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Which is the Safest Smartphone?

 Is the iPhone platform more secure than Android? 

The winner is iOS.

Apple has been meticulously reviewing apps for malware since the beginning, while Android is now playing catch-up.

What you need to know:

There are some things you need to do to keep your mobile device secure from malware.

When security is your top concern, but you don’t want to worry
about it all the time, get an iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s iOS is still inherently safer and security updates come regularly to all devices more often than they do for Android (especially the older versions).

If your preference is Android over iOS, buy a Google Nexus
device which gets updated more quickly than any other Android
products. Those updates include security patches for older versions of the OS.

As of April 2015, the devices currently available are the Nexus 6 smartphone (made with Motorola Mobility), Nexus 9 tablet (made by HTC), and Nexus Player digital media player (made by Asus).

Since most Android devices don’t get prompt updates, security
software may catch virus attacks on unprotected devices.

To decide on an Android AntiVirus package, check the frequently updated results on independent research site

Is your smartphone secure  - video
   Watch the Video:

"Secure Your Smartphone"

There’s no point running AV on iOS devices. The sandboxing
restraints are so stringent that security software isn’t able to do much to further protect the system; and only Apple's App(*) Store approved apps can run.

The bottom line: The mobile security situation is looking up.

Mobile Devices are still much less likely than computers to get attacked and infected. And Android is finally catching up to the kinds of strict security measures that Apple has had for years.

It’s just not quite there yet.

For the utmost in safety, Apple products remain the best choice.

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