Do You Know if Hardware keyloggers are spying on you?


                      "What About Keyloggers?"   

 They're just one of the many types of  computer
 user spy programs
in use today.

       Why are keyloggers so dangerous?

Anyone who may want to keep an eye on you can easily learn more about you than you would ever want them to know, without you knowing it.

Keystroke loggers can store everything you type.  All of your keystrokes are recorded when you log on to your computer and are hidden in encrypted files on your machine. Actually, everything you type, your usernames, passwords, documents, etc, are collected and available for review by someone at a later time.

These spying tools can be
Hardware Keyloggers or Software Keyloggers.
Just like so many other types of spyware, you can't easily detect the presence of a keylogger.

What are hardware KeyLoggers?
Images Presented through the Courtesy of SpyCop  

Hardware Keyloggers are small devices about the size of a AA battery that are plugged in-line with your keyboard in order to record your keystrokes.  These devices are generally used by companies to monitor employees or really serious "spies" who want to keep track of what you do on your computer. 

Hardware keyloggers are generally advertised as being better than software keyloggers because they are undetectable.  This is true for the uneducated; however after reading this page you should be able to spot an
external hardware keylogger with ease!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to detect most hardware keyloggers using software. However, they are usually easy to spot by simply following your keyboard wire! 

A hardware KeyLogger is installed between your keyboard and computer, like this:

By taking a peek behind your system and following your keyboard cable, you can find out if there is something "odd" inserted between your keyboard and computer.

One of the most popular hardware keyloggers is KeyGhost ( You can visit that site for more information on hardware keyloggers and why they are such an intrusion into your privacy.  Here is a representation of what a hardware keylogger may actually look like installed:


Depending on the brand of keylogger, it may differ from the above photo.  If you see a device about the size of a AA battery along your keyboard line, it could either be a filter, which is harmless, or a hardware keylogger.

Look at the device carefully for connectors which would make it removable.  If it appears that the device can be removed from in between the keyboard and computer, chances are that it is a hardware keylogger.

There are keylogger manufacturers who now build keyboards with keyloggers hidden inside! They are virtually impossible for a computer user to detect, and there's no available software that will find them. These keystroke loggers have memory chips that can capture up to a year's worth of your computer activity.

In any form, keystroke loggers are an invasion of our privacy and stand on questionable legal grounds. But like viruses, worms, trojan horses and other spyware, that doesn't stop their manufacture and use.
                    What are Software Keyloggers ?      
                                           Read About Them Here    
                                                  What are they and who uses them?
                                       How to find and disable them

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To remove hardware keyloggers, you MUST SHUT DOWN YOUR SYSTEM! 

You could damage your system if you attempt to remove the keylogger while your computer is running! 

Once your system is powered off, carefully remove the device from in between your keyboard and computer, and then plug your keyboard directly back into the computer. 

 Make sure that it is plugged in completely, and be gentle as the connectors are somewhat fragile.

That's it!  Turn your system back on and run your anti-spyware program to make sure that any of the + Software Keyloggers or spy programs are not running!

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