, the first thing needed is an accurate and immediate description of your child. Do not try to rely on your memory at this point - your mind will be so frantically focused on finding your child that you may cause more confusion than clarity.

   It's important for children to have a resource, like an Identity Card with your contact information on it. If they are injured or lost, the identifying information can help law enforcement or concerned citizens contact you. ID tags, complete with parent name and phone numbers, can be tied into shoes, backpacks, wallets, fanny packs or purses.
FREEIDPROGRAM.com is your source on the Internet for high quality child safety resources used by parents and caregivers to better protect the children they love and care for!

   The KIDSAFE ID Program provides every child with a Premium Child Safety Resource Package, that allows kids and parents to choose from 30 unique, kid-friendly design themes. These safety resources have been rated best in quality by both parents and kids alike!

   Sponsored by law enforcement and national business partners, the premium child safety resource program is
free for every child
(normally $30.00). Parents/caregivers simply pay a small shipping and handling fee to have the resources shipped directly to them.

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KIDSAFE ID Card right now - directly from the web page at  www.freeidprogram.com 

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