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     June 2005               LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA           Volume 2, Issue 1   (No 13)
Help! I think we have a Virus.

Here's your "Security Alert News Reporter" for June, 2005
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    The "NewsReporter" is published to keep you up-to-date on the latest information we gather for avoiding and surviving the hectic hacker attacks on your computer security and personal identity that take place constantly on the internet. Many of our comments are based on personal experiences. Protecting your safety, security, sanity, and privacy is not a simple task. We are trying to make it a bit easier for you to accomplish.

About our 1st Birthday Issue - Reader's comments:   
"It's a TERRIFIC newsletter" 
jl scott, ph.d., Director of iCop
International Council of Online Professionals

"Happy One Year Birthday! I read your newest information--very nicely written. You've informed many people over the last year--a generous undertaking since I doubt there is much financial profit involved. Thanks!"                        ... Patrick

  Latest Virus Threats  reported May 29, 2005  by McAfee ,
US-CERT, and other advisory services. (
US-CERT is the operational arm of the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) at the Department of Homeland Security)

Full descriptions including virus characteristics, symptoms, aliases and removal instructions are available by clicking on the links. This virus alert is in addition to those posted in previous month's
News Reporter issues. You can review previous Virus Alerts in the Archive files.

      CLICK on Red Virus Name for descriptions and Removal Advice

       Virus AdvisoryW32/Sober.p@MM is a Medium Risk virus.  
       Virus AdvisoryW32/Bagle.dldr is a Medium Risk trojan.
       US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA05-136A
          Apple Mac OS X is affected by multiple vulnerabilities



Been to any horror movies lately?
I saw part of a TV movie about Zombies recently. After a few minutes of looking at ugly and distorted ghostlike creatures trying to attack some more normal appearing people, I clicked away to the History Channel.

Historically, Zombies are no strangers to the silver screen. Since the dawn of Hollywood, they have been depicted as the horror symbols used to entertain and frighten movies goers who like that kind of  thrill.
My idea of a Zombie was a person who lacked energy, seemed to act without thinking and was not aware of what was happening around them, or - someone who's soul was under the control of another.

Change that last sentence to read: someone's computer that's under the  control of another person, and you have described one of the most dangerous trends and criminal activities taking place on the Internet
today -- creating armies of Zombies.

It's even possible that your own computer could be a part of an army of Zombie computers without you knowing it.
So how can you find out if you're 'Zombied' and what can you do if you are?  Start by taking  a look at the Privacy Theft topic below.


Here's our usual reminder that you can download a FREE virus checking and removal tool at the Firewalls and Virus Protection site. STINGER checks and removes viruses already in your computer.
(compliments of McAfee's Anti-virus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team - AVERT)
The program still fits neatly on a floppy disc - a perfect way to clean up your computer if a worm or other 'rogueware' has disabled your ability to use your computer to get back on the Internet and update your security ware.
If you don't have an online anti-virus program yet, I suggest you use STINGER until you do....Richard
Download this FREE scanning and removal tool from the Firewalls and Virus Protection website at STINGER. It finds and removes about 45 other active viruses and worms. Download the May 02, 2005 update 

