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This collection of Computer and Internet Security Articles and Safety Reports is the result of reviewing hundreds of websites, newsletters, and blogs on Internet Safety and avoiding hacker intrusions.

It isn't possible to list every helpful resource created by the thousands of authors who are seriously interested in helping the everyday Internet user avoid adware, spyware intrusions, virus grief, trojan horses, and all of the other lurking threats to us Internet users.

I've included a variety of the Computer Security articles that will help us all understand a little better how we can get more pleasure from the use of our computers.            ... Richard Rossbauer

                               News Features                                      

News Feature - here are some articles related to Internet Security, selected from dozens published in a variety of media outlets. You'll often find  some very worthwhile advice that is appropriate to your concern for maintaining the integrity of your computer system.        

Free Articles

                           Our Regular Articles -                                

A Hacker in your computer?  Jim Edwards

2.  A Personal Virus Attack!  by the RP Staff
  Bulletproof your email address
      from Spammers in 10 seconds or less- 
Sorry - No Longer Available
  Keep the work you create Secure.
    Here's how to copyright anything you write and avoid theft of your
    Copyright by Jim Edwards

5. 'Double Whammy' Virus Attack
   (How many times have you been infected?) 9 points to consider when
   working to maintain your internet security. by the RP Staff.

Identity Thieves Find Treasure In Your Trash.
   When disposing of your old computer, make sure you don't give away all of your secret personal files ...another great article by Jim Edwards

How to add an email address  to your 'WhiteList"  
your Internet Service Provider's filters don't delete an email you might  want to receive. by the RP Staff

Spam -- How Much Will it Cost Your Business?  by Shelley Lowery.
According to a recent study conducted by Ferris Research, a market and technology research firm specializing in messaging and collaboration,
    Spam will have cost U.S. businesses over $10 billion in 2003.

9. Is "Spyware" Watching You?
by Jim Edwards.
Generally, Virus detection and removal programs DO NOT find and remove  SpyWare. So Beware, just as Jim Edwards found out, it's probably already    in your computer, too.

10. Finding the SPAM Perp. 
by Dr. jl scott.
ISP's provide a way for clients to view the subject and return address of email before downloading it. Anything that is unwanted can then be deleted right on the server. (also includes How To Report Spammers)

11. Is Your Email Address Blacklisted?
by Jim Edwards.
This problem of non-delivery of email has dramatically affected the way businesses use email for about the last year, but it's now about to reach epidemic proportions for consumers using email, too.

12 Cyber Crooks Go "Phishing
by Jim Edwards...
tells how cyber crooks  bait people into giving up sensitive personal
    data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank
    account numbers, dates of birth and more.

13. A Practical (and Easy) 10 Step Guide  "How To Protect Yourself From Identity Thieves" reported by Gerald P. Nehra,
a Michigan attorney who recently had his identity compromised.

14. Spoofed Subject Fields,
by Jim Peters
Has a "Spoofed Subject Field" entrapped you? Are the Subject Fields in your emails Real or Fakes? Can you do anything about it? Maybe.

15. Dealing with Thieves on the Internet, by Dr. jl Scott.
Here's a guide on how to respond to, and cope with the theft of your
     website by Internet thieves, based on a victim's first hand experience.

16. What's the Cost for Removing a Virus?
by Richard Rossbauer.
     How much money could it cost you to regain the use of your computer after a serious virus infection?

17. Why a Firewall is so important if you use a high speed internet
by David Taylor
     Here's a product review that will bring you up to date by a  software
     programmer in Canada who shares his experiences for all of us.

18. Will Microsoft Win the Browser Wars?
Until recently, software giant Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser enjoyed a relatively unchallenged position as the most popular Web browser in the world. Jim Edwards ponders the potential conflict with the newer contenders in this competition.

19. How to Frustrate Password Crackers Mike Delaney

     wrote this article a couple of years ago. With the increasing spread of on-line threats to our personal privacy, it's an even more valuable guide to help us avoid potential financial loss and Identity Theft.

