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  November 24, 2007  We're Doing It Again This Year - How about You?
The 7th Annual Internet Toy Drive!!

                               We are proud to be a partner with the official U.S. Marines "Toys for Tots" program in The 7th Annual Internet Toy Drive.
It's a sad fact that millions of children in the United States will NOT have a single gift to open on Christmas Day!

 We aim to change that and make sure EVERY child has at least one present 'from Santa' under their tree. You can Help a needy child in YOUR community right now, too.

Please Join Us.                  Thank you for Caring.  Richard Rossbauer



  November 17, 2007   
Lest we become complacent...
and forget that the virus writers and cyber criminals are gearing up for a big holiday at our expense...

...with ever more clever and insidious ways to infect our computers, this message is to alert you to the

   Updates at the Firewalls and Virus Removal website

The Latest Virus Threats are identified there with removal tools and Repair Utilities listed by McAfee, symantec, Panda, and TrendMicro.

There's also some additional Virus Removal advice from Microsoft and
US-CERT, the The National Cyber Alert System.

That's the "US-CERT: United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team" who warn of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and offer advice and solutions for virus removal.

Use the posted Links to Visit the US-CERT Current Activity web page for timely Alerts and Removal advice where you can check the "Vulnerability Summary for the Current Week".

They even provide Security Tips and Security Alerts for Non-Technical ordinary web users like us. (A good site to bookmark)

You can answer the question: "Do We Really Need Virus-Protection?" at

...and update yourself on recognizing virus symptoms so you can
more easily determine if your computer system is infected at

"Does Your Computer Have These Symptoms Of a Virus Infection?"

A misbehaving computer system may not be caused by a virus, but
could simply be bogged down by an overloaded Windows Registry with redundant entries created by the Windows operating system or other software.

 Many of these entries are no longer needed or used by Windows and may well disrupt the smooth running of your system.

Windows communicates with its registry dozens of times every second and broken registry keys can make that communication difficult and slow.

Use the links there for a Free PC Diagnostic Registry Scan by ErrorNuker

Of course, you must have an up-to-date firewall protecting your PC,
so be sure to review How to Choose a Firewall to Increase your
Internet Security

It's best to be prepared for the increased Internet traffic coming during the next couple of months.

Some of it could be harboring unpleasant tidings.

                                                                  ... Richard

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  November 11, 2007   Great News for Parents of Small Children

 ... and for Grandparents and Guardians, too.

Here's why - you can give each one of your young children their own personalized picture Identity Card
... for FREE.

I put a link on the Family Safety page of my website that explains the "FREEIDPROGRAM" and how you can ORDER these 'COOL' ID cards for each of your kids.

If you don't have any children around, tell your friends who do about the 'KidSafe ID' cards. is a source on the Internet for high quality child safety resources used by hundreds of parents and caregivers to better protect the children they love and care for.

The 'KIDSAFE ID' program provides every child with a
Premium Child Safety Resource Package and allows kids and parents to choose from 30 unique, kid-friendly design themes.

You make the selections right from your home computer.

Here's the link to the Family Safety page.  

This is not an affiliate link. There's no commission to me for alerting you about this wonderful resource.

I've alerted the parents of my 9 grandchildren, and they're getting Kids ID's for each of my Grandkids.

They're ordering the FREE Safety Resource package that includes colorful plastic ID cards, Plastic ID Tags, a fingerprint kit, an Internet Ready Digital ID, and more.

The Internet-Ready, Digital ID  provides a digital identification that can be quickly provided and emailed to authorities for use with Amber Alert. The digital ID can also be printed on the family's home computer, providing a temporary copy of the child's ID until the plastic cards arrive.

The package is FREE, however there is a small charge for mailing it to you.

Sounds like a Great Program to me.           ...Richard

Tags Kids ID Cards



  November 4, 2007         What's Your Security Percentile?

The Numbers, from a National Cyber Security Alliance and McAfee Inc. study

     78 percent of consumer PCs in the U.S. are not protected (defined as not having up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware, and a correctly configured firewall)

      93 percent of PC users believe they are protected !

That statistic really alarms me. WHY?

The Holidays are coming - big shopping opportunities for buying from the internet - big opportunities for criminals to take advantage of web shoppers' buying fervor.

Also super great opportunity for those criminals to try out their latest subterfuges and malicious tricks - one of which is promoting "Rogue Security Software" which can drop Trojans into your system and  trap you in a botnet.

Rogue security software masquerades as a helpful security program, but uses malware or malicious tools to advertise or compel users to pay for the removal of non-existent spyware. These software makers often use social engineering to trick consumers into buying their fraudulent anti-spyware or anti-virus products.

     It's also a perfect opportunity to update yourself, your family, and your friends on the dangers of Rogue Security Software.

Revisit our report "Don't get trapped by Rogue Anti-Spyware software!"