Look for the STINGER Icon


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  Privacy Theft  - trojan horse -> hijaker -> Zombie -> Bot Nets
This typical series of events could lead to your computer becoming a part of an army of Zombies used by Spammers for villainous purposes.
Virus authors are using Bot Nets to send spam emails or initiate Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults.
Bot Nets are collections of compromised (Zombie) computers controlled by a single person or group. They've become more pervasive and increasingly focus on identity theft and installing spyware, according to a Honeynet Project report.
The report summarizes the findings of researchers who have tapped into more than 100 different bot nets since last summer. Some of the networks were made up of more than 50,000 computers, said the Honeynet Project.
Over the past year, security experts have become increasingly wary of Bot Nets. Once used mainly by online vandals to attack each other, the large networks of compromised computers are now a tool for groups of criminals bent on making money through identity fraud or adware installation.
These groups of felons and conspirators often sell, rent, and exchange their Bot Nets to other criminal types, and will even create targeted ones on order. 
A person whose computer is infected with bot software runs the risk of having sensitive information such as account passwords and credit card numbers sent to the controller of the network.
How to get rid of the Zombie (hijacking) programs
Usually, it's very difficult to repair the damage they cause, however, there are some really fine and very effective Programs available to Home and Small Business computer users to improve online security and minimize Trojan horse/Zombie threats. You'll need three.
Many experienced security experts recommend these two to seek out what's already on your computer. Why two? Because there isn't any single one that will find all of the spyware pests. These two have very high ratings
               Spybot Search and Destroy  and  AdAwareSE
The third recommended program, SpywareBlaster is a little bit different. It doesn't scan for and clean SpyWare, it prevents it from ever being installed to begin with by
obstructing the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser
   hijackers, dialers and other potentially unsafe pests;
blocking spyware/tracking cookies in the Internet Explorer and   
    Mozilla/Firefox web browsers;
restricting the actions of potentially dangerous sites in Internet Explorer.
There are other programs, of course. Among them are HijackThis and
cwsshredder which can help identify and remove many variants of the
insidious CoolWebSearch browser hijackers. (Check out Free Resources)
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Family Security and Caring
Family Caring - Repeated this month because I didn't want anyone to miss out on this valuable resource.
At some time in our lives, family members and friends may need caring support and special understanding. There's an outstanding FREE manual published at the website titled "Care Giving/Care Receiving". I urge you to get this valuable document, even if you aren't a Senior or aren't now involved in providing care for a loved one. I've never seen anything so well done.
You'll want to share this, I'm sure. The download is Free (and could be worth its weight in gold to you, someday).                                     ......... Richard

We post Kid Safe Sites, because like you, we care about the safety and security of our children and grandchildren
...and to help parents, grandparents and guardians guide today's young internet surfers to safe sites. There are many other website creators who feel the same concerns and responsibility. These are just a few of their sites that we have personally reviewed and tested as safe for our Grandchildren. Check them out and share them with the young people you care about.
  Please note the 'AMBER ALERT" scrolling at the bottom of this table
  If you would like to help support the Code Amber project, please click here.

Reviews of Family Safe Sites


The Crayola website goes beyond being just for Kids with its sections for Parents and Educators, too. We wouldn't hesitate to send our children and grandchildren here for entertainment and education. Here's the LINK

PBS Kids is a respected and trusted site. We would not hesitate to send our children and grandchildren there for entertainment and education, either. Their Privacy Policy is very assuring. Families visiting the site can feel safe regarding potential threats to family privacy and their children's welfare. Jump to it from HERE

Our website has been Certified 'Family Safe' by the Institute of Family Safe Businesses.


Ask Jeeves for Kids

Enter your question here:
Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1996-2000 Ask Jeeves, Inc. Ask Jeeves for Kids has great Study Tools, Fun and Games and News Resources, all Safe. Visit Ask Jeeves for Kids Home page Here
Kid Safe Site from
Yahooligans! A really cool Index to the Web for net Surfers ages 8 - 14. Parents will love this one, too.

Check out the Kid Friendly pages HERE and the Parent Friendly Links

Click to visit Site
Your Site Support
Supporting your Play Time with Kids
for Kid approved activities that grownups love
  We receive no compensation for displaying these links and you will be under No Obligation when you visit them. They are here because we care about the safety of everyone who uses the internet, especially our Kids.

Predator Guard protects our children

Predator Guard provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, and e-mail exchanges.

The Home Edition Features:
  • Real-time protection in Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, E-mail and Attachments
  • E-mail notification to parents
  • Reviews both outgoing and incoming data
  • User defined library to prevent distribution of personal information
  • Detects, captures, logs and reports violations
  • Works as a stand-alone application or with existing site blocking programs (AOL Parental Controls, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, and more.)
 Predator Guard is an Advanced Internet Management (AIM) solution that provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail and attachments from online predators and pedophiles. In addition, Predator Guard can prevent all outgoing personal information, such as a child's home address, phone number and school information, or other information that is essential for a predator to make contact with a child. Purchase this Inexpensive Protection Now

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Publications - Use these Free Reports to help your family and friends:

    Many people using the internet sometimes wonder if their firewalls and virus protection are good enough to keep them safe. For those of you who have visited our Firewalls website and Security Alert Blog, you know that the information there is directed toward keeping you safe from hacker and cracker attacks. Additions to our bookshelf are selected with the same purpose - and we encourage you to share our reports freely.
Because it isn't always convenient to share your computer with family and friends, we have created small downloadable reports that can easily be printed and distributed to the people you'd like to help avoid 'virus grief'.

