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  March 31, 2008      Thousands of unsuspecting (gullible) internet
                                       surfers are being robbed

Yes -Thousands of unsuspecting (gullible) internet surfers are being robbed of millions of dollars by Internet fraudsters every year - and it seems to be getting worse.

In the past few days alone, reports in newspapers from Canada, The United Sates, England, the Philippines and other countries highlighted many of the successful Internet Scams - successful for the criminals - devastating for the innocent people sucked in by visions of easy money.
Example - last year the Nigerian Scam cost 152 Canadians 5.2 million dollars. Another 4000 lost an estimated 18 million through fake lottery letters. Not bad enough, 4633 Canadians had their identities stolen and were defrauded to the tune of 6.4 million dollars.
And it's not just happening to Canadians. Do a quick Google search for Internet Fraud News and you'll see reports from California to New England on millions of dollars being stolen from thousands of naive citizens.
High speed Internet access and sophisticated software make it easy for the cyber crooks to blast out 10's of thousands of the fake emails - and even if their hit rate is only 1 in 10,000, they can steal thousands of dollars and personal identities from that one unlucky person alone.
There are literally dozens of internet scams, some so subtle and clever that it's difficult to avoid being suckered in until it's too late.
Unfortunately, Senior Citizens are among the main targets. Not many of our elders (who may still be on the Internet Surfing learning curve), are aware of the many scams being aimed at them.
I prepared a brief Free report that describes 12 of the most prevalent scams.
It's in PDF format, easily downloaded at only 7 pages, easy to print, read, and share with your families and friends.
Here's your opportunity to help a less experienced person avoid the loss of critical financial resources and still enjoy the pleasures of the World Wide Web.
Download it here-
Thanks for caring and sharing,

Tags:  identity theft, phishing,  spam,


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  March 24, 2008    Call it PC Crash Protection or simply Peace of Mind

 ... a good data file backup routine would be an asset for anyone who creates important personal or private business data files.

   Backing up your favorite programs and most necessary files online can not only save you the headache of trying to reinstall all of your favorite  software and precious files should your PC crash, but it also allows you to  access your files anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

   Online file storage and backup solutions are perfect for people who carry their files to and from work every day and are weary from lugging around CDs and...
more here
Tags: data-storage,  backup, Disaster Recovery


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  March 11, 2008   Malware - What To Do When It Strikes Your Computer

 I'm tempted to introduce this article with "I Told You So - Beware of the malware or This Could Happen To You"

 It's an excellent case history example of the dangers lurking on the Internet and it very aptly demonstrates the sophistication and cleverness of the malcontents and cyber criminals who are polluting the World Wide Web with Trojans, spyware and worse.

  Botnet owners and organized crime, no longer just adolescent joy seekers, are out to steal our identities, personal financial information, Social Security numbers, and safe use of the Internet.

  As an experienced web master and Internet Marketer, Eric Holmlund had the knowledge and experience that enabled him to take the proper actions to overcome the infestation in his computer.

  Since many of us are less able to figure out how to respond to Computer Killer attacks like this, I asked Eric if his experience could be used for this article - it's loaded with helpful tips.

  Read how Malware almost Killed this expert's computer - and what he did to recover.

Tags: botnet, Disaster Recovery


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  March 3, 2008       Hacker Bait - Computers Always "Online"

A Reminder - Hackers accessing and taking control of a computer is a serious risk today with the widespread use of "always on" broadband internet.

Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in legitimate software or use trojans or viruses they have implanted to gain control of a computer.  They can then use that computer to send unsolicited commercial emails (spam) or for other illegal activities. The idea here is to shield the Hackers from detection as the illegal activity appears to originate from the computer they have taken control of - possibly yours.

In order to minimize risk of hacking attacks, it's important to ensure that software used - including the operating system -  is kept up to date by installing all vendor supplied updates and upgrades, especially the critical and security related updates.

