Online Security is a big issue for Internet Users here at home.
Q. Based on your travel experience, can it be forgotten or ignored while abroad?

Victor: Feeling secure while on the road is of vital importance to Traveling Paupers. I devote several sections of my book to this issue. There are ne'er-do-wells, brigands and out-right thieves always lurking around to take advantage of a 'newcomer'. So my best advice is:

     1. Remain alert while traveling.

     2. Keep your luggage and valuables close to you at all times

     3. Wear a money belt

     4. Check your valuables in the hotel safe (not in your room)

     5. Find out what the local 'emergency' number is in case of trouble
        (in the USA it's 9-1-1) and have that number memorized in case
        you run into trouble.

     6. If you're traveling to a non-English speaking country know the
        words for: "Help!" and "Robbery". These two words can help you
        communicate your distressful situation to the locals.

In my book I give you the most important words to learn while traveling, so that not speaking English becomes a NON-issue. Traveling Paupers learn that a mere 10-100 words are all you need to get along splendidly. I also show you several ways to ALWAYS find someone who speaks English.
One is to look for a young person. Many foreign college students study English and are pretty fluent in it. Next, you can always drop into any upscale hotel and ask for the concierge desk, whether you are staying there or not. These people will also be fluent in English. Finally, I assure you English is everywhere you travel; it is now the #1 ‘second language’ for most countries in the world.

Q. For people who use Computer Cafes instead of their own computer, should they be aware of Keyloggers* that could compromise their identity?

Victor: I'm unaware of 'keyloggers' but they sound nasty. You're the expert, what are they and how do we travelers fight back? Oh, I'm sorry, you're interviewing me---I'm interested in this though!


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