How Not to be a Part of the Problem by Richard Rossbauer.
By not maintaining a safe and secure computer while surfing the Internet, you could become an easy target for Hackers to find and infiltrate your machines and use them to attack the computers of your friends, families and peers.

21. Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad.
An interview with world traveler and author Victor K. Pryles addresses how he keeps his lap top computer secure and tips on how he maintains his personal safety while traveling.

22. Browser Backup, Another way to protect your data from browser  Hijackers. by Richard Rossbauer
 comments based on a tip from an eBook on 101 Super Tips by Harvey Segal.

23. Hardware or Software Firewalls - Which to Use? by Bill Hely,
the Author explains the difference and suggests which type might be the best choice for your  particular situation.

24. Good Spam - Bad Spam. Can you tell the difference? by Sara Hardy
who approaches this serious subject in a less menacing yet still practical and level headed manner.

25. Can You Survive in an Online World? by Jim Edwards.
     With all of the changes during the past few years, and the increased risks when using the Internet, you'll need to follow the advice in this article to  protect your security.

26. Dangers of Chat Rooms and Instant Messages by Richard Rossbauer
From the first days that my Firewalls-and-virus-protection website went online, it contained cautions on the potential dangers lurking in chat rooms. Now the threats are even worse.

27. Paranoia, or are Public Computers Dangerous? by Doug Partridge.
 How to protect your privacy when using computer cafes or public
     computers. A strategy for maintaining online security

28. Minimize Risks of File Sharing  by Mindi McDowell.

     File-sharing is a popular way for users to exchange, or "share," files.
     However, using this technology makes you susceptible to risks such
     as infection, attack, or exposure of personal information.
(How to
     minimize the dangers from the articles by US-CERT)

29. Where to go after Netscape 8? by Richard Rossbauer. 
     Should unwavering and loyal Netscapers who have stayed with that
     browser thru the many releases change to Netscape 8, or would
     they be  better served to use Mozilla Firefox?

30. Anti-Spyware Solutions - Which to use? by Richard Rossbauer.
Everywhere you turn anymore - TV, radio, newspapers, and
      magazines - there's an advertisement for anti-spyware software --
      all claiming to be the best of the best. How can a person know
      which one will really keep them safe? (printable article)
31. How to Avoid Spam Robots by Jim Edwards.
Despite the fact that Federal legislation (the CANSPAM act) made it
      illegal, harvesting email addresses from the web using automated
      robots remains alive and well.

32. A few Basic "Being Safe Online Tips" by Guest Author Bea Kunz.
Opening e-mail and surfing the web is like going to the mall late at
     night alone. Keep Surfing Safe and Fun.

33. Don't get trapped by Rogue Anti-Spyware software by Richard
Trying a new anti-spyware program? Avoid being duped
      or robbed by false positives. (printable article)

34.Adware and Spyware Removers, by Bill Hely.
Current updates  on the 2 or 3 most effective spyware remover
     programs, and where and how to obtain them.

35. Basic Web Surfing Safety and Security Practices by Richard
Too many computer users neglect to do basic
     maintenance of their computer which can provide Hackers a clear
     path to their personal information.

36. How to Find the Best Anti-spyware Software
by Richard Rossbauer.
Spyware writers are trying to outsmart all of us Internet users, while
     the software protection writers are hard at work trying to keep up
     with the hundreds of new worms and viruses that the Spyware guys
     create.  (printable article)

37. PC Cleanup for Windows XP 
If your computer is sluggish, if it periodically needs to be rebooted
     or doesn’t boot up as quickly as it used to, it may just need a good
     Clean Up. Redacted by Richard Rossbauer

38. Viruses and Worms: The Problems and Their Solutions, By Soroush  King.
The virus was one of the first ever threats to computer security.
      It brought a whole new fear upon computer users. The author offers
     some historical background and Security Measures.

39. Good Password Tips and Password Management by Richard Rossbauer
       Techniques to manage all of your passwords. Tips on how to create
      and protect your private passwords from online thieves.

