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Spyware. What is it?
 malicious programs that often send personal data, passwords and other private personal and financial data to third parties

Are adware and spyware different?

 Adware is a form of spyware that monitors viewers' surfing habits and sends the data to advertisers who use it to create their popup ads. Spyware is a kind of adware that steals and  reports private personal and financial information.

Where does it come from?
 It's often packaged with  many free games, peer-to-peer file exchanges, in spoofed emails,  and other free downloadables. 

Are pop-ups a part of adware?

A lot of adware and spyware programs create pop-up ads in your browser window.
 If you are bothered by a lot of these ads, it  usually means adware has gotten into your computer system.

Is there Good Adware?

Some of it doesn't do much more than pop up annoying ads. The most evil kind of spyware gathers personal data about you and sends it to sources who may have malicious and criminal intent

How do I keep it from infecting my computer?

Install spy sweeping software. There are many excellent tools available for free trials. Try a few that are highly recommended and use the ones that do the best job for you.

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