An effective firewall is a vital defense against unauthorized access by third parties. A firewall could be installed on the modem used to connect to the internet or as a software program that runs on the computer. It serves to control who and what programs are allowed to accept or make connections with the internet.

A firewall can also be useful in detecting and controlling programs like keyloggers which attempt to call home.

Does all of this sound familiar? Of course it does. So today's reminder is to encourage you to be sure your protective tools are up to date.
                                                                                        ... Richard
Tags spam, 
Firewalls, Keyloggers


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  February 25, 2008             More on Cyber Bullying

At her "Net Family News" blog today, Anne Collier posted comments on how  sites like Facebook make it easy for school students to bully their peers. The example cited refers to student activities in a Palo Alto California high school.

Thanks go to Ms. Collier. She is again alerting parents to cyber bullying activities that we may never hear about from our kids. See my January 15th post on
Cyber Bullies and our teen aged children.

This is really important information if you have teen age children, or know someone who does. Read here post HERE.
Tags ,kids Internet safety ,cyberbullying
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  February 10, 2008    What I Learned Today (I learned From My Teenagers)

Sometimes Parents, and especially the Grandparents among us have to struggle a bit to understand, and even communicate with our teen aged children and grandchildren.

On this website and blog, we talk about many of the risky issues they live with every day and we're anxious to help our teenagers enjoy their growing up experiences in a safe manner.

   We have a major responsibility when parenting teenagers for their safety and often find it a challenge to convey our concern in a "language" acceptable to them.

  The article "
What I Learned Today (I learned From My Teenagers)" by Peggy Baron helped me narrow the "Language Gap" with my grandchildren...

... maybe it will help you, too.

                                                                 ... Richard Rossbauer
Tags          digg story
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  February 6, 2008        Internet Security for Kids during
                                         "At Home Computer Time"

  Safeguarding children from Internet predators and material that simply isn't
appropriate for their viewing requires serious parental controls, rules, and guidelines  during "at home Computer time".

Children may protest but a few hours of their complaints is well worth the peace of mind knowing that nothing should be getting through that you don't want them to view.

No doubt that this will result in some difficult moments, especially when your teenager's friends may have greater computer surfing liberties in their homes.

Peer pressure can be a major problem for teenagers. You can help make it easier to handle for them if you let their friends' parents know that you are enforcing strict computer safety rules in your home. Share your methods and invite them to tell you how they are handling internet security in their homes.

More on this challenging parental responsibility in the Article "At Home Security for Kids". Enlist your teenager's help and make it a Family Safety Project.
                                                                                             ... Richard

Tags, digg story
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  February 4, 2008   Protecting Kids from Today's Online Cyber Bandits -

The internet has sometimes been compared to the wild, wild west. Part of the reason is because in those early days of the frontier, the law was in place to protect citizens of the land but in many cases, it was hard to enforce and outlaws ran free to defy laws without fear of being stopped.

When it comes to protecting our kids who go online, in a lot of ways it is the 'wild west' out there again in cyber space

Today's cyberspace is in many ways, an untamed frontier. The cyber predators may not be as evident as were the "cowboys" and "outlaws"
who  were fairly popular in Tombstone, Arizona, scene of the OK Corral shootout.

Unfortunately, today's "cyber outlaws" hide behind the anonymity of the Internet where they can't be seen.

Because of this unprecedented access through the Internet and wireless communication, Protecting Kids from Today's Online Cyber Bandits requires new strategies to be developed for law enforcement.

As concerned parents and Guardians, we must partner with our criminal investigation and law enforcement agencies to stop these evil people who would use this wonderful tool of the internet for evil purposes.(More Here
                                                                                         ... Richard
Tags, digg story
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  February 1, 2008    7 Simple Steps to Online Computer Security -
                              a Reminder list

Online computer security is critical right from the  moment you boot up your brand new computer. Check through this brief Refresher list to confirm that you're up-to-date with your Online Security program

1. Install Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software on your computer before you start surfing the first time.

