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How to Avoid Internet Sharks and Scam Artists

Avoiding Internet Sharks
and Scam Artists

   In this period of economic tension, more and more people are looking into supplementing their income from the Internet. Most of these people are honest.

   But some are simply predators preying on the the urgent need of many. They present themselves as providers with offers of money making schemes - often with outrageous claims of easily attained riches with little or no effort.

   They are the ultimate "Scam Artists".

   If you are one of the many considering the Internet as a source for earning some extra income, keep in mind the old caveats, "Buyer Beware", and "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true."

    How do you check if an offer is legitimate or not?

   There are Websites that outline scams online. A simple Google search will turn up several top Websites and it is always a good idea to check and see what is not recommended.

   Most online work at home jobs are scams. There are more people who want to work at home than there are jobs, so it doesn't make sense that a Website could offer this type of job. Mostly, they want to have you pay them to give you a list of places that want you to set up an account, give them start up money for a kit or some such information, and then they do nothing to help you make money.

   Affiliate programs can be a money-making situation. However, there are plenty of those that disappear after a while so be sure you know the company behind the program. Never enter your credit card CVV number to register information, only for an online purchase.

   Never enter any personal information on a Website that does not have the httpS:// in their website address and there should also be the image of a closed lock on the bottom or top of the Website offering page.

   It's very easy to do a quick search on Google with the offer name or the name of the person presenting the offer. There will be many blogs and other people's comment if the offer is good or bad. It's worth taking a little time to read what other people have written regarding the offer you are considering.

   There is no quick way to make money online without some work and sacrifice and anyone who makes it sound too easy is most likely offering to line their pockets and not yours.

   Beware of any offers that ask you for money upfront and ask for inventory purchase or paid training. There are many ways to learn online and those that are honest will always stand out.

   Being an online worker that makes money is entirely possible if you check the company out, check out the offer to see if it really sounds reasonable, take your time, and do not pay money upfront for a job.

   By avoiding the online Scammers, and being prepared for the honest effort required, you will have a much better opportunity to earn some extra income.

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