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January  27, 2005            P.C. Security and Housekeeping Basics

High-speed Internet access via Cable Modem and DSL has made multi-media web browsing possible. It’s not uncommon for folks to have hundreds of music files, movie clips, & games on their hard-drive. The fact that your DSL or Cable connection is “always on” has really opened up a can of worms if you are not informed & prepared to take some basic protective measures.

Mike Nalbone wrote this article that fits perfectly with our "Computer Security Awareness Campaign". He covers many of the important issues in not only securing your computer, but keeping it in tip-top condition thru regular clean-up routines.

If you use, or are about to use High-speed Internet access, you'll enjoy your time on the internet a lot more if you follow Mike's Basics for computer housekeeping. Read his article HERE

                                                                              ....... Richard
COMMENT        (Response 1 - see February posts)
January 23, 2005  Students use keylogger to steal answers from Teacher

I just read about some students in California who attached a hardware keylogger device to a teacher's computer, collected the keystrokes, and stole all of the test entries and answers for scheduled exams.

Is this the beginning of a career of cheating and theft for these young people,
or does it reflect a degeneration of today's moral standards?

What do you think?

Should unlicensed Keylogging hardware and software be available for anyone's
everyday use?

Wire tapping is illegal nearly everywhere; is Keylogging Spyware much different?

Not sure what Keyloggers are or how they work? Read more on Keyloggers HERE

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January 20, 2005           How often do you change your passwords?

If you are like so many of us everyday Internet users, you probably have had to create or change your password to access important web services like bank accounts, email accounts, and various news service subscriptions.

Mike Delaney wrote an article a couple of years ago that contains 8 very valuable tips on changing or creating safer passwords. With the increasing spread of on-line threats to our personal privacy, I felt it to be a valuable guide to help us avoid potential financial loss and Identity Theft. Read (and Save) the tips HERE

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January 15, 2005   Help Your Children Practice Safe Surfing Habits
Did you know that young people between the ages of 2 and 11
are increasing their use of the Internet at a faster rate than
the overall internet user population?

This fact should raise an alarm for parents. It does for us!

The article just posted at our website
covers our concerns and what should be the concerns of other parents and grandparents. It also lists cautions and some important protective steps that will help these youngsters stay out of trouble. Read Safe Surfing for Children HERE

                                                                       ......  Richard
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January 9, 2005              How not to be a part of the problem

A recent survey analyzed by "Knowledge Networks" found that nearly three quarters of the total United States population has access to the internet in their homes or at work with users spending an average of three hours per day on the Internet.

The implications of these few basic facts are alarming!

Every one of these computers is an easy target for Hackers while it's online.
Read how this is so HERE
                                                                                   ... Richard
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January 1, 2005             Making the Most of your New PC

If you are among the many happy people who started 2005 with a new PC (personal computer), here's some very helpful information you can add to the advice in our December 6, blog posting

The January 2005 issue of
PC Magazine™  has a great article titled
"MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR PC". It's more than worth your time to read, even if you have already set up your new PC.

Why? The authors of the article have personally set up thousands of PCs. They cover the whole procedure from Set Up, Migration of old files to the new PC, Protection Considerations, Networks, Backup to Maintenance.

On the chance that you may have overlooked some important consideration, the few minutes devoted to the article now could save you many hours of frustration later.

And you don't have to go out and buy the magazine. I found the link to this article on their website. My suggestion is to select the 'Print Article' button even if you don't plan to print it. Doing so spreads the text over a full size page instead of squeezing it between a lot of ads. It's a lot easier to read.

Here's the link:,1759,1743682,00.asp
                                         Happy/Safe Surfing in 2005              ....... Richard

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