The difference between a computer virus and spyware is - a virus is a malicious piece of computer code that can be planted on any computer and can result in destruction of your file systems.

A spyware program collects information about you without your knowledge or consent. Spyware does not spread like a virus.

Read the next few Security Reminders HERE

It doesn't hurt to take  a  few minutes to refresh your thoughts on the security of your computer system -  one of these reminders might just save you from a lot of virus grief.
                                                                                    ... Richard

Tags, digg story
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  February 1, 2008            Personal Security Threats to Young
                                       Cell Phone Users

There aren't many teenagers around who don't have their own cell phone in order to keep in touch with friends and family.

Technology has improved their cells dramatically providing many advanced mobile features which have increased potential risks in terms of both privacy and security. Parents and teenagers alike need to be aware of these threats.
How Young People Are at Risk
      Advanced features on cell phones tend to include:

       • E-mail
       • Internet
       • Instant Messenger
       • Downloading
     Now when surfing the internet anywhere, you are at risk of security threats. If you order something online your details can be stolen. The main problem with teenagers and internet on their cell phones, however, is that they are not being supervised.

     The dangers which come with surfing and talking online can usually be supervised at home. However, if you are the parent of a young teenager, it's almost impossible to monitor what they are doing while they are out with their friends.
Richard Rossbauer, Basic Author

     If you yourself are a teenager and you ...
Read more here    
                                                                                  ... Richard

Tags , , digg story
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  January 15, 2008        Cyber Bullies and our teen aged children

There's a great post on cyberbullying by Anne Collier on her Net Family News blog.
If you have teen age children, or know someone who does, you should know
and understand this threat to our Internet savvy kids...
...and if you aren't sure what the term means, Anne's message paints a
vivid picture for you.
There's a major need for education here - for both our children and their parents.
Do you have an answer for Anne Collier's question? - "What is it going to take to convince teens of how important it is to think about the impact mean behavior can have online? "
Visit her blog and add your suggestion. You might have an answer that
will help save a few teenagers and their families from a lot of grief.

Tags , ,cyberbullying
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  January 6, 2008      Do  you  have  *Children of Surfing Age*

May I ask you another question? How did you teach them to be "Safe Surfers"?         

There  are  probably a lot of parents or guardians reading this who would benefit from your successful experiences.
Would you care to share?
See the examples at
and please tell us how you taught your children to be safe online.
Read how one Mother handled the situation after her son 'accidentally' surfed onto an adult entertainment website, and how another parent  selected a strategic place to supervise their children's surfing forays.
You  can  tell us anonymously, if you wish. Just type your story into the text box form on the Invitation web page. Nothing to buy - you don't even need to leave your email address and leaving your name is optional.
Your experience is invaluable and will be appreciated by those of us whose families still have young ones at home, or have friends with young kids.
Thanks for sharing.
                                                  ... Richard

Tags ,,
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  February 1, 2008    How Did You Teach Your Children To Be Safe
                              When They Were learning to Surf the Internet?

We'd love to learn how you taught your kids to be cautious and careful and avoid the threats from online scammers and pedophiles when they were learning to explore the "web".

As parents, grandparents and guardians, we are reminded constantly to help our children enjoy the pleasures and excitement of the Internet in safety.
    My own grandchildren learned how to boot up their family computers at a very early age. For the youngest of them, it was simply a matter of watching their older sisters and brothers as they chatted online with their friends, worked on their school lessons, and explored the mysteries of the cyber universe.

Informed parents recognize that the Internet provides an exciting and learning experiences for their children. Teaching online safety, and learning together is a wonderful way for any family to enjoy it.

Your experiences and successes could help a lot of other parents and us grandparents.

