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        Has a Spoofed Subject Field entrapped you?


 Are the Subject Fields in your email messages Real
or are they Fakes?

           Spoofed Subject Fields

                                                            by Jim Peters

You know what I mean, you receive them all the time-

 "RE: Here is the info you requested" or
 "Sorry to take so long getting back to you."

You open it and there is an ad for Viagra, or a pitch for growing your organ. The practice is running rampant, but why? They can't be selling those products with this method, can they?

As I see it, this translates into the real world of commerce like this: You build, rent or lease a store front, advertise that you're selling Rolex watches for 50% off. You place ads in the newspaper and on radio and television to drive huge amounts of traffic to your store.

Customers begin to arrive in droves, only to find that you're actually selling day old bread, not Rolex watches. Exactly how many of those loaves of bread can you expect to sell to customers who arrived looking for a bargain on a watch?

The definitive answer here should be none and, in the real world, that would be the case. Unfortunately, in the world of e-mail spamming, they will sell thousands of products just this way.
Why? Because we allow them to by purchasing their products and perpetuating the practice.

Want it to stop? Then, you'll first have to stop buying any products and/or services marketed in this fashion.

Whewwwww, glad to get that off my chest!

[ jim Peters is Manager of NSI "SOLUTIONS". NSI specializes in custom website design, promotion, maintenance, domain registration , site hosting , site and graphic design, as well as
e-commerce packages for small to medium sized companies.
In other words "SOLUTIONS".
Copyright © 2004 by NetServe International, Inc.]                     

Article presented with permission of the i-Cop organization


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Editor's Comments

How many ways are there to destroy the usefulness, benefits and pleasures the World Wide Web has to offer?

If the mal-contents, crackers, and outright thieves haven't found them all yet -

it's a sure bet that
         they will!

It isn't as though nothing
is being done about it.

Many organizations (like i-cop), the Federal Government, private individuals, small and large software companies, major enterprises, and more, are working to minimize the threats and dangers.

What can we, as every- day internet users do?

Generally, we must keep our virus protection, spy detection, and all other protective programs up to date.

We Must be diligent! We cannot disregard the real dangers. If we do, we will eventually feel the pain and grief that comes with underestimating the determination of the malicious individuals who are not going to stop using us and stealing from us.     ...Richard       


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