There's a short case history and more important links to honest reliable help if you get trapped by the hype spewed by Rogue software makers.

What's your Security Profile? Are you part of the 23 percent who are protected?

                                                                                         ... Richard

Tags-    Trojans,
            Spyware Warrior


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  November 1, 2007   Treasure Troves of Valuable Information waiting
                                   for you to Discover them in Blogs

I'm a blogger(*) and if you are reading this, you probably are, too. In a broad sense, bloggers(*) not only create and publish information, they search for, read, and benefit from the mother lode of treasures awaiting discovery in someone else's weblog. 

If you noticed the new addition in my list of favorite blogs (down there in the left sidebar), I added it because it is my recently discovered abundance of smart and practical ways for handling, saving, and enjoying money. is truly a Cornucopia of Money Saving Tips and Advice.

It's worth sharing with your family and special friends - they don't have to be bloggers, either. Just provide them with this link -


More on Security in future blogs, so I hope you subscribe to my RSS feed!
                                                    ... Richard

(*) Although Wikipedia and don't actually define "blogger" as a person, they use the term in the same context as we have used it here.

Technorati does Tag it



  October 29, 2007   Update on PDF traps and a 'fix' from Adobe

 Finnish security software firm F-Secure reports that E-mails containing malicious PDF files have been putting computers at risk since last week.
The e-mails were made to look like like credit card statements which contained an attachment called 'report.pdf."
When viewed on vulnerable machines, these PDF files start downloading software from servers in Malaysia or Sweden.
It's important to note that The F-Secure firm expects continuing attacks.
The Adobe Company has issued a bulletin with instructions to protect vulnerable users. This issue only affects customers on Windows XP or Windows 2003 with Internet Explorer 7 installed who are using Adobe Reader Version 8.1 and Acrobat 8.1
They urge affected users to update to Adobe Reader 8.1.1 or Acrobat 8.1.1.
Adobe Security Bulletin provides information and links to update files to Adobe Reader Version 8.1.1 and Acrobat 8.1.1 to protect against malicious Code in spam emails with PDF attachments.
The Adobe Security Bulletin is available

Adobe will provide an update to Adobe Reader 7.0.9 and Acrobat 7.0.9 at a later date. Adobe Reader 6.X and Acrobat 6.X are not vulnerable to this issue.

Do it now. If you are a "vulnerable user", why put it off?

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  October 17, 2007  Phishing Attacks, now including PDF traps,
                               on the Increase

      In their September edition of the Intelligence monthly report, MessageLabs* Company published these statistics -

   Spam – made up 73.5% of the emails they processed in September
               (a decrease of 0.5% since August)
   Viruses – One in 48.8 emails in September contained malware
               (an increase of 0.8% since August)
   Phishing – One in 87.2 emails comprised a phishing attack
               (an increase of 0.6% since August)

The report included these eye-opening and unnerving statistics -
    Phishing attacks have overtaken the numbers of virus or trojan attacks. A
typical large attack could involve 20,000 to 80,000 emails, and in some cases
as many as 200,000 or more. Smaller scale attacks could be made-up of many
waves each containing between 1,000 and 2,000 emails amounting to between
5,000 and 10,000 overall.
    Spammers are highly creative and sophisticated in their attempts to bypass
spam filters. For years, image spam (poisoned jpg files) has been very
popular, with spammers using a variety of different techniques to make
detection more difficult. They are now resorting to more clever traps.
    These new methods enable the phishing sites to be hosted on botnets.
The IP addresses of these botnets are changed regularly, making it more
difficult to track the spammers back to their lairs.
    As both MessageLabs* and anti-spam providers improve their image
processing techniques, spammers are increasingly switching to a new
image entrapment format - PDF
    It is not difficult to include poisoned links in PDF pages - links that lead
unsuspecting readers to entrapment in botnets.
    PDF spam is an increasing problem and MessageLAbs* reports that it now
accounts for around 20% of spam.
    Not only do we need to be aware of these increasingly more clever spammer
traps when surfing at home, but those of us who have the opportunity to review and download PDF files at work must consider the potential dangers to our employers.
  Do your part - don't abuse employer allowed surfing privileges

Tags: ,



* MessageLabs provides messaging and web security management services
for over 15,000 clients worldwide, with around 1.5 billion emails processed
each week on their behalf.

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  October 12, 2007  Planning to take toys to your grandkids for the
                                upcoming holiday celebrations?

In a recent Press Release, the Transportation Security Administration alerted Airline passengers who pack remote-control toys in their carry-on bags to expect a little more security screening at the airports.

While not associated with a specific threat at this time, TSA is aware that remote control toys can be used to initiate devices used in terrorist attacks. Accordingly, Transportation Security Officers have trained on this possibility and travelers
may encounter additional screening when bringing remote control devices in carry-on baggage.