40. Avoid Losing Data Files from your Recycle Bin by Richard Rossbauer
There are many ways you can lose data. Don't let your Recycle Bin
      be one of them. Why the Recycle Bin? Windows might do it without
      you knowing it. Learn how to avoid this.

41. Planning for Disaster Recovery-Protecting Your Data Files
by Bill Hely
       A comprehensive review of safeguarding data files both on site
       and off line
42. Adware and Spyware - The Problems and their Solutions
 By Soroush King.
10 years ago you could probably have run without any Internet
      security applications and still have come out after a browse of the
      Internet with a virus and malware free computer

43. Windows XP System Restore can come to the rescue
     when your computer misbehaves. Here are the few basic steps you
     can follow to fix many system problems. by Richard Rossbauer

44. What if Your Hard Drive Crashed?
Its just a matter of time before you experience a hard drive problem.
    Are you prepared to loose your data? Here's how to build your Data
    Recovery Action Plan. by
Richard Rossbauer

45. Safeguarding Correspondence.
Do you worry about the security of your email? Author Bill Hely
tells us how he protects his email and how we can easily protect

46. Practice email Safety - Is your incoming email safe?  Are you sure?
Could your eMail compromise your Safety? by Richard Rossbauer

Understanding and Avoiding Phishing, by Guest Author Krishna Pai
who lists many of the Phisher's targets and offers Tips on how to
      avoid being caught in their nets.

48. Choosing Anti-Virus, anti-adware and anti-spyware programs
 by Bill Hely. 
      Implementing a series of smaller, less complex, often free utilities
      that — matched task for task — can usually out-perform the
      equivalent component parts of an integrated suite.

49. Identity Theft using your wireless by (the late) Joe Robson.
     Those chalk marks on your sidewalk might be a lot more than just
     the neighborhood children's hop-scotch court. Don't think so?
     Read this eye-opening report.

50. Identity Thieves - Internet Outlaws, by Elise Barker.
Today's "Wild Web" outlaws aren't gun totin', horse riding
     marauders — these black hat outlaws can be in and out of your life
     without a trace.

51. The Microsoft Vista Operating System. by Richard Rossbauer.
      Is it the Security Answer for Everyone?

52. Keep Internet Junk Mail and Spam out of your email inbox
Reclaim your inbox from spam and block junk email- Strategies to
      slow the flow of internet junk mail. by Richard Rossbauer.

53. Is Your Computer Virus Free? by Richard Rossbauer.
     Cyber Crooks don't want you to have a Virus Free computer. Does
     yours harbor these silent Pests? Take these precautions to clean up
     your computer.

54. Social Networking. by Richard Rossbauer
Are your kids networking safely in the popular Internet Social

55. How to Choose a Firewall to Reduce Your Internet Security Risks from Unprotected Web Surfing.
by Richard Rossbauer
Why a firewall is necessary and how to select the best for your

56. Healthy Computing Habits -
by Richard Rossbauer
      Poor posture and your work station layout can put your health a
      risk. Get a few basic tips on avoiding discomfort and possible
      physical damage.

57. How to Keep Email Hoaxes out of your Inbox -
by Richard Rossbauer
Email hoaxes are more than mere annoyances. Many are created
      and circulated for pure mischief and sensationalism, but the most
      dangerous are virus hoaxes that could lead some users to routinely
      ignore all virus warning messages, leaving themselves vulnerable
      to a genuine virus.

58. How to Use a Whois Search to Verify Websites –
Have you hesitated and wondered whois behind that website on
     your screen? Does that web page really belong to the company it
     claims to represent? Is it an honest and valid domain?
        by Richard Rossbauer

59. How to Manage your Internet Cookies -
by Richard Rossbauer
with the wrong Internet cookies, web browsing can turn from fun
     into a real hassle.

