"How to Choose a Firewall to Increase your Internet Safety"
                      Recognize Computer Virus Symptoms

Please heed this advice -If you have avoided  computer virus symptoms, adware, or Spyware so far ... there's a VERY Strong chance you could see them soon!
"How to Choose a Firewall" is the Security Guide for the everyday, non-technical Home Computer and Internet user who just wants to be safe doing basic stuff  Download FREE firewall

   Don't Gamble with Internet Hackers and Thieves when the Stakes are Your Personal Identity  
   Have a Protective Firewall in your defensive hand and protect against computer viruses

    To be SAFE using the internet today, you Must Use protective tools like firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, etc. You need them to provide virus protection, security against Trojan Horses, Worms, SpyWare and Adware, Theft of your Identity, and Botnet entrapment. You will definitely Reduce your risks of computer virus grief and improve Family Safety and your Internet Security by choosing and using quality Firewalls and Virus Protection.

  Do you have them protecting your computer?  Do you have Computer Virus Symptoms?

   With reported strains of viruses well in the hundreds of thousands of malware pests already identified, and hundreds more appearing every month,(*) you need to choose a firewall for a good, solid barrier and select effective anti virus protection programs for insurance against successful hacker attacks.

(*)Some experts estimate the total to reach one million by the end of 2009.

  These virus infections can arrive as attachments to emails from friends or unsuspecting  relatives, as worms, in Trojan Horses, etc.

   Protection starts when you choose a firewall and anti virus protection programs. When considering firewalls, the basic issue is ‘intrusion detection and prevention'. We want to determine who is trying to connect to our computer. Is it a good guy or a bad guy? We want to let the good guy in and we want to keep the bad guys with their computer viruses out.

Firewalls can help accomplish these goals.

 "So, What are they?"          

   A FIREWALL is Hardware and/or software designed to keep unauthorized outsiders from tampering with your computer system or network. It blocks outside users from getting into your computer, much like physical walls that prevent fires from spreading from one area to another.

   A firewall program is different from a virus protection program which only screens for computer viruses. A Personal Firewall is a software program effective in protecting stand alone computers. 

  "How Do They Work?"how firewalls stop hacker attempts

   They filter the information coming through your internet connection into your computer system or private network.

   If this information contains stuff that the filters judge to be suspicious, (based on rules established by the Firewall software manufacturer or restrictions that you can set as the user), they reject it and  keep it from passing through to you.

   There are both
hardware and software Firewalls. You can choose a firewall of either type, or even both.The hardware version is a physical device located between your computer and your Internet connection. It is an obstruction to unauthorized incoming information and is often referred to as a Firewall/Router. (It routes the accepted incoming signals to your computer).

software firewall is a program installed on your PC. Software versions are less expensive than the hardware type, and in many cases are available for free or for demo trial periods. The Software types are often called 'Personal Firewalls'.

   They are installed on your PC and allow you to control communications to and from the PC. You can set the rules or security policy to allow or deny  communication into and outgoing from your computer and to protect you from any number of Internet hazards, like these:

 Remote login - Allows someone to connect to your computer and control it, look at your files and run programs.
 Backdoors - Programs and even operating systems have special features that allow for remote access. Others contain bugs that provide a backdoor that allows some level of control of the program.
 SMTP hijacking - Taking over your mail list and using your computer to send out spam. 

   "Are They Really Necessary?"



The installation of a software firewall on individual computers is a necessary accessory to the hardware Firewall/Router. That may seem excessive, but the Hardware and Software versions each have different strengths and weaknesses and provide slightly different security features. Sometimes the hardware Firewall/Router you buy has a software firewall built in as well.

   Window XP users should consider upgrading their firewall protection from the Window XP Service Pack

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   Windows Vista users who want to make sure they have configurable two-way filtering may need to buy another security product or firewall that provides outbound as well as inbound protection.  

   If you have a DSL or broadband cable connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have given you a DSL/Cable router with a firewall built in. Usually, all you have to do is read the manual and turn it on. 

   If your ISP did not give you a DSL or Cable broadband router with a built in firewall you can buy one. They are relatively inexpensive.

   If you have DSL, buy a DSL router. If you have Cable broadband ISP get a Cable Router. Most of the popular router brands have built in firewalls and a feature called NAT, Network Address Translation. This hides your real IP address from the Internet.

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 "Does a Firewall Provide Total Protection?"

   You need to choose more than just a firewall. As with all protective software, your best defense will come from a layered defense built from a variety of products to handle unending malware intrusion attempts. You need anti-spam, antivirus, and anti-spyware defenses against Trojan Horses, and a firewall, as a minimum of layered defense.

   It's Vitally Important to keep your Firewall Program and all of your other Defensive Software programs, as well as your Operating System, Up-To-Date. 

   For maximum safety, install a firewall that protects both incoming and your outgoing personal information (like your credit card info, social security number, bank accounts, passwords and other confidential information)
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