Read the full TSA Press release HERE. There's and audio report by the Agency's
Mr. Kip Hawley that provides more details on this issue at the TSA website. You can learn how to get those remote control toys safely to your destination and to the children.
                                                                         ... Richard



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  October 1, 2007  How Did You Teach Your Children To Be Safe
                              When They Were learning to Surf the Internet?

We'd love to learn how you taught your kids to be cautious and careful and avoid the threats from online scammers and pedophiles when they were learning to explore the "web".

As parents, grandparents and guardians, we are reminded constantly to help our children enjoy the pleasures and excitement of the Internet in safety.
    My own grandchildren learned how to boot up their family computers at a very early age. For the youngest of them, it was simply a matter of watching their older sisters and brothers as they chatted online with their friends, worked on their school lessons, and explored the mysteries of the cyber universe.

Informed parents recognize that the Internet provides an exciting and learning experiences for their children. Teaching online safety, and learning together is a wonderful way for any family to enjoy it.

Your experiences and successes could help a lot of other parents and us grandparents.

CLICK HERE for a real easy way to Share your Experiences and learn how other parents helped their kids to safety - free, of course
                                                Thanks for caring, and sharing....Richard


  October 1, 2007                       Protecting our Kid's Safety Online

(*)I'm a proud grandparent of 9 precious grandchildren and the last thing in this world that I ever want to see is someone hurting them.
I'm certain that this doesn't make me any different than every other parent, grandparent or child guardian.
What is a bit different, however, is that I have an opportunity to help other parents and grandparents do something to help protect our young children from the most heinous  people who prey on them when they're playing on the Internet - the pedophiles and child predators hiding in the cyberworld.

I do this through my websites and blogs - usually through news alerts and product announcements. This message is a product announcement.

The product is an eBook I just prepared from information I purchased. I bought it because it seemed so complete, and thorough, that I believe it will enable all of us to help our kids more easily understand how serious, and cautious they must be when visiting the Internet.

Yes, there's a price for this one, but it's only $6.95, and you can download it from the internet and start using it almost immediately.

If you order the eBook and find that it doesn't help you understand, and explain the threats that these creatures pose, then I'll return your money. (Within 60 days of your order).

It's not the money, the most important issue here is the safety of our children, as you'll see when you visit the order page.

                                  You can  Order "Internet Safety for Your Kids" HERE

                                                                                          Thanks for Caring,
                         &sp;                                                              Richard Rossbauer


  October 1, 2007   Checkout My eBook "How to Protect Your
                               Privacy and Security Online"

It's loaded with Vital Security Tools and Tips to Secure Your Computers and Guard Against Internet Fraud and Identity Theft.
To make it easily affordable to the lesser experienced Beginners and Senior Internet Users, and to provide a greater opportunity for them to strengthen their own security defenses at a price that nearly everyone can afford -
I slashed the list price by 61 percent from $17.95 to only $7.00!
And to make it available to even more of the internet users who can really benefit from its wealth of security information, I have included free resale rights that will give you 100 percent of the profits for each and every copy you sell.
Your profits will go directly and immediately into your own PayPal account.
Even better, the $7.00 price includes the free bonus eBook - "PC Security", my Info Guide to Beefing Up Your Personal Computer's Safety from Malicious Threats, with dozens of easy to apply ideas and strategies to strengthen your Security Fortress.
It's really important that everyone be aware that Clever Internet Thieves from all around the world are using very highly sophisticated and stealthy infiltration schemes to plant trojans, worms, viruses and other malware in their computers, and could even be secretly adding any one of us to their botnets.
Even if you are reasonably comfortable when going online, your family members and friends may not be as experienced as you.
Give them the gift that can save their families and friends from potential hours of grief, plus potential loss of money and identity to these Internet thieves.
Here's the link to the Security Tips ebook, bonus PC Security ebook and  Free Resale Rights
Refer your friends to your very own sales page for "How to Protect Your Privacy and Security Online"
Thanks for helping to make the internet a safer and more fun experience
for everyone.
                                                                        ... Richard



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Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting approximately 900,000 new victims each year!

More than ever, the information explosion, aided by an era of easy credit, has led to the expansion of a crime that feeds on the inability of consumers to control who has access to sensitive information and how it is safeguarded.

Can we fight back? Yes! One of the best ways is to be informed of the tricks and ploys used by Identity Theft criminals and to understand how they attack.

Forewarned is Forearmed and There's a lot to know,

The contents of this Free Report include

  Protection Strategies
  Safe Credit Card Practices
  Why reveal your Social Security number? 
  Document Destruction                            
  Common Sense Things to avoid 
  What you must do if the Worst Happens-
with the telephone numbers to call and the
    organizations to contact.

It's a five page report you can download, print and freely share with your family and friends. Download "Identity Theft Guide" by CLICKING HERE.     Save the file to your Desktop - it'll be easier to find

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