Victor: The "Traveling Pauper" role is one that occurred to me in a dream I had. I relate it in the Forward to my book, so I won't reiterate it now. Suffice it to say; I think it is an interesting slant on travel that found its way into the title of my book. The 100's of tips are a result of my note taking while traveling and additional research I did while not traveling.

Q. Do you take your lap top computer with you on your trips, and if you do, how do you use it?

Victor: Yes, I wouldn't leave home without it! As mentioned, I have a specially made carry on luggage compartment built to house my laptop. This keeps it readily available at all times. Of course, my book is in the laptop, which features over 200 links I can use to make travel plans on the spur of the moment. That's why I wrote it as an e-book in the first place, so it can be a traveler’s best friend while he is on the road. We Paupers love e-books; they are better than tree-books any day!

Of course, the 'confessions' and tips are pretty much second nature to me now (I wrote and discovered them, after all) but those links are used constantly by me to make reservations, check on a flight arrival, get a language prompt and so much more.

Q. Do you use it as a diary or journal for new tips and confessions, and do you ever go online while traveling?

Victor: A laptop computer not only carries my book, but also allows a traveling Pauper to go online around the world. Yes, you can use it to keep journal notes etc., though I still use an old-fashioned leather bound notebook for my travels (I talk about this and where readers can get theirs in my book), but going online is essential to modern travel and you can now find many, many more 'hot spots' or places to plug in to get onto the internet when you travel.


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