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There are many talented and highly experienced people writing for the World Wide Web. Over the past 6 or 8 years of following their work, a few have caught and held our interest. A man in England, Harvey S Segal, eBook author, newsletter editor, and  website publisher, has shared his experiences in a series of eBooks filled with Super Tips. He published this one well before Trojan Horses, adware, spyware. browser hijackers, etc, became the scourge that they are today. I feel that is worthwhile sharing.            

                                             .... Richard

                       Security and Recovery
       by Richard Rossbauer

There's an entry in the eBook written by Harvey S. Segal (the Super Tips Guy) in which he relates an experience many of us have recently encountered.

Harvey is author of many fine eBooks with hundreds and hundreds of tips based on his years of publishing to the internet.

In his book
"101 Super Tips", Tip No. 79 in the Chapter on Security and Recovery tells how he was able to work around an Internet Explorer browser problem and a spyware worm.

Very briefly, he had a backup browser already installed on his computer.

You may not be an eBook author, newsletter editor and publisher, or even maintain your own website, but if you find and collect information of interest from the World Wide Web, (See Sidebar) serious browser problems could lead to the loss of the data libraries you worked so hard to build.

If you use Internet Explorer now without any problems -- fine. Someday you might have a Trojan Horse drop a Internet Explorer browser Hijacking worm in your computer.

This has happened to a lot of ordinary Internet surfers and it's the reason so many of us have started to use Mozilla's Firefox.

The important point in Harvey's Tip No. 79 is that he was able to use a backup browser (Netscape) to obtain help to resolve his problems.

"101 Super Tips" eBook is available as a free download HERE. The other half dozen or so tips in the Security and Recovery chapter and many of the remaining 101 tips are well worth a few minutes of your reading time, too.

As of writing this little report, Mazilla Firefox is our default browser with Opera, Netscape, and AOL(Security version) as a backups. Internet Explorer still exists on our computers because it is not easily removed and the latest versions are a lot ore stable and secure.

The virus writers and hackers are not going to allow Firefox, Netscape, Opera, or any of the other browsers to go unharmed. Eventually these browsers will become bigger targets and the attacks on them will only increase.

Maybe a backup browser would be good insurance. Of course, the best defense is still to be extremely careful when opening email attachments, and maintaining up to date firewall, virus scanning, anti-spyware and spam removal software.
                                                              .... Richard Rossbauer

Richard started his "Firewalls and Virus Protection" website and "Security Alert News Reporter" to help everyday Internet users navigate safely through the Cyber Space that has become a 'Cyber Jungle', loaded with ambushes and booby traps. He promotes his "Computer Security Awareness Campaign" thru his website at

This report may be copied and used at will so long as no edits or changes are made to the content and links, and the full attribute box is included. We'd appreciate a short note telling when and where you have posted it. Thank you....Richard (

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   I save a lot of my collected information as hard copy for easier reading, sharing, and safe backup.

   Actually, I'm really an Information Addict and have ring binders, folders and file drawers filled with years worth of fascinating "must keep" stuff.

A few years ago, storage space was nearly gone and it became an urgent necessity to find a way to squeeze more hard copy  information into tighter spaces.

   I cut the storage space requirements by nearly 50 percent, reduced paper and printing costs by an equal amount, and wrote a little report on how it was done.

   The report, (pdf format) is a free download.

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