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  Family Safety, Internet Security, and Identity Theft Awareness

  About Internet Family Safety Guidelines
Richard Rossbauer Webmaster"Today's young children and teenagers are extremely computer 'savvy' -
 often more so than their parents and guardians"

  Internet Security Guidelines, Parental Supervision Tips,
        and How to Protect Your child Online
                  ♥ Internet security policies and practical guidelines to help
                     provide Internet security for children and their families.
1. Take an active interest in your child's activity online. Do NOT use the Internet as a babysitter! Your goal is "Family  Safety Online".

2. Position your child's computer monitor
so you can see and control what's showing from the internet.

3. Bookmark child safe web sites so your children can easily get back to them. Make sure you understand the games they are playing online.

4. Teach children that they should never give out personal information over the Internet to
protect the Family Safety

5. Make it clear to your child that people in chat rooms are ALWAYS strangers, no matter how often they chat to them, and no matter how well they think they know them

Sounds simple, doesn't it? But it
    doesn't work unless our kids 'Get It'


Tell Us How You Taught Your Children To Be Safe When They Were learning to Surf the Internet
     An Invitation
to Share
We'd love to learn how you taught your kids to be cautious and careful and avoid the threats from online scammers and pedophiles when they were learning to explore the "web".

Your experiences and successes with your Family Internet Safety can help a lot of other parents and grandparents secure theirs.

     CLICK HERE to Share your Experiences and learn how other parents
helped their kids to safety

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File Sharing and the Spyware Threat

Many peer-to-peer applications install spyware as part of the P-2-P file sharing and downloading process.

The demand for peer-to-peer file sharing applications has skyrocketed.

Today's young children and teen-agers are very informed and knowledgeable about using peer-to-peer file sharing appli

                                           ...but many parents are not.

Parents need to understand the risks associated with allowing peer-to-peer file sharing in the home and to implement proper Internet filtering and parental controls. Find out from the
FTC File Sharing Consumer Alert

Purveyors of pornography are among the most clever and devious web creators using the internet. 

Many people are aware of Napster, the peer-to-peer network originally created a few years ago to exchange music without any fees.

Porn peddlers are using these same methods, but instead of sharing music and songs, they are making it easy to share the most popular pornographic materials, including X-rated adult videos.

They have not overlooked the potential of XXX rated  peer-to-peer networking to distribute their stuff, nor have they overlooked the tremendous popularity and mass appeal of social networking like facebook, YouTube, etc. Social network security is important for the whole family.

All  the more reason for parents to be be tuned in to family safety and control the Internet content coming into the home.

CLICK HERE to learn  more about Online stalking by child predators, also known as cyber- stalking,
  READ "They're after our children.

More Information for Parents -
Facebook Safety
YouTube Safety
Literacy Resources 

Downloading can be treacherous to Family Safety

It's possible for parents to adjust the security settings of their Internet Browsers to control to a certain degree, what can be downloaded from the internet to control Internet security for children.

For example:

1. Open Internet Explorer (double click the blue "e" icon)

2. Click Tools, Internet Options, Security Tab. Click the Custom Level button.

3. Scroll down to the Downloads section. You'll see 'Enable' and 'Disable' as options. Click the Disable item. Click OK, then click OK again and you're done.

This tells the browser it can't download any files from the Net. It's kind of tricky. You can enable and disable a lot of other browser features while you're in there looking around.

You can adjust your security settings to keep from downloading anything.


Family Internet Safety - Learning Together
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        and learn how other parents
helped their kids to safety

Among the many websites devoted to protecting our children from the onslaught by malicious child pornographers, is committed to bridging the gap often found between what our children already know and what many parents are just learning (or don't have clue about)
safe Kids Site

Visit and Read these, 
      and many other Free Reports

                                            ♥  Family Contract for Online Safety
 Guidelines for Parents of pre-teens
 Guidelines for Parents of Teens

SafeTeens.Com. SafeKids.Com and The Online Safety Project are operated by Lawrence J. Magid, CBS News On-Air Technology Analyst, Tech Columnist - San Jose Mercury News, Contributor: New York Times and author of several articles about online safety.Co-author MySpace Unraveled (

The CyberHood Watch Community offers a wealth of wisdom and solutions for the digital protection of children, parents, grandparents, educators, trusted adults, and businesses on how to enjoy the Internet securely and safely.

 Identity Theft

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A Breach in your personal privacy protection could easily lead to online and offline Hackers and thieves stealing your identity.

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Keep Your Children Safe Online

Keep Your Children Safe OnlineIt's no Secret, this is Must Have  Information
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Family Safety starts with Web Sites suitable for kids. Here are some we Reviewed for our  Grand- children.  
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