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playing safe kid's games online

Playing Kids Games Online
Tips for Parents to Keep Kids Safe

      Kids spend a lot of time playing games online. This equates to them having more chances to meet strangers and less time to do the house chores, school duties, and other family activities.

     This also means that there is a great chance that they expose themselves to inappropriate venue, unsafe people, and improper games.

     So, it's seems appropriate that we do something about it.

     This doesn't mean that we ban kids online games from them; we just have to make some modifications on the way we let them play games online.

     Here are some things we can do -
    • Learn the basics. As parents, we have the responsibility to our kids and the things that influence them online. Make sure that you are familiar with the game ratings and the sites that offer online games that are appropriate for the age of your kids.

            It's a good idea to read reviews from gaming sites * 
               to find some appropriate games for our kids to play.

    • Set rules. This must be done before your kids play for the first time. Discuss with them the specific time, day, and conditions they are allowed to play online; and the dangers of giving out personal information online including their name and the place they live. Make sure that they understand them pretty well.

    • Use "handle" or nicknames. As mentioned, your kids shouldn't tell their personal information to anyone online. Encourage them not use their real names online. Aside from the security, using a handle is cool. Help children think up their own "handle" or internet nickname. Some examples like "SoccerKid", "BaseballBum", "BikerGuy" - which are meaningful to them, do not give away personal details.

    • Watch and Suggest. Know what games your kids play and whom they play with. Make sure that the games are appropriate for their age. If they don’t know where to find a gaming site for their age, find one for them.

    • Monitor game messages and chats. Most interactive games online allow players to talk with each other. And there are instances where players use offensive words. Teach your kids to mute the voice message or block their messages from these players. You can also report these players to the administrator of the game through chat, email or feedbacks.

    • Play with them. There is no better way to ensuring the safety of your kids online than by sitting and playing with them.

   • Be open. Teach your kids to approach you if they encounter bullies online or if they feel uncomfortable with what they experienced during the game. Respond to them immediately.
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