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  October 30, 2005    If this is the answer to paying more for safeware, I feel as if
                              I'm being set-up.

Symantec is employing the tactic of increasing prices of anti-virus software update subscriptions to come closer to the price of newer versions of their products.

In his October 18, posting at eWeek Review, Larry Seltzer lays out quite clearly what we can expect when it's time to renew our subscriptions for virus signature updates.

(Virus signatures are what our anti-virus programs look for when scanning. Each virus has a unique signature and the money we pay to the anti-virus vendors for subscriptions covers the costs of research, monitoring and downloading them to the anti-virus programs on our computers).

Some, but not all of the other vendors are following Symantec's example. They want us to buy the updated software when updated signatures would actually still be effective deterrents in many cases.

Thanks to Mr. Seltzer, you can find out if your anti-virus vendor has you in their gun sights. Worse yet, your current vendor cold be preparing to eliminate subscription programs altogether. Read Mr. Seltzer's complete report HERE.
                                                                                               ... Richard

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  October 21, 2005      My earlier problems with Firefox have disappeared and
                               Spread Firefox is back. I'm using the Firefox browser again.

After being down for a while because of a hacker attack, Spread Firefox was rebuilt and put back on line as of October 18, 2005.

Shortly after updating to Firefox Build 1.0.7, the problems reported in my September 1 blog post disappeared. I don't know what caused the problem to disappear, but it did and I have started to use the Firefox Browser again -- primarily because it's so clean and the Tabbing feature is so convenient.

So, I have removed my caution about using the Firefox browser. It appears that build 1.0.7 may have returned it to the more than satisfying user experience it had been.  And now that the Spread Firefox pages are again available, access to the user forums and FAQ pages is again available. If you haven't done it yet, and you use Firefox, it's a good time to update.

With over 100,000,000 downloads, it apparently hasn't lost any popularity. If you still use IE6  and haven't checked out Firefox yet, you can Go Here To Get Firefox!.
                                                                                             ... Richard

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  October 19, 2005      Are your important computer data files recoverable after a
                               natural Disaster?
We have all been made acutely aware of the hardship and suffering that follows natural disasters. Among all of the other painful losses, personal and business records stored on our computers may never be recoverable for most of us.
There are ways to overcome this. Backup of data and safe storage have taken on a new meaning for me. In addition to reviewing my data files and eliminating the oldest and unused clutter from my hard drive, the addition of remote storage of my remaining valuable data has
removed a lot of my anxiety.
If you are concerned about your files and aren't sure how to go about preparing for their possible loss, there's an article by Bill Hely posted in the Articles and Reports section of
my website that will help you understand and prepare for a potential disaster. Read it HERE.

It's quite thorough and covers a lot of ground -- which you could print and share with your family and friends. It's really easy to read and understand and isn't loaded with a bunch of technical talk. I encourage you to check it out.
                                                                                               ... Richard

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  October 14, 2005       Merging software companies, is this good or bad for us?

Security software companies have been purchasing one another at a fast pace.  Within the past two years, Symantec and Computer Associates have each  purchased six security-related companies, Microsoft bought four, and McAfee and Trend Micro purchased two each. Of these 20 purchases, 11 took place year-to-date in 2005.

This certainly will lead to fewer choices when selecting security software...

...and I believe it has even more serious ramifications.  These assimilations might eventually lead to the elimination of the most effective Free protective software from the top developers.

The best will have a price tag, the mediocre or useless, and possibly sinister, will be offered for Free -- A definite threat to the controls against the broad spectrum of malware and nuisance ware.

Further, I see Apathy or indifference over-shadow investing in safety for a large portion of the lesser experienced or financially challenged user public.

Certainly, the legitimate software developers must be paid for their research and development efforts and for their products, and the users must have safe and reliable security software and the desire to use it.