60. How to Remove Unwanted Computer Files -
improve your computer's performance and regain disk space
      following these basic removal guidelines.-by Richard Rossbauer

61. Is yours a Full Time Spyware Blocker? -
by Richard Rossbauer
To keep spyware out of your computer, you need a spyware
      blocker with real time protection
 that will detect a threat as soon
     as it attempts to attack your computer and stop it right in its tracks

62. Manage Cookies for Smoother, more Convenient and Safer Surfing -
 Do your favorite websites keep forgetting your name and password?
     Do you forever have to reset your preferences? Here's why
      -by Richard Rossbauer

63. Botnets and the Storm Worm -  
Major Buildup of Botnets Bodes Serious Trouble - Find out If Your
     Computer is Secure against the Storm - review the steps to button
     up your defenses?

64. Social Networking on MySpace and Friendster -
Are your kids networking safely in the popular Internet Social
     Communities?  by Richard Rossbauer

65. Security Measures for Home and Business -

     Prepare a disaster plan for your home and business in order to
     maintain as much control of things in this situation as possible. -
      by Richard Rossbauer

66. Paper Trails Leading to Loss of Identity -
While it isn't heavily emphasized in the news media these days -
     there is much security lost on a regular basis through the careless
     handling of paper. - by Richard Rossbauer

67. Selling Your Old Computer? -
At some point, your computer will no longer be able to meet your needs. Here' a look at alternatives to selling an old computer and protecting the personal data it has accumulated. - by Richard Rossbauer

68. Playing Kids Games Online - As parents, we have the responsibility to our kids for the things that influence them online. Make sure that you are familiar with the game ratings and the sites that offer online games that are appropriate for the age of your kids -
      by Richard Rossbauer

69. Personal Security Threats to Young Cell Phone Users -
There aren't many teenagers around who don't have their own cell phone in order to keep in touch with friends and family. Technology has improved their cells dramatically providing many advanced mobile features which have increased potential risks in terms of both privacy and security. Parents and teenagers alike need to be aware of these threats.-
Richard Rossbauer

70. Seven Simple Steps to Online Security -
Online computer security is critical right from the moment you boot up your brand new computer.
Check through this brief Refresher list to confirm that you're up-to-date with your Online Security program - by Richard Rossbauer

71. Protecting Kids from Today's Online Cyber Bandits -
The internet has sometimes been compared to the wild, wild west. Part of the reason is because in those early days of the frontier, the law was in place to protect citizens of the land but in many cases, it was hard to enforce and criminals ran free to defy laws without fear of being stopped.  When it comes to protecting our kids who go online, in a lot of ways it is the 'wild west' out there again in cyber space - by Richard Rossbauer

72. 'At Home' Security for Kids -
Peer pressure can be a major problem for teenagers. You can help make it easier to handle for them if you let their friends' parents know that you are enforcing strict computer safety rules in your home. - by Richard Rossbauer

73. Parenting Teenagers, What I learned Today from My Teenagers
Every teenager knows more than their parents and they’ll be the first to instruct you when you’re wrong, embarrassing, or just plain stupid. Peggy Baron lists all of the things she learned from her teenagers in just one day.

74. Computer Killers - what to do when Malware strikes your computer -
As an experienced web master and Internet Marketer, Eric Holmlund had the knowledge and experience that enabled him to take the proper actions to overcome the infestation in his computer. He shares that knowledge here.

75. Data Storage and Backup -
Why Online Data Storage and Backup is an Excellent Choice for the Home or Office -Off site storage makes good sense by  Richard Rossbauer

SPAM from Hell
- Spam is Hell when unscrupulous people take advantage of the free nature of the internet to email their often shady deals and pornographic material to those of us who don't want it. Here's a way to avoid some entrapment by unscrupulous Spammers...
Dennis Gaskill

77. Windows Registry Repair Options -
When you install a new piece of hardware or software, a new set of keys and values is created within the registry. Sometimes poorly coded software applications alter values within the registry that affect the way your computer works....
      by Richard Rossbauer

Recycling Items Like Computers & TVs - With the way technology is out-doing itself year after year with newer, better, bigger and improved products for computer users, you can just imagine the amount of waste that is generated when consumers upgrade along with...
     by Richard Rossbauer

