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     November 2005               LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA   Volume 2, Issue (No 18)    
Help! I think we have a Virus.
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         Here's your "Security Alert News Reporter" for November, 2005
    The "NewsReporter" is published to keep you up-to-date on the latest information we gather for avoiding and surviving the hectic hacker attacks on your computer security and personal identity that take place constantly on the internet. Many of our comments are based on personal experiences. Protecting your safety, security, sanity, and privacy is not a simple task. We're trying to make it a bit easier for you to accomplish.
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Some Highlights from TODAY'S TOPICS

. Latest Virus and Worm Threats
. The Panda Report - New Trojan
  Cyber Crime Trends
. Revised ALERT -Stinger Updated
. Privacy Theft - Important Updates
 Install Free Anti-virus software
● Anti-Spyware for the Mac
. Family Security - two more  Family and
      Kid Friendly Sites

. Recommended - Predator Guard to Protect
your Children
. Publications for your Family and Friends/
    FREE Internet Glossary /
5 New Article
    Announcements/ Many Others
. Resources - Many FREE! / (What is i-cop?)
. Bill Hely's ebook -My Security Bible    
. Reviews of the News- really fresh
      information and encouraging news to keep
      you abreast of latest Security activities
. Be a Cyber Secure Citizen
  Free Download / Errornuker Registry Cleaner
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Latest Virus Threats  reported thru Nov 4, 2005 by McAfee ,
US-CERT, Panda
™ and other advisory services. (US-CERT is the operational arm
of the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) at the Department of Homeland Security)

   Full descriptions including virus characteristics, symptoms, aliases and removal instructions are available by clicking on the links. This virus alert is in addition to those posted in previous month's
News Reporter issues. You can review previous Virus Alerts in the Archive files.

      CLICK on Red Virus Name for descriptions and Removal Advice
McAfee Advisory
  • W32/Sober.r@MM is still active as a medium Profiled worm

  •     symantec Advisory

    W32.Zotob.E  is still considered a medium threat worm with high

    Linux.Plupii is a worm with back door capabilities.  Not a threat unless you're using Linux, but it does point out that all Operating Systems are under attack.

    From the US-CERT, November 4, 2005 TREND report
  • USCERT ranks Netsky.P as the current No. 1 threat. It's a mass-mailing worm that uses its own mail engine to send itself to the email addresses it finds when scanning the hard drives.
  • TrendMicro
    NETSKY.P  is a medium risk worm with high damage potential 
    Panda  Here's an item from the Panda Report for Nov 1, 2005
      Mitglieder.FK is a Trojan threat

    The number of incidents caused by Mitglieder variants continues to increase in Europe and the USA, and this Trojan already heads the ranking of the viruses most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan. What’s more, new variants are constantly appearing, (FL, FM, FN and now FO and FP), and therefore, the probability of a computer being affected by one of these malicious codes is extremely high.

    These Mitglieder variants have been mass mailed in messages without a subject which include a zip file that contains the Trojan’s code. However, new messages could appear which have completely different characteristics.

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    Cyber Crime Trends

    From the US-CERT, November 4, 2005
    (NCSD) at the Department of Homeland Security
     TREND report
  • Your Next IM Could Be Your Network's Last: According to data that was collected by IMlogic, the number of instant messaging oriented attacks rose by 30 percent over September when compared to last year. October 2005 counted 1300 percent more threats than the same month in 2004. This will eventually lead to an automated worm that will strike hundreds of thousands of machines in seconds. Source: techweb
  • Barrage of Viruses Hits in October: Sophos reports 1,685 new viruses and variants came out in October. Central Command also reports big numbers for October. There were a record number of viruses that hit the Internet in October but, but none of them were wide-spread and dangerous. Source: esecurityplanet

  •  Last month we talked a bit about Phishing attacks on Yahoo Photo Sharing and how to avoid entrapment. As more Internet users become aware of the perils, and how to avoid them, the frequency of phishing attacks might actually be decreasing.
    Joris Evers of CNET Reported in the October 14, 2005, ZDNet News:
     that the Phishing fight may be paying off.

    According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) the number of phishing sites on the Web hit a record high in August. A total of 5,259 phishing sites were identified, up from 4,564 in July. At the same time, the number of spam e-mail campaigns to lure people to phishing sites decreased for the second month in a row, from 14,135 to 13,776.

    Not a big change, but it does represent some progress.

    The APWG believes that this indicates some success in the fight against phishing.  Criminals have to set up more phishing servers for a smaller number of actual phishing campaigns.

    But criminals are not giving up the fight. Phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated. Sites are now being hosted on multiple servers, and redirect schemes let the scammers change sites at will.