Is there an answer to this dilemma? What do you think?
                                                                                             ... Richard

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  October 4, 2005            More Attacks on Firefox!  But why?   Headline:
                                  " Shut Down After Security Breach"
Why do people climb mountains? Because they're there? Why do hackers attack something good for the surfing public? It's got to be more than just because it's there.
Why do I even bother to get upset about this latest attack on the Mozilla Foundation's efforts to provide a safer surfing environment for all of us?
Because it inconveniences me and thousands of other Internet users, and threatens the security of all of us. That's why I support and promote the Spread Firefox effort. It really makes me angry! Doesn't it anger you, too?

Here's the story that accompanies the headline:
"The Mozilla Foundation has temporarily disabled its marketing site after a hacker break-in put user accounts at risk. They use the site to launch grassroots campaigns to support the Firefox Web browser.  The site will remain offline until October 15 while being rebuilt from scratch.
The Mozilla Foundation has scanned SpreadFirefox servers and at this time do not believe any sensitive data was taken, but as a precautionary measure, they shut down the site and will  rebuild it from scratch.
"We also recommend that you change your SpreadFirefox password and the password of any accounts where you use the same password as your SpreadFirefox account," Mozilla advises.
The break-in was blamed on unknown remote attackers who attempted to exploit a security vulnerability in software installed on the Mozilla Foundation's server.
What next?                                                                         ...Richard

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  October 1, 2005          Helping the Victims and Survivors of Hurricanes Katrina
                                     and Rita

First and most important! We all want to help, but there are hundreds of
criminal types who have already taken advantage of the concern and compassion of decent human beings, those suffering and those who wish to help.

These criminals have posted dozens of phony sites with links that will do no more than infest your computers with spyware, Trojans, and other malicious malware so they can steal from you. They are Despicable and Morally Reprehensible - hardly worth being called human beings.
When you contribute, use caution and do it through honest and reliable organizations like the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.
The New York Times has posted a list of honorable and trustworthy organizations who can accept your help. CLICK HERE for the New York Times Relief Information List

Let's all pitch in to help today, tomorrow and during the trying months ahead. We're members of iCop  - i-Cop members are helping the survivors of the Katrina Tragedy here.
 Will you join us? However you do it, please open your hearts and help.

                                                                                         ... Richard

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     SQUASH the Bug

  October 1, 2005   (REPEATED)  A Little More Experience with RSS Readers for
                                          adding current Web Feeds to your daily reading lists
The more I use I use them, the more I like them, but having too many RSS readers was beginning to be a problem.
It was all a bit intimidating a few months back when deciding to add a RSS reader to my Desktop. There were quite a few choices available. Some seemed very complex while others sounded as if they'd be easy to set up. Some even required downloading software in addition to the Reader I tried 3 or 4 products and selected some feeds to follow.

Before too long, keeping track of which feeds I put 'where', became nearly as challenging as trying to manage and use my 'bookmark' selections.

More and more of my favorite websites, newsletters and blogs were displaying
|XML|RSS| buttons. When I added these to my  RSS Readers, I didn't have to go on a search for the latest information they published -- every new bit of information, post, or announcement appeared in my RSS Readers. (The new IE7 is expected to refer to these as "Web Feeds.")
A big time saver, true, but not perfect because now it was necessary to check each of those 4 RSS Readers for updates. I had to find one or two easy to use Readers.
Many of my favorite blogs also displayed this button 
Add to My Yahoo! .
When I did a trial click, my existing 'My Yahoo' page  automatically opened with a dialog box listing the latest posts for that Blog.  All I needed to do was click on one more button and the Feed was added to my 'My Yahoo' page.
Now I have just two Readers - - 'My Yahoo' and ' Quikonnex' which I use with my Mozilla Firefox browser (this saves one click when browsing with Firefox).

Soon you'll find that many of your favorite sites display the little buttons. There will be more and more in the days ahead. If you don't have a Free 'My Yahoo' page, it's very easy to get one from the Yahoo site. The same is true for 

After you put the first Web Feed into you RSS Feed Reader and have up-to-date notices delivered to you without having to worry about opening an email notice, you'll appreciate how great this RSS stuff really is. Try It. You'll enjoy it!.


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