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  March 20, 2005     Don't ignore your basic security programs
                                because of spyware hysteria

Although protecting yourself from the ravages of spyware is important, not keeping your basic security programs up to date can increase the potential for spyware instrusion into your computer.

Spyware and malware have caused so much aggravation for me, I found that I was concentrating on avoiding them so much that my firewall program settings became outdated.

Fortunately, the anti-virus programs I use have automatic update features. My firewall program requires manual review. Easily done on nearly all firewall programs.

Usually, the firewall default settings are sufficient to provide an acceptable level of security. However, if you download music and games, visit a lot of unfamiliar sites, subscribe to online newsletters, receive unsolicited email from unknown sources, etc, it would be a good idea to take another look at your firewall security settings.

Normally, you can review and adjust the security level from allowing complete access of outside events to a lock down condition prohibiting all incoming attempts. I reset my security level to the tightest possible without a complete lock down.

Available Settings often include adjustments to incoming events logs, trusted and banned IP's, outbound events log settings, recording Intrusion Detection events, and many more.

These settings are designed to accommodate your personal use of the Internet.
If you have changed how you use it since your initial installation of your firewall program, now is probably the best time to make sure your firewall settings recognize possible new risks and match your current security needs.
                                                                           .... Richard

  March 13, 2005    Are we being lulled into a false sense of security
                               by the Anti-Spyware software developers?

If you run two different anti-spyware programs on your computer,
have you noticed that one often misses pests that the other program finds?

Although I don't operate a testing laboratory, I do check the latest releases of many updated spy sweepers as well as new programs arriving on the scene. Currently, I run three spy sweeper type programs in addition to two anti-virus and one firewalls program.

There are thousands of malware and spyware pests, and it's understandable that no one anti-spyware program can detect and remove them all. That's why many of the experienced computer security experts recommend at least doubling your protection with more than one anti-spyware program.

But, the advertisements by the anti-spyware software developers do not support this philosophy or even hint that single protection isn't necessarily full protection. They promote only their own products, of course.

So the Computer User who buys and installs a single anti-spyware program will assume that they are fully protected. Not so.

I believe that they have been lulled into a false sense of security by not having the full story.  How do you feel about your security protection?

                                                                      ..... Richard
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  March 10, 2005  Are the Anti-spyware programs staying ahead
                            of the spys?

After reading the anti-spyware program review in the April 2005
issue of PC World,
™ it's rewarding to see so much good effort going into the battle against the spyware sneaktheives.

Malicious spyware continues its virulent spread, forcing the anti-spyware program creators to invest more heavily in time and other resources to keep
up with the spys. (They may never actually get ahead).

This obviously costs a lot of money and can only be covered by charging for their anti-spyware products; certainly justified.

The two top performers in the PC World
™ tests have reasonable annual fees ranging between $20.00 and $30.00 for updates and support.

Sunbelt Software's 'CounterSpy' and Webroot Software's 'Spysweeper 3.2' programs have high scanning efficiency, detect and remove spyware already in a computer and monitor for intruders on a real time basis.

Used with the free version of Lavasoft's 'AdAwareSE Personal', either of these two programs will provide a formidable defense against spyware intrusion and infection.

With a strong firewall and anti-virus programs, and the regular updates from these anti-spyware providers, you stand a pretty good chance of staying ahead of the spys.

Compare the low anti-spyware subscription cost against the $100 per hour fees charged by some local computer shops to clean up a compromised computer. It's cheap insurance.

                                                            .... Richard
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  March 6, 2005           Part 3* of "Which Browser should you have?"

It really had to happen! Netscape 8 has just been made available
in a Beta version.

And it's probably a good thing for the PC surfing public. At least, it could be a real boon for all of us.

Consider who is in this race – Microsoft with IE7 (beta), Netscape 8 (beta), and Mozilla FireFox1 (out of beta and currently being cleaned up with a couple of vulnerabilities already being fixed).

Whatever the final resolution of this competition, I believe that all three of these browsers will be much safer than anything we've had so far.

Of course, the malware rogue writers, spammers, and virus purveyors will have that many more targets, and it will be their wits pitted against the expertise of the browser developers that will really determine which browser will be the safest.

Ever wonder how this will end up? In my opinion, we'll always have viruses, spam, malware, identity theft and all of the rest of the undesirable stuff.

The kind of people causing our grief have been around for centuries displaying the worst sides of human nature. They aren't going to go away.

We'll just have to make the best of the situation and hope that the good guys on our side can minimize our annoyance and pain.
    .... Richard
              * Read Parts 1 and 2 in the February 2005 Archives
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