Q. What prompted you to write your latest book on traveling cheap?

I started to develop a lifestyle that freed me from such constraints, and allowed for much more independent travel. So now, I'm in a position to travel up to six times a year, sometimes more, for days and even weeks at a time. During all this travel I still keep notes and conduct research which will give birth, eventually, to an updated edition of "Travel Cheap- Travel Well"- Confessions Of A Traveling Pauper.

Here's a trick I'll reveal now, for the first time in this interview (you have an exclusive confession, here):

I purchased a very nifty carry-on piece of luggage which not only has a separate compartment for my laptop, but is constructed to allow for an 'expanding clothes rack' which allows me to pack a lot of material in a small space. I keep this carry-on packed at all times. It sits in a corner of my room and is literally ready to go at a moments notice. I have been known to make a last-minute reservation for a flight to Miami, London or Dallas and be on a plane in less than two hours using this system.

I never check my baggage. It's all in this carry-on which stays close to me at all times. This not only saves me time, (I hate waiting at those infernal carousels trying to keep an eye peeled for my luggage) but also saves me from ever having my luggage lost or stolen. The carry-on is 'airline-approved', meaning it is a true carry-on and can fit into the limited space allowed by the airlines. There is a top bag that I detach and place under my seat on the plane. This carries my photography equipment and other items that I need to be handy at all times, including a book, a set of airline schedules and a few personal items. Packing for a trip is an art, and in our forums (Located at: http://www.paupertravel.com/phpBB2/index.php) and my book, we plan it all out so that it is possible to take a two-week trip with just the clothing and accessories that fit into a carry-on bag.

Q. How long have you been practicing your "Traveling Pauper Role" and how long have you been collecting the 100's of money saving tips and confessions that you included in your Traveling Pauper Book?

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