HELP - I think we have a VIRUS
 Our Computer is acting Funny - Is a Virus Infection Causing It?


"Virus Infection - Does Your Computer Have These Symptoms?"

                    "Hateful viruses cause your computer to behave  in many odd ways"

     Some Computer virus infection symptoms are evident immediately after infection (display strange messages, play music, or show odd graphic displays), but many are not.
     Hidden or not, they can corrupt or delete your program or system files, or infest your computer hard drive and memory.
     The loss of critical files is usually recognized instantly, because commonly used programs stop performing as they're supposed to. The computer operating system becomes unstable or just stops working.
    It is less likely that this would happen by getting online degrees from scholastic websites, but rather from something you downloaded to your computer. 

    If you didn't do something to cause this behavior, you can be quite certain that your computer has been infected with a computer virus or browser HiJacker. If you have a computer virus protection program installed, it probably hasn't done its job completely.

     During these periods of heightened Hacker and cracker activity when there are so many dangerous viruses and worms being passed from person to person, it would be a good idea to question any of your  correspondents and friends who send you an email containing an attachment BEFORE you open their attachments.

     If it looks suspicious, ask them to tell you what it is and if they really sent it to you. Let them know that you want to avoid any chances of a virus infection.

If this sounds like a lot of extra foolery, you need only lose all of your files and data to a malicious worm ONCE, and you'll probably be just as cautious as we are.  

      Immediate recognition of these Computer Virus
      Symptoms gives you  a chance to take action
      to remove computer virus quickly


 Zombies and Botnets 
"Zombies"  work together as a powerful "botnet" to perform malicious tasks. Online criminals use a virus to take control of an individual (zombie) or large numbers of computers at a time. These Botnets often include thousands of individual "zombie" computers.,

Botnets are highly valued by online criminals, and are used to send out spam e-mail, spread viruses, attack other computers and servers, and commit other kinds of crime and fraud. 

A  virus that makes your computer into a zombie might cause your computer to slow down, display mysterious messages, or work in an unexpected manner.

They don't usually disable your computer because zombie computers must be plugged in and connected to the Internet in order for the botnet to be effective.

Visit Microsoft's help pages here for more detailed advice on coping with Zombie infections.

Check for Duplication

     Many implanted viruses create multiple copies of themselves on each computer, so that if one suspect is deleted, other hidden copies can carry on. Anti-virus software is programmed to recognize this, and wipe all components of a virus, including those hiding in memory.

Check for Trojan Horse implanted computer virus symptoms:

     Some computer virus symptoms are a lot harder to spot than others. The Trojan Horse implanted virus is usually the most difficult, and therefore the most dangerous virus to deal with without dedicated anti-virus software.
     A Trojan Horse implanted virus often leaves very little evidence that it has infected your computer system. But, if you know what signs to watch for, you should be able to determine if you have a Trojan horse implanted virus.
Look out for these unusual activities

If your files appear to be moving, changing size, or doing other suspicious things, it's worth getting anti-virus software to check for Trojans and open ports. The Trojan Horse implanted virus could well be the offending computer virus infecting your computer system.

Your computer displays strange messages, plays music, or shows odd graphic displays.

Your computer takes longer to boot up, operates slower than usual, and takes longer to start programs - or while the computer is starting up .

 Your computer has much less memory or hard drive space available.

Your computer becomes unstable

Some computer virus symptoms may alert infected users of their presence with an on-screen message of some sort,

Frequent lock-ups, freezing, crashing or if your computer re-starts on its own

If you suddenly spot a dramatic decrease, or considerable slowing down of your computer terminal, it's worth scanning for viruses with your Up-to-date anti-virus program.

Your anti-virus software is crashing or is not working correctly .

Worsening system performance can also appear as a sudden and apparent lack of system resources or physical RAM memory, hidden or corrupt files and executables, or an unreasonable reduction in hard drive space.

Some legitimate software can cause these symptoms, so the only sure way to know if your computer is virus-free is to regularly scan it for viruses using antivirus software.

Check for
eMail problems that could be Signs of Possible virus Infection

    ● You are receiving many "Returned Mail" or "Failure Notice" email messages and you didn't send those emails
    ● An extremely slow Internet connection and/or frequent disconnects
    ● You cannot properly send or receive email
    ● You are receiving email from people telling you that you have a virus.
    ● You received an email message with a strange attachment
    ● When you opened an email attachment, dialog boxes appeared and your
       whole system seemed to slow down or nearly crash.
WARNING: If you receive any message about an undeliverable message that has a file attachment, do not download or execute the file. Simply delete the message.  


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