    Be aware that we are all targets. Caution should be your watch word when reading your email, especially from unfamiliar sources.


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      Changing my recent alert about Stinger

    IMPORTANT ALERT you can get the Free updated virus checking and removal STINGER tool at the   Firewalls and Virus Protection site.

     (compliments of McAfee's Anti-virus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team -
    AVERT) was updated on October 4, 2005 to detect and remove more than 50 current viruses including Zotob.

    It's a great little program that still fits neatly on a floppy disc - a perfect way to clean up your computer if a worm or other 'rogueware' has disabled your ability to get back on the Internet to update your security ware.
    Whenever updated versions become available,
    I'll post a notice here, on the Firewalls and Virus
    Protection website and in the Security Alert Blog. 


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      Privacy Theft  - Be on the alert for the latest spyware and Scams, sources of malware and Zombie (hijacking) programs that often lead to stolen personal and financial information and Identity Theft.

    Usually, it's very difficult to repair the damage they cause, however, there are some really fine and very effective Programs available to Home and Small Business computer users to improve online security and minimize adware, Trojan horse/Zombie and general malware threats. You'll need at least two or three.

    Among the many reputable online security resources that I monitor, Suzi Turner's "Spyware Warrior" website is one that does an outstanding job of not only reviewing the latest anti-spyware software, but she advises how best to use it.

    The following recommended anti-spyware programs appeared most often during October, on the top rated research and anti-spyware reporting websites , including Spyware Warrior:

      Microsoft AntiSpyware*,  Webroot Spy Sweeper (
    CLICK for Free trial), -
     Spyware Doctor -   Spybot Search and Destroy Adaware XoftSpy -
    and - Pest Patrol
    * Microsoft AntiSpyware  is currently available as a FREE Download, but you can't use it
     with Windows 95 or 98. I use it on my windows 2000 and Windows XP PC's, have it set for automatic updates and daily scans. Like
    SpywareBlaster (Download) it's designed to  monitor in Real Time.

    Keep in mind that you must also have up-to-date anti-virus software(*) and a
    strong firewall, plus the latest updates for your browser (Internet Explorer,
    Firefox, Netscape, Opera... whichever one you use).

    (*) Here's the best link to Grisoft's AVG  Free anti virus software, in case you missed it in recent issues of the News Reporter.   
    When you arrive at the Grisoft webpage, scroll to the bottom and click on the link in the table under the FILE heading. It'll look something like this:
    avg70free344a618.exe  -- Select Save in the Download dialog box that opens.

    Saving it to your desktop will make it easier to find the Install icon placed there as part of the installation process. Click on the icon and follow the instructions to complete your installation. Spend a few minutes becoming familiar with the AVG Anti-Virus Control Center.
    Be sure to check for updates, get them and then do a complete virus scan.
    I set my AVG program for automatic updates once every day... makes me feel more secure, and I also use two anti-virus programs on each of my computers.
    However, I use only one firewall software program on each computer... Richard

    Check out the Free Resources topic for more information and links to the HijackThis and CWSshredder trojan detection and removal resources.   
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    A few more dangers to watch out for —

    A Brief editorial on Anti-Spyware for the Mac
    I don’t use a Macintosh computer in my day-to-day web browsing and the one I do use is seldom if ever used online. But there are occasions when the software installed on it needs to be updated (mostly page layout, graphic design and publishing programs), requiring downloading from the internet.

    The recent update on anti-spyware programs by Eric L. Howes led me to check out the website.

    “We're starting to get more and more questions from Mac users about anti-spyware. At this time, the only anti-spyware program that we know of for the Mac is MacScan” reports Mr. Howes in his October 2005 issue of “The Spyware Warrior Guide to The State of Adware Detections”.   (Spyware Warrior website is owned, operated and © Copyright 2005 by Eric L. Howes)

    If you’re a new Mac user or plan to be, or even a dyed-in-the-wool long time user, should be on your list of favorite resources, because – Yes, there are hacker attacks, virus, trojans, worms, and spyware threats on the Mac community, too.

    The is what I learned about

    The site is devoted to the security of Macintosh computers and the programs or servers run on them. SecureMac started in February of 1999 and over the past years served thousands of people, helping them secure their networks and detect hackers.

    From this site, Mac users can learn how to secure their Macintosh, detect any hackers present on it, and view the most reliable source of security related products, with extensive reviews and ratings evaluated by the top Macintosh security experts.

    Some Frustrated PC users have moved to the Mac instead of changing web browsers to avoid the never ending viruses and spyware attacks on PC browsers like InternetExplorer and even Firefox and Netscape.