79. Virus writers are Targeting micro-blogging sites like Twitter,
Facebook, and MySpace
Cyber crooks exploit the tendency of the friends in these social networking communities to trust links from each other and tempt followers to click on infected links... 
     by Richard Rossbauer

80. Anonymous Web Surfing -
to avoid information being intercepted and used by others to track your Internet activities ..
     by Richard Rossbauer

81. Defragmenting Your hard Drive -
Improvements to system performance and reliability after defragmenting a hard drive are well documented. Applications load faster, the computer boots in less time, backup requires less time to transfer data to storage devices, etc ...
     by Richard Rossbauer

82. Who Has Your Phished Stolen Data -
and do you have any idea where it can end up? You'd be surprised just how available it can be who can obtain it if they know how  ...by Richard Rossbauer

83. Software Crash Recovery and Prevention -
Most of us accumulate a lot of software on our computers. It's good to know how to take care of our PCs and prepare for the possibility of a Computer Crash - by Richard Rossbauer

84. What Social Networking is All About -
If you are a regular Internet user, you probably already have a pretty good idea what social networking is. And you know that - by Richard Rossbauer

85. Protect Your Computer Online and Offline -
Technological advances, increasingly sophisticated software, faster networks and online communication have brought many benefits for everyday computer users. However, with these advances have come increased security risks - by Richard Rossbauer

86. Avoiding Internet Sharks and Scam Artists -
In this period of economic tension, more and more people are looking into supplementing their income from the Internet. Most of these people are honest.  But some are simply predators preying on the urgent money need of many - by Richard Rossbauer

87. Backing up Your Computer data -
Nearly everyone knows of or has heard about someone whose computer crashed. It's a frightening and frustrating experience. The loss is usually very personal - family pictures, financial files, email records, dozens of programs, and more -
      by Richard Rossbauer.

88. Your Flash Drives and their Security -
A Flash drive is an external drive used to save digital information. If you connect it to an infected PC and are unprotected, the risks of a virus or spyware infecting your flash drive are high. There is something you can do to protect yourself
      by Richard Rossbauer

89. Home Networking
how a modern household can share their growing array of digital devices - a basic understanding of the requirements for a home networking system. by Guest Author

90. Computer Software Crashes and recovery -
We have a lot of software on our computers today. Everyone should know how to take care of their computer as well as manage the hidden dangers and avoid the risks of a crash by Richard Rossbauer

91. Protecting Yourself from "Net Threats" -
We Must Protect ourselves from Internet Threats. Just about everything we do these days seems to involve the computer and the Internet. Making our lives easier through the use of the Internet has also made us more vulnerable to the miscreants, racketeers, and cyber-criminals of the world. by Richard Rossbauer

High speed wireless, WiMax and EV-DO, is available for laptops, cell phones and other hand held mobile devices at speeds that used to be reserved for DSL and cable - but how safe is it?
         by Richard Rossbauer

93. 3 Important Paper Shredder Features -
If you don't have a paper shredder now, it would be a good idea to buy one immediately to protect your privacy and personal information, and to prevent identity theft. article. by Richard Rossbauer

94. Guru Marketing Tactics - be Aware
Successful internet marketers have learned the art of communicating through powerful, compelling copy that almost hypnotizes their prospects into buying their stuff.
        by Richard Rossbauer

95. Internet Social Media and your Child's Safety  
Social networking sites are fun and children want to participate in them. They'll want to build personal profiles and explore the profiles of others, but encourage theme to resist the urge to "tell all"... by Richard Rossbauer

96. FREE versus Paid antivirus  protection -
But, there is another dilemma: With so many products on the market, which one do you choose? There is no right and wrong answer here but some people are concerned about the difference between the free programs offered and the ones that you have to pay a yearly subscription for...
      by Richard Rossbauer

97. Caught in a SPAM LOOP -
Moderator approval is often employed to keep a high average quality of posts and weed out spam, but there are a few moderators or publishers who are more inclined to use their publications for spamming their subscribers.
.. by Dennis Glaskill

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