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June 12, 2005   Yet another of my favorites is posting with RSS

Bill Hely, author of the "Hackers Nightmare" has kept owners of his ebook updated with periodic emails. His email message to me today announced that future updates will also be presented in his new Blog with an RSS feed.
(What's an RSS Feed?).

And why not? As delivery of email messages becomes more uncertain due to increasing Spam filtering activity, the potential for missing these important updates increases significantly.

Bill isn't the only author, publisher, internet marketer and Blogger adding the little orange buttons to their online offerings. The
icons are appearing on an increasing number of web logs, product promotion, newsletter, service, and general information sites.

One of the great things about RSS, in my opinion, is the potential for
reducing spam, virus and spyware infections, identity theft, browser hijacking and other malicious practices. Why?

Much of the proliferation of these pests is a result of infected email attachments, phony and fraudulent (phishing) spam, hidden trojans (what's a trojan), and other such sneaky stuff that attempts to trap the unwary through
their email inboxes.

Keeping up-to-date with your favorite sites through their RSS feeds saves you the trouble of having to go to them to learn if new information has been made available. You won't have to rely on an email from your favorite site making it past all of the filters to inform you of any valuable new information. You might never even get that message.

Your RSS Reader will display every update made to your favorite site as quickly as it is made.

There are many free RSS Readers available. Maybe you're a bit reluctant to tackle such a download. If so, My Yahoo and My MSN make having your own RSS Reader a fairly easy undertaking.

It's soon going to be the preferred, and maybe even the only way to safely follow the current offerings of your favorite sites.

Here's how you can easily get your own free RSS Reader from YaHoo.

STEP ONE: If you don't already have your own My Yahoo page, go to and get a free one.

STEP TWO: Then return to the (What's an RSS Feed?) page, bookmark it
for future reference and follow the simple instructions.

STEP THREE: RightClick the
buttons, save the link, click on the Add to My Yahoo!  button and you should go directly to your new MyYahoo page.
 Sign In if necessary.

STEP FOUR: Look for the 'Add Content' link near the top left of your
MyYahoo page.  Left Click on it and a new dialog box will open.

STEP FIVE: Just to the Right of the Find button in the top part of the new box is a link “Add RSS by URL”. Left Click on it. At the top of the new page that opens there’s a form box just under The heading “Add RSS by URL”. (This page contains more guidance from Yahoo. Be sure to read it.)

STEP SIX: Put you cursor in the form box, Right click and the RSS feed URL you saved from STEP THREE will be pasted in it.

Congratulations! You have just added an RSS feed to your My Yahoo page. You’ll probably want to add more, now that you know how.

Each time you visit your My Yahoo page, you’ll be alerted to the latest updates to your favorite sites. Enjoy.

  ... Richard
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