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June 10, 2006   Identify Unsafe Search Results
How to lower  the risk of malware intrusions from your online search
Because Search engine inquiries produce results that can include links to unsafe web sites that install malicious software or display content of questionable or undesirable nature, I recently added a free program to identify unsafe search results to my search engine queries...

More security service providers are joining
McAfee™ in developing software like their free SiteAdvisor™ that identities these potentially dangerous search results. 


  SiteAdvisor™ alerts Web searchers when their search results include sites associated with spyware, adware, spam and browser attacks.
According to McAfee
™, between 3.9 and 5.3 percent (depending upon the Search service) of links that appear in search results pose a risk and can be as high as 72 percent of results for popular queries such "free screensavers", "bearshare", "kazaa", "download music", and "free games." the security company reports.
™ works with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers and displays a green, yellow, or red checkmark with each result for Google, Yahoo, or MSN search results.
Right now it doesn’t work with my Netscape browser, but McAfee reports that their free SiteAdvisor may eventually be available for other popular browsers.
If you currently use the IE or Firefox browsers, you can download SiteAdvisor
™ Here. The installation instructions are very clear and the download is quick and effortless.
For anyone using Google, Yahoo, or MSN search tools, these automatic analysis programs add another level of safety and security to our Internet activity, which is really very important. You will see why when you visit the SiteAdvisor webpage - be sure to click the link about the number of unsafe search results found on the major search engine results pages. It will probably be a surprise to you - it was to me.
I’ve recommended it to my children, grandchildren and friends. If you aren’t yet using SiteAdvisor
™, or if you prefer to wait for similar products coming from Symantec and ScanSafe, and others, be sure to try them when they’re available.
You’ll probably recommend SiteAdvisor to your family and friends so can identify unsafe search results, too.
                                                                                  ... Richard


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