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    A Report on Internet Crimes Against Children
        And some things to consider when providing for their safety

    We hear about it, read about it, even see it on TV local news and Public Broadcasting programs -

  "Internet crime has become the new wave of crime against children"

    If we listen more closely, we will hear the growing local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies responses to the offenders.
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 The offenders - "Bad Guys" - use the Internet, online communication  systems, cell phones and other computer technology to sexually exploit our children.

    There aren't many teenagers around who don't have their own cell phone in order to keep in touch with friends and family.

    Technology has improved their cells dramatically providing many advanced mobile features.

     These dramatic advancements have increased potential risks in terms of both privacy and security.
   Teenager with cell phone
 Parents and teenagers alike need to be aware of the Personal Security Threats to Young Cell Phone Users

    Unfortunately, there are a lot more "bad Guys" than "Good guys" and the "Good Guys" need help.

    "There are not enough law enforcement officers in the United States to deal with this problem", Arizona's senior FBI agent told a local audience recently. Internet child pornography is typically the FBI's jurisdiction, but numerous states have their own task forces.

             What's being done to remove this scourge?

    A major National effort has been mobilized into an "Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force" (ICAC)

    The ICAC Task Force Program was created to help State and local law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative response to offenders who use the Internet, online communication systems, or other computer technology to sexually exploit children. It is currently composed of 46 regional Task Force agencies and is funded by the United States Office Of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Department of Justice.

    There is also the "Crimes Against Children Research Center" (CCRC)

    Their goal is to combat crimes against children by providing high quality research and statistics to the public, to policymakers, law enforcement personnel, and other child-welfare practitioners.

    The CCRC does research into both the nature and impact of crimes related to child abduction, Internet crime, homicide, rape, assault, and physical and sexual abuse.

    As concerned parents and guardians, we must assume the responsibility for participating with the law enforcement agencies in Protecting our Kids from Today's Online Cyber Bandits.

    Understanding how the child exploiters and predators operate is a major step in helping to stop the spreading threats.

    These Articles and reports will guide us in working with our law enforcement "Good Guys", and other parents to protect the safety of our children by covering the "Home Front".

 Family Security & Safety Starts At Home -  Free Articles and Reports
internet security article

Social Networking on MySpace and Friendster - Are your kids networking safely in the popular Internet Social Communities?

internet security article

Playing Kids Games Online - As parents, we have the responsibility to our kids for the things that influence them online. Make sure that you are familiar with the game ratings and the sites that offer online games that are appropriate for the age of your kids -

internet security article

 Personal Security Threats to Young Cell Phone Users - There aren't many teenagers around who don't have their own cell phone in order to keep in touch with friends and family. Technology has improved their cells dramatically providing many advanced mobile features which have increased potential risks in terms of both privacy and security. Parents and teenagers alike need to be aware of these threats.-

internet security article

Protecting Kids from Today's Online Cyber Bandits - The internet has sometimes been compared to the wild, wild west. Part of the reason is because in those early days of the frontier, the law was in place to protect citizens of the land but in many cases, it was hard to enforce and criminals ran free to defy laws without fear of being stopped.  When it comes to protecting our kids who go online, in a lot of ways it is the 'wild west' out there again in cyber space -

internet security article

'At Home' Security for Kids - Peer pressure can be a major problem for teenagers. You can help make it easier to handle for them if you let their friends' parents know that you are enforcing strict computer safety rules in your home. -

internet security article

Parenting Teenagers - What I learned Today from My Teenagers - Every teenager knows more than their parents and they’ll be the first to instruct you when you’re wrong, embarrassing, or just plain stupid. This article by Peggy Baron lists all of the things she learned from her teenagers
                    in just one day.

 Security Guidelines

Good Password Tips and Password Management  - Techniques to manage all of your passwords. Tips on how to create and protect your private passwords from online thieves. These days a single computer user can have dozens of passwords. Though many people don't require a logon for their home PC, they will definitely have one for email and various online accounts. Here is a guide to assist you in strengthening your passwords and password techniques.

monitor security

Seven Simple Steps to Online Security - Online computer security is critical right from the moment you boot up your brand new computer. Check through this brief Refresher list to confirm that you're up-to-date with your Online Security program -  

monitor security

Security Measures for Home and Business - Prepare a disaster plan for  your home and business in order to maintain as much control of things in   this situation as possible. -

 Please Share How You Taught Your Kids To Be Safe Surfers

Do  you  have  *Children of Surfing Age* Are they informed? How did you teach them to be "Safe Surfers"?         

There  are  probably a lot of parents or guardians reading this who would benefit from your successful experiences. Would you care to share?

Visit the Invitation to Share page and learn what has been successful for other concerned parents.

children safely surfing internet from laptop computerRead how one Mother handled the situation after her son 'accidentally' surfed onto an adult XXX rated entertainment website, and how another parent selected a strategic place to supervise their children's surfing forays.
You can tell us anonymously, if you wish. Just type your story into the text box form on the Invitation web page.

Nothing to buy - you don't even need to leave your email address and leaving your name is optional. Your experience is invaluable and will be appreciated by those of us whose families still have young ones at home, or have friends with young kids.

You can help all of us make things more safe for our kids on the Home Front.

Thanks for Sharing and Caring
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