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                "Hackers Target" - Don't be a Part of the Problem

We could become a Hacker's target by not maintaining a safe and secure computer while surfing the Internet. It only makes it easier for them to find and infiltrate our machines with spyware and use them to attack the computers of our friends, families and peers.
                                                                  ... Richard
             How not to be a part of the problem
by Richard Rossbauer

A recent survey analyzed by "Knowledge Networks" found that nearly three quarters of the total United States population has access to the internet in their homes or at work with users spending an average of three hours per day on the Internet.

The implications of these few basic facts are alarming!

Every one of these computers is a Hackers Target while it's online. Even without doing any math, it's readily apparent that the number of 'Available Attack Hours' runs into the millions every day.

... and all users of the Internet, youngsters or oldsters, whether entertaining themselves with online games, doing research, communicating via eMail, instant messaging or chat rooms, are the targets of the thieves and other unsavory types who are trying to trap us into giving up private information that can lead to painful losses of our financial resources and even our personal identities.

But I wonder, "How many of us really care about the safety and security of our neighbors, friends and family?

They're Hackers Targets, too.

If you don't care about them and do nothing to protect your own online security, you are just making it that much easier for the Hackers, virus and spyware writers and online thieves to entrap us and use our computers to spread their poison.

The question here is, "
Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?" You can easily be a part of the solution and help minimize the threats by --

first, protecting your own online security with up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software and up dating your operating system every time new patches are announced,

second, applying good, logical and safe practices during daily internet use and

third, being constantly alert and aware of the latest tricks employed by the malcontents.

Then, help your family, friends, and associates minimize their risks of being a target for hackers - by alerting them to the resources (many of them free), available in Blogs, Newsletters and websites like this where guidelines, tips and security topics are presented to help everyone become a part of the solution.
                                                ......Richard Rossbauer

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Editor's Comments

A Trojan implanted worm, like MyDoom, could turn your computer into part of a Hacker's arsenal of weapons.

How many ways are there to destroy the usefulness, benefits and pleasures the World Wide Web has to offer?

If the mal-contents, crackers, and outright thieves haven't found them all yet -

it's a sure bet that
         they will!

What can we, as every- day internet users do to help solve this problem and not be a hackers target?

Generally, we must keep our virus protection, spy detection, and all other protective programs up to date.

We Must be diligent! We cannot disregard the real dangers. If we do, we will eventually feel the pain and grief that comes with underestimating the determination of the malicious individuals who are not going to stop using us and stealing from us.     ...Richard       


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