Q: Have you ever been plagued with spyware, malware or viruses when traveling? How do you protect against it?

Victor: Mal-ware, spy ware and viruses are your area of expertise! That's why I subscribe to your newsletter. It has helped me understand this critical issue and shown me ways to combat it. So, of myself, I'm not an expert in this area. I will say that my computers now have virus protection and spy ware software installed to help combat the problems associated with going online. I use McAfee™ spyware and firewall to insulate my laptop.

Luckily, my laptop has not been infected yet. However, my home computer recently underwent some major attacks which you helped me rectify with your sage advice in your newsletter and website. I think this happens as a computer reaches "middle-age" and, without proper software to help it along, becomes 'ill' with spyware, viruses etc. When I buy a newer computer I will install these helpers right away.

I would imagine that you have loaded your "Travel Cheap - Travel Well" eBook on your Laptop travel companion.

Q. Any suggestions for readers of your book who don't have a laptop computer to take with them on their trips, but who may want to have your "Confessions" available to them? The whole book is rather large to pack and carry with them. But I believe the lessons from your eCourse could be printed and kept in a thin folder, easy to pack and easy to use as a reference.

Q. How can travelers get all of the lessons?

Victor: If a reader doesn't have a laptop computer to carry my book around with, they can also use the handheld computers now available with the Adobe Reader installed. Additionally, they can print out any part of the book to carry along with them on their trips. You're right about my e-course. It is small enough to allow for easy transportation in your luggage or briefcase. It's loaded with my 100 top travel websites! None of which are repeated in my book “Travel Cheap- Travel Well!” Your readers can sign up for this free course at: http://www.paupertravel.com

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