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Personal Security Threats to Young Cell Phone Users
 Cell Phone Security Threats

      Cell phones are extremely popular among the younger generation. There aren't many teenagers around who do not have their own cell phone in order to help them to keep in touch with their friends and family.

     As new cell phones are brought out, technology has improved them dramatically in order to provide advanced mobile features to the user.

     While these features have made life easier for many people, they have also caused a few potential problems.

     The new advanced features have increased the potential risks associated with using the phones -  in terms of both privacy and security.
                     How Young People Are at Risk

      Advanced features on cell phones tend to include:

       • E-mail
       • Internet
       • Instant Messenger
       • Downloading
     Now when surfing the internet anywhere, you are at risk of security threats. If you order something online your details can be stolen. The main problem with teenagers and internet on their cell phones, however, is that they are not being supervised.

     The dangers which come with surfing and talking online can usually be supervised at home. However, if you are the parent of a young teenager,  it's almost impossible to monitor what they are doing while they are out with their friends.

     If you yourself are a teenager and you use the internet on your cell phone, you need to be aware of the potential cell phone security risks involved if you are to stay safe.

     Cell phone security is not all that it is cracked up to be. People can still get into your phone and steal your details. If you use the wrong internet websites you could end up with information being stolen from you and you could even be a victim of account cloning.

     Another problem which can occur is your cell phone will be transmitting data to other mobile users. This is especially the case in cell phones which are equipped with Bluetooth as they share a connection with other Bluetooth users nearby.

     Your cell phone could actually
be turned into a microphone to monitor conversations in the vicinity of your phone while it is inactive.

     So, all your information on your phone could potentially be accessed by other Bluetooth users. It also makes it easier for cell phone users to send you information.

    This means that if somebody wanted to harass you, they could through your Bluetooth connection.

     It's even possible for
your cell phone number to be used by others to make calls that are charged to your account - called "cloning".

     Overall, there are many potential cell phone security threats which young cell phone users face. So it's important to be extra careful with the information you share and download while using these advanced cell phone features.

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