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       Feb 2006          LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA   Regular Features Supplement   to Issue 21
Help! I think we have a Virus.
A Security guide for the everyday, non-technical internet user who just wants to be safe doing basic stuff

 Here's your "Security Alert News Reporter" Regular Features Supplememt
    The "NewsReporter" is published to keep you up-to-date on the latest information we gather for avoiding and surviving the hectic hacker attacks on your computer security and personal identity that take place constantly on the internet. Many of our comments are based on personal experiences. Protecting your safety, security, sanity, and privacy is not a simple task. We're trying to make it a bit easier for you to accomplish.
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. Family and Kid Friendly Sites
. Publications for your Family and Friends/  "23 Critical Security Alerts" / FREE Internet Glossary / Online Security while Traveling / NEW FREE Identity Theft Guide /
  Recommended - Predator Guard  to Protect
  your Children
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Family Security and Caring
Family Caring- At some time in our lives, family members and friends may need caring support and special understanding. download is Free  Care Giving/Care Receiving manual  from the website. Don't miss getting this valuable document, even if you aren't a Senior or aren't now involved in providing care for a loved one. All of my friends that I've shared it with agree that it's a great Resource and Guide.

We post Kid Safe Sites, because like you, we care about the safety and security of our children and grandchildren...
...and to help parents, grandparents and guardians guide today's young internet surfers to safe sites. There are many other website creators who feel the same concerns and responsibility. These are just a few of their sites that we have personally reviewed and tested as safe for our Grandchildren. Check them out and share them with the young people you care about.

Personal Safety  for Kids

"Personal Safety for Children – a Guide for Parents" is one of many publications by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. You can visit their site at where many are available as Free downloads.

Personal Safety for Children is a quick and fun guide for parents to share with their children - only 16 pages and available as a Zipped pdf file. You can download and unzip your copy by Clicking HERE.

  Please note the 'AMBER ALERT" scrolling at the bottom of this table
  If you would like to help support the Code Amber project, please click here.

Reviews of Family Safe Sites


The Crayola website goes beyond being just for Kids with its sections for Parents and Educators, too.

PBS Kids is a respected and trusted site. We would not hesitate to send our children and grandchildren there for entertainment and education, either.

Our website is Certified 'Family Safe' by the Institute of Family Safe Businesses.

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Enter your question here:
Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1996-2000 Ask Jeeves, Inc. Ask Jeeves for Kids has great Study Tools, Fun and Games and News Resources,
Kid Safe Site from
Yahooligans! A really cool Index to the Web for net Surfers ages 8 - 14.

Check out the Kid Friendly pages HERE and the Parent Friendly Links
Your Site Support Supporting your Play Time with Kids
for Kid approved activities that grownups love Click to visit Site
FirstGov for Kids This site was developed and is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center. It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject.
Directory of Kid Safe Sites, in five languages!
Safe websites with only Kid Safe Internet links to hundreds of resources with the answers children want and parents approve.
  We receive no compensation for displaying these links and you will be under No Obligation when you visit them. They are here because we care about the safety of everyone who uses the internet, especially our Kids.

Predator Guard protects our children

Help for Parents and Grandparents. Add to your computer

Predator Guard
provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, and e-mail exchanges.
The Home Edition Features:
  • Real-time protection in Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, E-mail and Attachments
  • E-mail notification to parents
  • Reviews both outgoing and incoming data
  • User defined library to prevent distribution of personal information
  • Detects, captures, logs and reports violations
  • Works as a stand-alone application or with existing site blocking programs (AOL Parental Controls, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, and more.)
Predator Guard  provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail and attachments from online predators and pedophiles. In addition, Predator Guard can prevent all outgoing personal information, such as a child's home address, phone number and school information, or other information that is essential for a predator to make contact with a child. Purchase this Inexpensive Protection Now

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Publications - Use these Reports to help your family and friends:

. For those of you who have visited our Firewalls website and Security Alert Blog, you know that the information there is directed toward keeping you safe from hacker and cracker attacks. Additions to our bookshelf are selected with the same purpose - and we encourage you to share our reports freely. Don't miss the NEWest Free report

Bookshelf and Special Report AlerFREE Identity Theft Guidets

Free Identity Theft Guide      NEW!   
A Breach in your personal privacy protection could easily lead to online and offline Hackers and thieves stealing your identity.

The contents of this Free Guide include

     Protection Strategies
     Safe Credit Card Practices
     Why reveal your Social Security number?
     Document Destruction
     Common Sense Things to avoid
     What you must do if the Worst Happens
with the telephone numbers to call and the organizations to contact.

It's a five page report you can download, print and freely share with your family and friends. Download the Identity Theft Guide by CLICKING HERE.

Save the file to your Desktop - it'll be easier to find.