    Others are considering making that change.

    Checking out the “Spyware Warriors’ site and visiting first would be a big help in making that final decision and new computer purchase.'s recommended security software will be added to my Mac by the time this newsletter is published.
                                                                                  ... Richard


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    Family Security and Caring
    I posted three new items for this important topic. There are so many wonderfully safe resources available for Kids, their parents and grandparents that it would be nearly impossible to post them all.

    I found the New Mexico Kids! Family Magazine during a recent visit and was impressed with the information it contained. Although it also had it's own website, most of the Kid Safe stuff was only in the local paper version.

    It prompted me to search for other government publications, available on the Internet, and  designed to provide safe resources to satisfy the curiosity and interests of young family members.

    This isn't a promotion for the New Mexico Chamber of Commerce - it's just my way of letting people know that many more such sites are available and can be located by doing a few Google searches. (Yahoo, MSN, too)

    At the top of the list of results at a Google search was "
    FirstGov for Kids", the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. It's a great site.

    And the KidsGrid directory of safe sites for kids contained hundreds of links to resources the whole family can use safely.

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has many great publications
    . I put a download link for their "Personal Safety for Children -
    A guide for Parents
    " in the Features Supplement.

    Check them out in the new Features Supplement by CLICKING HERE

    We post these Kid Safe Sites, because like you, we care about the safety and security of our children and grandchildren....and to help parents, grandparents and guardians guide today's young internet surfers to safe sites. There are many other website creators who feel the same concerns and responsibility. These are just a few of their sites that we have personally reviewed and tested as safe for our Grandchildren. Check them out and share them with the young people you care about. 

    Predator Guard protects our children

    More Help for Parents and Grandparents.  Keep the Children and Grandchildren safe when they're using your computer

    Predator Guard
    provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, and e-mail exchanges.
    The Home Edition Features:
    • Real-time protection in Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, E-mail and Attachments
    • E-mail notification to parents
    • Reviews both outgoing and incoming data
    • User defined library to prevent distribution of personal information
    • Detects, captures, logs and reports violations
    • Works as a stand-alone application or with existing site blocking programs (AOL Parental Controls, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, and more.)
     Predator Guard  provides real-time protection for children in chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail and attachments from online predators and pedophiles. In addition, Predator Guard can prevent all outgoing personal information, such as a child's home address, phone number and school information, or other information that is essential for a predator to make contact with a child. Purchase this Inexpensive Protection Now
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    Some suggestions were to present important current security alerts and advice in each issue of the News Reporter and  make the regular features available as a Supplement that could be accessed by clicking a link,

             ... and that's what we did for this issue. How did you like it?

    Your opinions will be very helpful. Please  CLICK HERE to open a contact form where you can tell me what you think.

                                                                    thanks,   Richard  

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    Publications - Use these Reports to help your family and friends:

    . For those of you who have visited our Firewalls website and Security Alert Blog, you know that the information there is directed toward keeping you safe from hacker and cracker attacks. Additions to our bookshelf are selected with the same purpose - and we encourage you to share our reports freely. Don't miss the NEWest Free report

    Copy or Download these reports from the Publications Page in the new
    Features Supplement.

    eBooklet "23 CRITICAL ALERTS You Should Consider when Maintaining
    Your Computer Security and Protecting  Your Personal Safety"
    eReport Protect Yourself and Family from Dangerous Chat Rooms and
     Instant Messages.
    eBooklet Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad.
    eBook "Travel Cheap - Travel Well!"- Confessions of A Traveling Pauper
    eReport Don't get trapped by Rogue Anti-Spyware software
    eBooklet Is Your Firewalls and Virus Protection Safe Enough?
    eBooklet Is a Keystroke Logger Being Used To Spy On You?
    eReport How Much Money would it cost you to regain the use of your computer
     after a serious virus infection?
    Copy or Download these full reports from the Publications Page in the new  Features Supplement. CLICK HERE
     What's an Internet Glossary?
                                                  Ours is FREE. It's an alphabetical list of dozens of
      the terms you'll find used in many of the articles
      and news reports that relate to the Internet.

      With our Glossary, you'll be able to decipher
      acronyms, like CGI, CSS, DSL, GIF, ISP, and more

      Do you know the difference between
         Cookies and Crackers?
         Firewalls and flame?
         Internet and Intranet?
         Surfing and Scrolling?

