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    WIreless Connectivity and Services

cell phone tower for high speed connectivity of laptops with WiMax
   Cell Phone Tower
High speed wireless is available for laptops, cell phones and other hand held mobile devices at speeds that used to be reserved for DSL and cable.

The ISPs today can service all your wireless needs  in both your office and home - and your mobile connections as well.

Dial up can run at 56kbps but the introduction of wireless can make your connection run up to 2.0Mbps without a wire.

The WiFi connection makes this speed possible. There are devices to attach to your USB port that connect to WiMax or EV-DO for your laptop computer.

These devices, when running from your USB port allow you to connect almost anywhere without a wireless router
Cell phones and laptops can  access the Internet at these speeds and have become great mobile devices to access any connection via the Internet. The speed will make your laptop and cell phones seem to work as well as your office or home PC. Looking for a hot spot to connect to is no longer an issue with cell phones and laptops.

The equipment you use to access these wireless devices is not the same that you use in an office since no Ethernet cable or NIC card is needed.

Different wireless providers and industry vendors back either WiMax or LTE, or both, depending on how these technologies benefit their businesses.

In the U.S., for example, cellular provider Sprint backs WiMax while its competitors Verizon and AT&T support LTE. Manufacturing companies may prefer one or the other depending on their ability to produce hardware more or less expensively.

Neither technology is expected to replace Wi-Fi home networks and hotspots. For consumers, then, the choice between LTE and WiMax comes down to which services are available in their region and offer better speed and reliability.​

Most of today's laptops already have a wireless device installed in them from the manufacturer. The wireless card in the laptop needs an unblocked wireless port on a router to function.

Using a WiMax USB device can give you access outside of the confines of a router. The device can connect your laptop, as does your cell phone, to towers and satellites that will allow access to wireless Internet service providers and the Internet.

The WISPs provide access points using the tower that they use with cell phones and other devices. The WiMax device in the USB port on your laptop can pickup a connection via the WISPs towers or satellites making it very mobile.

--------WiMAX is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.16, that is intended for wireless "metropolitan area networks". WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 - 15 km) for mobile stations. In contrast, the WiFi/802.11 wireless local area network standard is limited in most cases to only 100 - 300 feet (30 - 100m).

--------EVDO, also known as EV-DO, 1xEvDO and 1xEV-DO, is a standard for high speed wireless broadband. The acronym is short for "Evolution, Data Only" or "Evolution, Data Optimized". It is one of two major Third Generation, or 3G, wireless standards. The competing standard is known as W-CDMA

--------3G is designed to provide voice and high-speed mobile data using the cellular approach already proven to work in mobile phone networks. The biggest obstacle to implementing high speed wireless networks is the lack of bandwidth, or range of usable frequencies. Just as only so many radio stations can be squeezed onto the FM dial, only so much data can be transmitted across the available bandwidth. EVDO is an advanced CDMA technology developed by Qualcomm to deal with this limitation.

--------4G is the fourth generation of mobile broadband technology. In the comparison of 3G vs. 4G, the latter offers much faster data speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Verizon introduced 4G network technology called LTE (Long-Term Evolution) in late 2010 which has since evolved into LTE advanced. 4G is the current cellular broadband standard and is MUCH faster than 3G technologies like EVDO.

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