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  Which anti-spyware choices should you make?
There are so many to choose from!

Are you sure you selected the
best anti-spyware solution?

 by Richard Rossbauer

Everywhere you turn anymore - TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines - there's an advertisement for anti-spyware software -- all claiming to be the best of the best.

How can a person know which is the best one to really keep them safe?

I suggest that it'll take more than just one program to provide the best protection against adware and spyware intrusions.

Making the best anti-spyware choices among the increasing number of programs available can be somewhat overwhelming.

Here's a way to make comparisons and selections a bit easier. Just do a quick Google search for antispyware software and you'll see more than 4,950,000 listings! But don't be dismayed -

 - change that Google entry to "anti-spyware software reviews" and the number drops to around 3000.  Be sure to use the (") marks around your entries to narrow the search results.

You can follow these same steps if you're looking for the best firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, or other programs.

Next step, look for the most recent dates in the search report descriptions and find sources that are more recognizable, such as computer magazines (pc Magazine, etc.) Check through their top 10 or 20 listings.

Select and visit 5 or 6 of the top listed sources. The ones that include 'side by side' comparisons in their descriptions are often the easier ones to use for your anti-spyware choices. Look for more results like those shown at these sites:

 pc Magazine review, compare spyware removers, and  anti-spyware-review.topten

A note of caution, and the reason for checking more than one or two search results - many of the "Review Sites" are sponsored by software developers and their first choices may be biased.

Now you'll need to take a few notes. Write down the top ranking 3 or 4 software titles in each review. In addition to having the highest ratings, these often indicate the highest user popularity. This reflects user satisfaction with how well they clean out your computer, how difficult they are to download and install, and how easy the program instructions are to understand.

Select at least 2 of the titles that appear most often in all of the reviews.

Most of the top rated anti-spyware programs offer free spyware scans or time limited trials. In your selection process, take advantage of these opportunities. When you do, you might be surprised to find that each misses some bugs that are found by the others.

That's why you need more than one anti-spyware program.

Also look into the benefits and features for a program that spots and stops incoming bugs while you are online - referred to as "Real Time". Very important. Select one of these, too.

Of course, your firewall and anti-virus programs must be up-to-date to minimize the spyware and adware intrusions.

Conducting in-depth research and tests of spyware effectiveness is well beyond the capabilities
of nearly all everyday Internet users. But since it is being done by others, it just makes sense
to take advantage of the efforts of those research organizations and individuals when you make your anti-spyware choices. 

I believe it's up to all of us to help those home computer users, websurfers and Internet users who are less aware. A great place to start is with family, friends and peers. Helping them avoid the spyware traps, scams, and other malicious stuff will help us, too.

Encourage them to visit and learn from helpful websites, newsletters and reports. The website and
Security Alert News Reporter will give them a good, safe start.
  ... Richard Rossbauer

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