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Most Virus Removal software providers offer services to update the virus signatures in their software. Some, like AVG include this with their free anti-virus programs.

If your system is infected with variants of the MyDoom, Storm Worm, Sober, and similar pests, access to your antivirus vendor's web site for virus removal assistance will probably be disabled by the virus. (MyDoom, for example, made these changes as part of its wicked methods for survival in your system)

US-CERT Current Activity web page is a regularly updated summary of the most frequent, high-impact types of security incidents currently being reported to the US-CERT.

The National Cyber Alert System warns of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and offers advice and solutions for removal of viruses.
Visit the US-CERT Current Activity web page
for timely Alerts and Removal advice. Be sure to check the "Vulnerability Summary for the Current Week".

How to Remove a Computer Virus - a short article from Microsoft
             General procedure for removing a virus -
  1. Update your anti-virus program to the latest release
  2. Restart your computer in Safe Mode
  3. Run a system scan using the updated virus signatures file
  4. Delete files flagged as infected
  5. Restart your computer in default mode.

The old Conficker and similar worms seem to reappear in various disguises on a regular basis. Most up-to-date virus removal programs will find and remove them. But, if a new version is released by hackers after your latest virus program update, it could end up in your computer. Update your virus and spyware removal software regularly, as well as your firewall program.

If you weren't successful in this virus removal effort, your antivirus program supplier should be able to provide additional help. Following the links on this page can lead you to good sources for assistance.


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