(*) Keyloggers are tools that could be spying on you at this very moment. You can learn where and how they are used for both illegal and legal purposes at https://www.firewalls-and-virus-protection.com/keyloggers.html

Q. Are there any significant differences in Internet use between local and foreign ISP's? Is it expensive for a traveler to use the Internet in foreign countries?

Victor: The costs surrounding Internet use are pretty standard. Even though cafes and 'hot spots' are becoming more universally available, there are still vast parts of the world where you simply won't find any connection available. However, the major cities, like London, Paris, New York, and Berlin etc. will often have computer terminals set up in public places. Additionally, one of the hottest new trends around the world is in the hotel industry. Most major chains now offer this amenity to lodgers. High-speed Internet connections are giving hotels a competitive edge. I often have chosen one hotel over another because it offers Internet connections for free when I book a room.

I can open my book in my hotel room; go to one of the links provided in its pages and find restaurants, places of interest and tours instantly. I can even purchase the tickets and make reservations right then and there.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for the Traveling Paupers who do use their laptop's while traveling?

Victor: I heartily recommend that travelers look for this Internet accessibility when booking a room. It saves you from trying to find a cafe or 'hot spot' around a city you are not familiar with and exposing yourself and your laptop to thieves. The hotel room is a safe and secure environment to do your planning and research.

Q. Have you experienced any major problems when connecting to the Internet while abroad?

Victor: As far as any problems connecting to the Internet abroad are concerned, my experience is that it is comparable to connecting in the States. In other words, you can get 'bumped' off line, but this is a rarity and is usually amended rather quickly. In addition, airlines, airline terminals and libraries around the world offer connection opportunities.

Q. Do you have any other Quick Tips to share with us?


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