23 Critical Alerts free to subscribers

Bookshelf and Special Report Alerts

You Should Consider when Maintaining
Your Computer Security and Protecting
 Your Personal Safety"

FREE Downloadable eReport for ALL Subscribers
 to the
Security Alert News Reporter
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Read how to Protect young children and family from chat room predators

Protect Yourself and Family from Dangerous Chat Rooms and Instant Messages. If you use them, you and yours are the Hacker's newest targets.
Hackers are already taking advantage of problems with today's IM systems. People not familiar with these new threats could easily open a new, harmless looking IM message that pops up on their screen. With one well intentioned click of their mouse on a Hacker’s phony message, could get infected.
It's no longer just the teen age Chat Room users that are in danger. Whole families are threatened
In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here.  Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates. Help them avoid the hidden dangers and threats often buried in IM messages and of predators lurking in Chat Rooms.

Imorive you Online Security when traveling

If you take your laptop computer with you on your travels, this interview with the Author of "Travel Cheap-Travel Well" contains tips and advice to help maintain your
 Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad.

The author, Victor K Pryles, discusses computer security and offers first hand advice on maintaining personal safety while on the road, high seas and in the air.

Click to read it here or Down Load it from this link and share this 10 page report with the travelers you care about. (It's in eBook format and takes less than a minute to download and zip open) DOWNLOAD HERE

Is your Firewalls and Virus protection Safe Enough?

      Is Your Firewalls and Virus Protection
                       Safe Enough?

This FREE report will help you identify viruses, prepare for attacks and infections and guide you in their removal. It's a 9 page, easy reading guide that covers the threats we all face in our daily use of the internet. It's a basic education in understanding and Avoiding Virus Grief

Down load it from this link (it's in PDF format):
The download includes a ReadMe page with instructions for unzipping and using your Acrobat Reader, and even a link to the Adobe website where you can get your own free Acrobat Reader if you don't already have one

Is a keystroke logger spying on you?


  Is a Keystroke Logger Being Used To Spy On You?
Many of the tools and tricks in use today to spy on your internet activities are exposed in this 7 page report. This look into spyware will alert you to the ease in which your identity could be compromised, or stolen.

Open the FREE report in a new webpage by clicking
Are Keystroke Loggers Spying On You?
(No downloading necessary, and you can print it right from your browser window.)

Can you afford the cost of getting the viruses out of your cmputer?

  How Much Money would it cost you to regain the use of your computer after a serious virus infection?
It cost one of our friends a whole lot of money, much aggravation and lost time, lost records, and a major inconvenience to recover from the havoc caused by the worms and viruses that had infiltrated their computer over a period of many months.

In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here. Our friends have recovered full use of their computer and now encourage everyone to learn from their experiences. Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates.
 There are a lot more Articles and Reports at the Firewalls and Virus Protection website. Two of the most recent include these topics

            ● Should unwavering and loyal Netscapers who have stayed with
               that browser thru the many releases change to Netscape 8, or
               would they be better served to use Mozilla Firefox?
            ● How to protect your privacy when using computer cafes or
               public computers. A strategy for maintaining online security

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 Free Resources  You can easily have the latest Firewall, anti-virus, spam blocking, and spyware removal software installed on your computers. Download all of these programs, and more, mostly for FREE, from our Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website pages.
They're there for the taking. If you need to block Spam, check the links on the 'Spam and Spyware' page. Same thing for Cookie Crumbling tools, Spyware protection, etc.

     Most of them have a purchasable Up Grade option, and by trying the free versions, you can upgrade the ones that worked best for you.       
          Browser Hijacking hasn't gone away. One of the outstanding sources for information about browser hijackers and tools to remove these predators is available on the website.

      It's loaded with powerful information and helpful advice that zeros in on the hijacking problem. If you are experiencing any similar problems, be sure to follow the link to their forum. There are literally thousands of postings from which you will learn and possibly find the advice that will help you resolve your own issues.

