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Here, then, is our interview with Victor K. Pryles, world traveler, author, consultant, businessperson, radio broadcaster and publisher – a very, very busy person.

Victor, I read your great guide book, "Travel Cheap-Travel Well" and was amazed that you found so many ways to travel inexpensively. You have a couple of significant careers- Radio Broadcaster, author of quite a few books, you run a website and publish an online newsletter, Media consultant, etc.

Please tell us more about yourself and your travels
Victor: First, thanks for reading my book, Richard! My hope in writing it was to uncover the many tricks and techniques used by savvy world travelers to not only save money, but to find greater freedom and joy in their travels.

I spent many years of travel compiling the experience needed to form the contents in the book. There were issues that kept recurring and when I found a solution I’d write it down. Finally, the actual book itself only took me a couple of months to complete since I was pretty thorough in compiling and filing my notes and research over the years.


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