CLICK HERE for a real easy way to Share your Experiences and learn how other parents helped their kids to safety - free, of course
                                                Thanks for caring, and sharing....Richard


  February 1, 2008             Protecting our Kid's Safety Online

(*)I'm a proud grandparent of 9 precious grandchildren and the last thing in this world that I ever want to see is someone hurting them.
I'm certain that this doesn't make me any different than every other parent, grandparent or child guardian.
What is a bit different, however, is that I have an opportunity to help other parents and grandparents do something to help protect our young children from the most heinous  people who prey on them when they're playing on the Internet - the pedophiles and child predators hiding in the cyberworld.

I do this through my websites and blogs - usually through news alerts and product announcements. This message is a product announcement.

The product is an eBook I just prepared from information I purchased. I bought it because it seemed so complete, and thorough, that I believe it will enable all of us to help our kids more easily understand how serious, and cautious they must be when visiting the Internet.

Yes, there's a price for this one, but it's only $6.95, and you can download it from the internet and start using it almost immediately.

If you order the eBook and find that it doesn't help you understand, and explain the threats that these creatures pose, then I'll return your money. (Within 60 days of your order).

It's not the money, the most important issue here is the safety of our children, as you'll see when you visit the order page.

                                  You can  Order "Internet Safety for Your Kids" HERE

                                                                                          Thanks for Caring,
                                                                                       Richard Rossbauer


  February 1, 2008   Checkout My eBook "How to Protect Your
                                   Privacy and Security Online"

It's loaded with Vital Security Tools and Tips to Secure Your Computers and Guard Against Internet Fraud and Identity Theft.
To make it easily affordable to the lesser experienced Beginners and Senior Internet Users, and to provide a greater opportunity for them to strengthen their own security defenses at a price that nearly everyone can afford -
I slashed the list price by 61 percent from $17.95 to only $7.00!
And to make it available to even more of the internet users who can really benefit from its wealth of security information, I have included free resale rights that will give you 100 percent of the profits for each and every copy you sell.
Your profits will go directly and immediately into your own PayPal account.
Even better, the $7.00 price includes the free bonus eBook - "PC Security", my Info Guide to Beefing Up Your Personal Computer's Safety from Malicious Threats, with dozens of easy to apply ideas and strategies to strengthen your Security Fortress.
It's really important that everyone be aware that Clever Internet Thieves from all around the world are using very highly sophisticated and stealthy infiltration schemes to plant trojans, worms, viruses and other malware in their computers, and could even be secretly adding any one of us to their botnets.
Even if you are reasonably comfortable when going online, your family members and friends may not be as experienced as you.
Give them the gift that can save their families and friends from potential hours of grief, plus potential loss of money and identity to these Internet thieves.
Here's the link to the Security Tips ebook, bonus PC Security ebook and  Free Resale Rights
Refer your friends to your very own sales page for "How to Protect Your Privacy and Security Online"
Thanks for helping to make the internet a safer and more fun experience
for everyone.
                                                                        ... Richard



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I hope you encourage your family and friends to get this free guide - it could keep them from innocently sending infected email messages to you.




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Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting approximately 900,000 new victims each year!

More than ever, the information explosion, aided by an era of easy credit, has led to the expansion of a crime that feeds on the inability of consumers to control who has access to sensitive information and how it is safeguarded.

Can we fight back? Yes! One of the best ways is to be informed of the tricks and ploys used by Identity Theft criminals and to understand how they attack.

Forewarned is Forearmed and There's a lot to know,

The contents of this Free Report include

  Protection Strategies
  Safe Credit Card Practices
  Why reveal your Social Security number? 
  Document Destruction                            
  Common Sense Things to avoid 
  What you must do if the Worst Happens-
with the telephone numbers to call and the
    organizations to contact.

It's a five page report you can download, print and freely share with your family and friends. Download "Identity Theft Guide" by CLICKING HERE.     Save the file to your Desktop - it'll be easier to find

Want More Security Info ? Check these tags
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  Trojans, ,
                                                         ..... Richard Rossbauer


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