Teaching Children Safe Surfing Habits

Use NoodleNet

by Pam Brown

I have found the best product out there for protecting my children. My oldest son "accidently" hit upon several adult entertainment sites when searching for toys. So that left me searching for how to protect him when he is searching for games and toys and perhaps give him some safe sites to visit.

Give NoodleNet a try. It creates a safe desktop enviornment. That means that it temporarily takes over you computer's desktop. This way kids can play games on such sites as Disney, Discovery Kids, NickJr, and tons of other safe sites. This software is amazing, it even stops the kids from clicking on an ad that might take them to something they shouldn't see. It blocks chat so no one can talk to my kids and offer them who knows what. You can even set session timers. That allows you to set say an hour a day for your child to play on the computer.

I don't work for NoodleNet, so don't get the wrong idea. This isn't an ad, just a Mom that found a good solution. I wanted more people to know about it.

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Jan 04, 2008
Thanks for Sharing
by: Richard

Great suggestion. Thanks

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