            Get the answers from our FREE Internet Glossary.
            Click HERE to Download yours
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    There are a lot more Articles and Reports at the Firewalls and Virus Protection website. Look them over for the helpful 'keeping safe' info they contain. Our most recent library additions include

      PC Cleanup for Windows XP
      Viruses and Worms - The Problems and their Solutions
      Good Password Tips and Password Management
      Avoid Losing Data Files from your Recycle Bin
      Planning for Disaster Recovery -Protecting Your Data Files



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     Resources - many Free.  It's easy to install the latest Firewall, anti-virus(*), spam blocking, and spyware removal software on your computers. Download all of these programs, and more, mostly for FREE, from our Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website pages.
    Check them out. If you need to block Spam, find the links on the 'Spam and Spyware' page. Same thing for Cookie Crumbling tools, Spyware protection, etc. Most of them have a purchasable Upgrade option, and by trying the free versions, you can upgrade the ones that work best for you. 
     Browser Hijacking
    is still a major problem. One of the outstanding sources for information about browser hijackers and tools to remove these predators is still available on the website.
          It's loaded with powerful information and helpful advice that zeros in on the hijacking problem. If you are experiencing any similar problems, be sure to follow the link to their forum. There are literally thousands of postings from which you will learn and possibly find the advice that will help you resolve your own issues.
         You can download HijackThis from the Software link on the SpywareInfo website. Be sure to read and follow their instructions to the letter if you want good results.

    We learned about this program from the extraordinary website and forums built and maintained by James Healan, webmaster of

    DOWNLOAD latest cws shredder  which is now a part of Trend Micro
     It'll find and remove those nasty Cool Web Search trojan horses.

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     Here's a powerful, inexpensive, and helpful resource

    Did you know that popular, everyday gadget items like MP3 music players (Apple iPod for example) and digital cameras can "walk" your precious data and records off your premises, right under your unsuspecting nose?

    In The Hacker's Nightmare™ the danger is fully explained and an inexpensive, easily-implemented solution offered. You'll learn the dangers and the means of prevention.

    ...and Did you know that your home garbage bin and your office dumpster are gold mines of information to the hacker and the identity thief?

    In The Hacker's Nightmare™ a retired FBI Special Agent will tell you exactly what he — or anyone else who knows the tricks — can do with your refuse.

    Hackers, virus and spyware writers and other unethical persons
    are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. Their attacks and the undesirable and often dangerous stuff they sneak into our computers slow them down, and threaten our personal lives with increasing severity.
    Ever since I found the eBook, "The Hacker's Nightmare" that tells how to really Keep Hackers, Worms and Germs out of my PCs, it has received my highest recommendation to family and friends.
    It's my Computer Security Bible.
    Bill Hely, 20 plus year veteran of internet security consulting. has loaded it with valuable information and  plain common sense. We could fill this and future issues of our News Reporter for the next few months just talking about them.
     Bill has designed a webpage that describes many of the security tricks and tools that will help keep that nasty stuff out of your computer. Review The Hacker's Nightmare Story HERE. Some sample (Free) chapters are available to early visitors.
    Among the testimonials Bill received recently-- 
    Just one chapter solved a severe problem for this reader:
    "... loved it, it's the first computer related thing I've read that makes sense to me as an IT illiterate — can't wait to read the whole book!"

                                                              Lucy Fisher - Exec. Director
                                                              Private Hospitals' Assoc. (Qld)
                                                              Brisbane, Australia

      and here's My Favorite Resource


                      i-Cop is a resource I'm proud to be a part of.
    You have probably noticed the various references to it throughout this newsletter, the Firewalls and Virus Protection website and my Blog.

    It's the International Council of Online Professionals, i-Cop for short. I believe anyone actively using the internet to provide information, services or sell products will benefit by subscribing to i-Cop's publication - The Internet Marketing Trade Journal. It truly sets the standard for Honesty and Integrity Online. I'm proud to be a member.
    This FREE ezine is vitally important to online business owners and anyone even considering making money online! We keep folks
    informed about all online issues and programs to participate
    in, or avoid. Subscribe to
    The Internet Marketing Trade Journal here::                  ...Richard
    i-Cop members are helping the survivors of the Katrina Tragedy here.
    Will you join us? However you do it, please open your hearts and help.        
    thank you, Richard

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    Reviews of the News (more encouraging news about controlling
         SPAM,  SCAMS, pornography, and protecting Personal Consumer 


    Spam suppression efforts and results

    FTC asks  U.S. District Court Judge to halt operation by Odysses that allegedly plants spyware in FREE file sharing software

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission took action against spyware in October by asking a U.S. District Court Judge to halt an operation that allegedly plagued users who clicked for free file-sharing software [Get your FREE Oracle Database Software Kit today!] with performance-slowing, private-information-gathering software that also altered search results for victims.

    FTC Chair Deborah Platt Majoras testified before the U.S. Senate recently, explaining the key elements of spyware, adware and other malicious software that make it illegal.

