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I recently read a truly fascinating eBook about saving money while traveling. The author, Victor K. Pryles, put a unique slant on traveling cheaply, but comfortably. His eBook contains a gold mine of money saving tips and confessions recorded during his many journeys.

As a world traveler with many visits and trips in the United States and abroad, it seemed logical that his experience and knowledge about staying safe would be of interest to many of us travelers, especially in these times when note book and lap top computers have become our traveling companions, as well.
I was curious about how he avoided virus and spyware problems while using his computer, especially when outside of the United States.
Computer security and safe Internet surfing comprise the main theme of our  Firewall and Virus Protection website and Security Alert News Reporter newsletter.

So I wrote to Victor and asked what he did to avoid computer viruses, spyware, etc, and if he would share these experiences with us. He graciously agreed to answer my questions in this interview.

Not only did he discuss computer safety, his answers included many tips on maintaining personal safety and security while on the road, high seas and in the air.
                                                      ....... Richard  Rossbauer

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