     You can download HijackThis from the Software link on the SpywareInfo website. Be sure to read and follow their instructions to the letter if you want good results.

We learned about this program from the extraordinary website and forums built and maintained by James Healan, webmaster of
DOWNLOAD latest cws shredder from Softpedia. It'll find and remove those nasty Cool Web Search trojan horses.

Here are A few more helpful resources
"Keep Your Private Information PRIVATE"

Lock away all of your Passwords, Images, Documents, Video and Audio into one Encrypted database for your eyes only.

Enigma enables you to Encrypt and store almost anything so that only you can access the files through a master password chosen by you. Of course, all or any of your Encrypted files can be restored to their original state any time you choose.

You can even backup and restore the entire database to and from CDs to ensure that you lose nothing even if your hard disk dies.


Computers don't really slow down just from old age. Often times there are a lot of underlying problems affecting your computers' speed and performance.

For example: Everyone who owns a computer — at home or in the office — is exposed to more security risks than they can possibly imagine. Deadbeats, criminals and swindlers prey on unsuspecting victims every second of every day. In your own defense you must discover how to...

● root out malware that has already taken up residence in your PC
● protect against future attacks
● recognize the tricks of the spammers, scammers and eavesdroppers
● keep your sensitive documents & data away from prying eyes

Then you can watch your computer miraculously perform once again like the day you brought it home.

Fact: 99% of the time it is some form of malware (virus, trojan, spyware, etc.) that is the cause of diminished performance (slowing down) in a PC over a period of time. But there are much more serious implications than just reduced performance, because malware can be designed to do incredibly invasive and destructive things.
Ever since I found the eBook, "The Hacker's Nightmare"
that tells how to really Keep Hackers, Worms and Germs out of my PCs, it has received my highest recommendation to family and friends.

This is an eBook by the 20 plus year veteran of internet security consulting ...Mr Bill Hely, there's so much valuable information and just plain common sense contained in this eBook, that we could fill this and future issues of our News Reporter for the next few months just talking about it.
    Bill has designed a webpage that describes many of the security tricks and tools that will help keep that nasty stuff out of your computer. Review The Hacker's Nightmare Story HERE. Some sample (Free) chapters are available to early visitors.
Here's a testimonial Bill recently received -
  "Bill, there is no way I can thank you enough for creating this wonderful program. I have done little else since I got it downloaded than print, read, experiment and learn. You are truly a genius and a very kind person for helping me 1-on-1 with my problem. The information in that book is so all encompassing that it is far more than a book on how to protect a computer. It also gives all the basic information on different concepts from Computer 101 to Advanced. My biggest question is why you are not charging more?  
   All of that information would cost a fortune if it were sold separately. At any rate, thank you again and again!! I would love to be an affiliate as soon as I learn a little more. It would be the only thing I ever sold that I truly believed in. You are incredible!"
                                     - Barbara Dingman (USA)

As you can see from Barbara Dingman's letter, The Hacker's Nightmare eBook isn't just for Professionals and Small Business Operators. Much of Bill Hely's information can easily be applied to keeping even the less experienced internet user out of the deep and murky depths of despair resulting from Hacker attacks, virus grief and spyware intrusions.

Visit now and Learn the Truths About Computer & Internet Security.
(Bill expects to increase the price sometime in the near future. Visiting now could avoid that price increase). I feel it's really worth it, even at a higher price. ... Richard

P.S. here's the link to Grisoft's AVG anti virus software, in case you
      missed it in a recent issue                        
... R

Here's a Resource I'm proud to be a part of. You have probably noticed the various references to it throughout this newsletter, the Firewalls and Virus Protection website and my Blog.

It's the International Council of Online Professionals, i-Cop for short. I believe anyone  actively using the internet to provide information, services or sell products would benefit by subscribing to i-Cop's publication - The Internet Marketing Trade Journal. It truly sets the standard for Honesty and Integrity Online. I'm proud to be a member.

