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   To keep spyware out of your computer, you need a spyware blocker with a real time protection feature that will detect a threat as soon as it attempts to attack your computer and stop it right in its tracks – thus preventing your computer system from becoming infected.

   Your computer, just like your pets and children, needs to be immunized against potential threats. Spyware blocker programs are designed to provide that kind protection and immunization.

   Ideally, spyware blocker programs should have a variety of protection features to ensure your computer receives more than adequate immunization. Consider this for a moment. Which would you prefer, protection from developing a disease or a cure after you have it and become ill?

   It's fairly obvious that just about everyone would prefer to never get the disease in the first place. Why else do we visit our  doctor's office as kids to get immunizations and booster shots?


   Scanning your computer system to remove any spyware invaders that may be present is a good first step to protecting yourself from potential threats on the Internet; however, it simply is not enough.

   All too often, spyware components can return just as easily after they are removed. To provide future protection for your computer system you need a thorough spyware blocker.

   One of the top tricks many spyware and adware pests employ is to hijack your home page.

   What's hijacking? You might turn on your computer one day and see that your regular homepage has been changed or reset without your permission. It's also possible that your Start page looks ok, but has actually taken over by a hacker.

   Some of the best spyware blocker programs work by containing a list of restricted sites that prevent your computer from accessing sites that have been determined to be dangerous. They match incoming information against this list and prohibit entry of the dangerous stuff.

   Obviously, you'll need a spyware blocker program that updates the list automatically, or one that reminds you when updates are available for you to download.

   Search Google™, Yahoo™, or Bing™  for "real time spyware protection". Use quotation marks around your search phrase to narrow down the results. (Using "real time" instead of "Full time" in your search phrase seems to provide the most relative results).

   Do a Google™ or Yahoo™ search for "anti-spyware reviews". Read the reviews of Anti-spyware testers and select the ones with the best ratings and highest recommendations. You'll find dozens of sources for published test results. The magazines like PC WORLD
™ and pc Magazine review™ are very reliable places. Check out three or four reviews and select the products with high ratings. Many of these reviews offer side-by-side comparisons which simplify making your selections.

   You'll be able to perform a free demo scan when visiting most of the software developers' sites, but will probably need to buy the anti-spyware product and renewal service before you can completely remove the pests you find.

   Consider purchasing the product that identified the most pests hiding in you computer and listed full or real time protection as one of its features.

   Installing a top rated Real time Spyware Blocker is a good investment and really cheap insurance.

                                                                                       Richard Rossbauer

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