    "The Commission's spyware law enforcement strategy focuses on three key questions," she said. "First, were consumers aware of the installation of the software on their computers? Second, what harm did the installation of the software cause? Third, how difficult was it for consumers to uninstall the software after it had been installed?"

    In the latest filed complaint, the FTC alleges Odysseus acted illegally under all of those criteria, hiding disclosure in an end user licensing agreement, making the software difficult to detect and remove, and further infecting users' machines when they tried a supposed uninstall tool.


                     New Laws Will Help Protect Against Identity Theft

    SACRAMENTO, CA. October, 2005 – Several bills signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will help prevent identity theft in California. Among them are measures that will ban “phishing,” increase the penalties for "spam," and outlaw the use of equipment to make fake documents.

    “ These measures will greatly add to the arsenal of privacy protection measures in California,” said Charlene Zettel, Director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. “California already leads the nation in protecting its residents against identity theft, and these measures place California even further ahead in that effort.“
    FTC Chair Deborah Platt Majoras and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger get our 'Good Guys' check marks for October
    'Good Guy Check Marks' to date 
      √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √  √ √
    (See Archives)
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    "User Education" is the focus of our Firewalls and Virus Protection website and the "Security Alert News Reporter".  
    Do your IM and Chat Room Buddies know  How to Find the Best Anti-spyware Software? In case they missed this FREE report on the Firewalls-and-Virus-Protection website, you can read it here and print the report to share with your family, friends and Buddies.
    As a P.S. to the above comment, encourage your friends to check out our  "Security Alert Blog". Recent Blog entries for October and November include these helpful and timely posts:

    Some Windows XP users have experienced a general                slowdown of their computers after installing Service Pak 2      (SP2). Have You?
       Are your important computer data files recoverable after a     natural Disaster?
       Merging software companies, is this good or bad for us? 
       Why I'm using Firfox again.
       Add our information blog to your list of Must Read spyware
    avoidance resources.
    The more useful information you have about
    the scourge of malicious spyware, the better chance you'll have of
    avoiding he grief and frustration it can bring.
      Our blog is RSS friendly

    There are dozens more posts available in the Blog Archives. Read our Blog Posts HERE. I urge you to Comment, Challenge and add your own opinions to ours.

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    Are you campaigning with us?
    Have you participated in the Computer Virus Awareness Campaign?

    It appears as if some positive progress is being made in alerting your friends and family of spyware dangers. Many of the Spyware monitoring organizations and individuals have noted the changes in Hacker and Spammer tactics. Because so many internet users have built up their defenses against malicious spyware, these cyber criminals have had to develop increasingly more devious and sophisticated attack schemes, challenging the anti-spyware software developers. We're caught in the middle of this battle. We cannot drop our guard now.

    Now you can do even more.

    Securing your personal computer plays a crucial role in protecting our nation's Internet infrastructure. The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is a public-private partnership focused on promoting cyber security and safe behavior online. It drives awareness and response to pressing cyber security issues; providing tools and resources to empower home users to stay safe online.

    Please help us help your family, friends, and associates enjoy a safer and less frustrating internet experience. We encourage you to share this information with them or suggest they subscribe to this newsletter. 

     I like to say that Sharing is Caring    ......Richard


         All of us, too, need to

    act, by educating ourselves and by making sure we obtain the necessary programs to protect our computers.
    Those programs include a firewall; installing and updating anti-virus software; using anti-spyware software that can identify and delete programs that have migrated to our computers; using spam filters to protect e-mail; and downloading patches that update software and web browsers.
    It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Keep in mind that
    these programs are only as good as their latest updates!
    I hope your machines aren't infected with any viruses that send out spam.
    How can you be sure? Do some 'house-cleaning' on your system. Scan for spyware and viruses and while you're at it, install a diagnostic program so that you can discover any viral ills on your PC.
    Have you checked the health of your computer's Registry? I have, with
    errornuker.  It's a powerful diagnostic utility that scans the Windows Registry to identify errors and provide ways to optimize it's performance.
    Your Registry could need a clean up, too, if you have these Registry Problem Symptoms
    • PC keeps crashing at critical times
    • PC needs frequent rebooting
    • unable to remove a program using add/remove dialog
    • 'unable to load ***.DLL' errors
    • 'cannot find ***.exe' errors
    • PC runs noticeably slower than when you first bought it

      Download errornuker now, absolutely FREE
      After running errornuker the first time, and seeing how many registry listings needed to be fixed on my computer, and how effectively they were fixed, it's now a part of my booting routine every time I restart.                                                    ... Richard

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