This FREE ezine is vitally important to online business owners and anyone even considering making money online! We keep folks
informed about all online issues and programs to participate
in, or avoid. Subscribe to
The Internet Marketing Trade Journal here::                  ...Richard


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Reviews of the News (some encouraging news about controlling SPAM,  pornography, and protecting Consumer Personal Information)

Spam suppression efforts and results

  The Federal Trade Commission launched a new campaign targeting Zombie Spammers during the last week of May, 2005.
  They are joined in this effort by the  Depart- ment of Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security and 33 other countries in
     "Operation Spam Zombies"          

Operation Spam Zombies will address the situation where Zombie (hijacked) computers are used by spammers to flood the internet with thousands of unsolicited email messages. By routing these messages through hijacked computers, the spammers hide their true identities and locations.

The FTC and its partners will first urge the more than 3000 Internet Service Providers (ISP's) around the world to employ better protective methods to prevent their customers' computers from being hijacked by spammers.

The next part of the operation will be to identify probable spam Zombies and the ISPs who operate the networks used by the spammers. The FTC and partners will then urge the responsible ISPs to put protective measures in place. If these approaches prove effective, there will probably be some very stiff penalties imposed upon those who don't cooperate.

The New York State attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, is fighting Spyware Spreaders using a different approach. He recently filed suit in the supreme court of New York County against Intermix Media Inc., based on existing Business Law.  Intermix Media Inc was cited for their spyware software being in violation of sections of the New York law, which included "deceptive acts and practices, false advertising, and trespass to personal property (of Internet users)".

Intermix representatives attributed these practices as being put in place by prior leadership and they now are working voluntarily to improve their software product.

I suggest that every State has similar business laws that could be used to bring actions against other creators of spyware software while waiting for the US Congress to pass broader based anti-spyware laws. (...Richard)
Attorney General Spitzer gets one of our 'Good Guys' credits.

Here are our  'Good Guy Check Marks' to date )
√ √ √ √ √ √ √

"User Education" is the focus of our Firewalls and Virus Protection website and the "Security Alert News Reporter".  
How many of your IM and Chat Room Buddies are alert to the growing Instant Messaging threats?  In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here.  Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates.
  As a P.S. to the above comment, encourage your friends to check out our new "Security Alert Blog". The most recent Blog entries include these helpful and timely posts:
  Beginner's Guide -Browser Hijacking and How to Stop It.
This is probably one of the easiest to understand beginners' guides on
                       the Internet -- and it's Free!
  Do you ever have the feeling that you're caught in the
                       middle of Guerilla type warfare?
  Armies of compromised (Zombie)
                       computers under the control of less than desirable elements have been
                       covertly organized by Spammers for criminal purposes
  There are dozens more posts available in the Blog Archives. Read our Blog Posts HERE. I urge you to Comment, Challenge and add your own opinions to ours.                             
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Are you campaigning with us? (Computer Virus Awareness Campaign)
  Please help us help your family, friends, and associates enjoy a safer and less frustrating internet experience. We encourage you to share this information with them or suggest they subscribe to the news letter below.
It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
All of us, too, need to act, by educating ourselves and by making sure we obtain the necessary programs to protect our computers.

Those programs include installing a firewall; installing and updating anti-virus software; using anti-spyware software that can identify and delete programs that have migrated to our computers; using spam filters to protect
e-mail; and downloading patches that update software and web browsers.
Keep in mind that these programs are only as good as their latest updates! I hope your machines aren't infected with one of the viruses that sends out that spam.

How can you be sure? Do some spring-cleaning on your system. Scan for spyware and viruses and while you're at it, install a diagnostic program so that you can discover any viral ills on your PC.

Have you ever checked the health of your computer's Registry? Why not try
errornuker? It's a powerful diagnostic utility that will scan the Windows Registry to identify errors and ways to optimize the performance of the Windows Registry.

Your Registry could need a clean up if
you have these Registry Problem Symptoms
  • PC keeps crashing at critical times
  • PC needs frequent rebooting
  • unable to remove a program using add/remove dialog
  • 'unable to load ***.DLL' errors
  • 'cannot find ***.exe' errors
  • PC runs noticeably slower than when you first bought it

    Unlike other similar tools, errornuker is very careful with the registry — it never deletes a registry entry if this could harm your system.

    Download errornuker now, absolutely FREE

    It fixed a lot of ills in my computers that I didn't know were lurking there.     ... Richard

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 NewsReporter Reader's Questions  ??????????
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