Help - I think we have a Virus  or a Spy

Virus writers are Targeting
micro-blogging sites like Twitter,
Facebook, and MySpace.


           Viruses Targeting micro-blogging sites

   If you aren't up-to-date on these social networking sites, they are a form of blogging using very short text messages, are structured on different themes, and offer a variety of interesting features.

   There are hundreds of social sites, but among the micro-sized ones... Twitter currently appears to be the leader and it's easy and fun to use.

   After creating an account, you publish your micro-contents (140 characters in length) using your web browser, cell phone, or the email client. You can also follow interesting people like friends, artists, athletes, bands, politicians and check out their insights regularly.
   Last year, the creator of the popular news ranking site Digg launched Pownce. Besides micro-blogging, Pownce provides functionality for sharing files, events, and links.

   The site Tumblr is simple to use and you can publish photos and videos from your cell phone. Even if you are not wordy, you will be able to share your love and hate with others.

   If you prefer talking instead of writing, use  MySay. You call the MySay service and leave a message. People in your contact family will be able to listen to your thoughts using their phones, emails, or computers.

   If neither text nor audio is to your liking, you can use Hictu for video micro-blogging. Use your webcam to video your actions and publish it in Hictu with the click of a mouse.

   IRateMyDay has an interesting angle to the micro-blogging. Instead of publishing mundane activities of you daily life, you rate your day on a scale of Worst to Great. You can also give some explanation for your rating.

   Are you emotionally upset? Instead of using IRateMyDay, use EMotionr. If it is one of the happiest day of your life, rate it the highest possible 10. Don't rate the lowest at number 1. It can't be that bad.

   After rating your day or emotion, head towards Moodmill. This site is for managing your mood. Use the mouse to slide the mood indicator and share it with your friends and contacts.

   If you are more comfortable with French or German language, you can use Frazr. It has all the features and functionality of Twitter.

                                         But - Be Careful!

   In addition to becoming addictive time wasters, they offer great, and increasing opportunities for your computers to become infested with a variety of malware.

   Social networking continues to grow in popularity. Communities of friends are created made up of people you know and many new friends you meet on line.

   Cyber crooks exploit the tendency of the friends in these communities to trust links from each other.

   If you get a message from a friend on Facebook, for example,  inviting you to watch a funny or tempting video – you’ll probably click on the link and watch it. Your trusting nature could lead to your computer becoming infected with a worm virus which installs itself by asking you to update your version of a program, like Adobe Flash Player.

   Only problem is you are not really installing the Adobe Flash Player, you are installing the virus instead when you click on the link to upgrade the 'program'!

   As of this November 2008, this virus (named
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Banload.sco. by the  Internet security firm Kaspersky Labs) has been linked to friend's messages from Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

   You do not need to download any programs to view YouTube videos. If you are asked to download any kind of software to watch a video, just ignore that link!
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