Teaching Children Safe Surfing Habits

Going on Computers when left alone

by Samantha Cole

I am in my view; I very protective and sensible Mum, I have spoken not just once but many times of internet dangers.I have followed the recommended precautions, not allowing my children to be on the internet without either Parent present, I have the passwords to all their sites and monitor their online 'friends' and chats, and until yesterday I believed my daughter had totally understood why we do what we do with regards keeping her safe.

In my arrogance of thinking I was doing all I could to keep her safe, I failed to appreciate the 15mins she is alone at home after School while I am picking my other child up and in those 15mins she made a video of herself and had a conversation with a stranger who got her to give out the information she had been told never to do. She told her name,her school, where she lived, it was all the stuff the books tell us children will do-I am 'numb' to say the least.

The Police have had to be informed and it's blown mine and my families world apart. This isn't easy for me to put into words BUT if it keeps another family from going through what we're experiencing and keeping just one child safe then praise be to God.

Don't feel confident like we did, children will expose any weakness as I've found out, it seems the more we try to keep them from these 'dangers' the more intriguing they become to them. I don't have any clever answer I just wanted to share my experience and to make you aware of the times when you may be out to dis able your system as I've found out 15mins is a damaging amount of time.

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Nov 07, 2010
15 Minutes is enought time to get into trouble
by: Richard Rossbauer

Thank you, Samantha for sharing your experience.

Makes one wonder if there really is a way to satisfy the intrigue felt by our teenagers and younger children. You certainly took all of the precautions, shared the potential problems, but in spite of all of that, there was that one little, unanticipated leak that created your dilema.

I'm sure that this will be a wake up call to all parents and guardians.

Thanks again for sharing,

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