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23 Critical Alerts free to subscribers


You Should Consider when Maintaining
Your Computer Security and Protecting
 Your Personal Safety"

FREE Downloadable eReport for ALL Subscribers
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Security Alert News Reporter
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Read how to Protect young children and family from chat room predators

Protect Yourself and Family from Dangerous Chat Rooms and Instant Messages. If you use them, you and yours are the Hacker's newest targets.
Hackers are already taking advantage of problems with today's IM systems. People not familiar with these new threats could easily open a new, harmless looking IM message that pops up on their screen. With one well intentioned click of their mouse on a Hacker’s phony message, could get infected. It's no longer just the teen age Chat Room users that are in danger. Whole families are threatened
In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here.  Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates. Help them avoid the hidden dangers and threats often buried in IM messages and of predators lurking in Chat Rooms.


Imorive you Online Security when traveling

If you take your laptop computer with you on your travels, this interview with the Author of "Travel Cheap-Travel Well" contains tips and advice to help maintain your
 Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad.

The author, Victor K Pryles, discusses computer security and offers first hand advice on maintaining personal safety while on the road, high seas and in the air.

Click to read it here or Down Load it from this link and share this FREE 10 page report with the travelers you care about. (It's in eBook format; download in less than a minute and zip to open) DOWNLOAD HERE

This is the book that prompted my interview with Victor Pryles. He included so many money saving Tips and Useful Resources that I sought his first hand advice on keeping my laptop free of bugs and stuff when traveling. There's so much more in his book, though, it would be impossible to describe it all here... but it's summarized on his web page where he describes everything he included, like --
all the travel hot spots, the unknown secrets, the special deals and comprehensive travel savvy, and a great deal more
; knowledge that would take years to learn on your own. He put it all in one place --- in the "Travel Cheap - Travel Well!"- Confessions of A Traveling Pauper eBook.
I feel confident you'll find Victor's web page to be a  fascinating review in itself.
Click here - it won't cost you anything to look.

                                               ... Richard
      Can you afford the cost of getting the viruses out of your cmputer?                       
    Don't get trapped by Rogue Anti-Spyware software
Trying a new anti-spyware program? Avoid being duped
    or robbed by false positives.
    "Rogue/Suspect" means that these products are of unknown,
     questionable, or dubious value if used for anti-spyware

     In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and- Virus-Protection website, you can read it here.  Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates. Help them avoid the hidden dangers and threats often buried in software programs that are supposed to clean up, not infect your computer.


Is your Firewalls and Virus protection Safe Enough?

 Is Your Firewalls and Virus Protection Safe Enough?

This FREE report will help you identify viruses, prepare for attacks and infections and guide you in their removal. It's a
 9 page, easy reading guide that covers the threats we all face in our daily use of the internet. It's a basic education in understanding and Avoiding Virus Grief

Down load it from this link (it's in PDF format):                

The download includes a ReadMe page with instructions for unzipping and using your Acrobat Reader, and even a link to the Adobe website where you can get your own free Acrobat Reader if you don't already have one


Is a keystroke logger spying on you?
  Is a Keystroke Logger Being Used To Spy On You?
Many of the tools and tricks in use today to spy on your internet activities are exposed in this 7 page report. This look into spyware will alert you to the ease in which your identity could be compromised, or stolen.

Open the FREE report in a new webpage by clicking
Are Keystroke Loggers Spying On You?
(No downloading necessary, and you can print it right from
your browser window.)


Can you afford the cost of getting the viruses out of your cmputer?

  How Much Money would it cost you to regain the use of your computer after a serious virus infection?
It cost one of our friends a whole lot of money, much aggravation and lost time, lost records, and a major inconvenience to recover from the havoc caused by the worms and viruses that had infiltrated their computer over a period of many months.

In case you missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here. Our friends have recovered full use of their computer and now encourage everyone to learn from their experiences. Please print the report and share it with your family, friends and associates.

 What's an Internet Glossary?
                                            Ours is FREE. It's an alphabetical list of dozens of
the terms you'll find used in many of the articles
and news reports that relate to the Internet.

With our Glossary, you'll be able to decipher
acronyms, like CGI, CSS, DSL, GIF, ISP, and more

Do you know the difference between
     Cookies and Crackers?
     Firewalls and flame?
     Internet and Intranet?
     Surfing and Scrolling?

        Get the answers from our FREE Internet Glossary.
        Click HERE to Download yours
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There are a lot more  Articles and Reports at the Firewalls and Virus Protection website. Look them over for the helpful 'keeping safe' info they contain.
Our most recent library additions include
    Hardware or Software Firewalls - Which to Use?
  Basic Web Surfing Safety and Security Practices
  Good Password Tips and Password Management
 Safeguarding Correspondence.
  and visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website with its many publications relating to protecting the security of your family, both on the internet and off. They are FREE. You can go to their pages covering  
                 Consumer (family) Protection HERE.

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 NewsReporter  Reader's Questions  ??????????
       Send in your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Some people are bashful about asking, but there are always many others who share the same question, and will benefit from the answers to yours.

  With your permission, we'll publish your questions and answers in future issues of the "NewsReporter".
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suggest that they review the help that's readily available at our one page summary of the Online Security Consideration and Protective Tactics that are designed to keep them safe on the Internet. They Can Check out these Considerations HERE.

And finally for this issue,
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