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December 25, 2012

Giving the most valuable giftsThe Christmas Holiday is here and soon to be gone for another year. I feel that the most valuable gifts that could be given to anyone are love and friendship, respect, and tolerance.

Can you imagine how much better this world would be if everyone had it in them to bestow these gifts every day, not just on an annual holiday?

I wish all of the best for you now and into the future. Your support as followers of my web postings is cherished. Thank you.

                                                    Richard Rossbauer

My Favorite Posts from 2012

  Be wary of, it could infect your PC with the FunMoods Malware

Here's a post you don't want to miss - it's by Nichole Dean of Nichole on the net.

She has been a successful net marketer for a good many years with just loads of experience and she just made a mistake that anyone of us could make.

She clicked a Download button in an email ad for, a product that interested her - but she did it without thoroughly examining the ad content and ended up with the Fun.Mood virus.

Fortunately for those of us who are on her blog mail list, she posted a really great step-by-step story of how it happened and best of all - how she painstakingly removed it from her PC.

Please do yourself a big precautionary favor and check her post at
Nichole on the Net here -

She even included screen shots of what she did. This is really helpful stuff.

Thank you Nichole!

 ... Richard

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July 9, 2010  Considerations for Avoiding Current security Threats

There aren't many people who have a PC or Mac computer connected to the Internet that aren't aware of Computer Viruses. 

Generally, PCs are targets of most of the more than 280,000 currently recognized viruses.

Macs don't become infected with the PC viruses designed to exploit vulnerabilities of the Microsoft Operating System. However, Macs are still targets of cyber criminals and it is possible for an Apple Macintosh to get a virus. But the likelihood of an Apple Macintosh user getting a virus when compared to a Microsoft Windows user is very little to none.

In fact, there are many Apple Macintosh users who still don't even run an antivirus protection program.

But, believe it or not, in spite of all of the recent media coverage and even newscaster hysteria about the Conficker worm, Stuxnet, and more recently, Flame, there are many ordinary computer users who have no current protection against any kind of malware, especially the latest versions and iterations of these, and older viruses.

So, what are the latest threats and where can we go to identify them? The answer to this question is in my free report -

"Considerations for Avoiding Current security Threats"

... where you'll find links to a half dozen or more authority resources with lists of today's threats and guidance in avoiding them, and even help in removing them if you are already infected.
                                                                                ... Richard

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How many offers for Viagra or Cialis appeared in your mail today?

Only six showed up in my email, but that is for a Saturday.

Normally there are twice that number. And ED drugs are not the only offers -foreign pharmacies offer to save me hundreds of dollars on all of my prescription medicines.

I'm sure there are legitimate off shore suppliers, but I'm not experienced enough in recognizing the spammers to even consider taking a chance on their email offers.

One of my favorite experts on Internet security is Brian Krebs.

His recent article on "Rogue Pharmacies" puts a bright light on the malicious software and "Pharm spam" epidemic that exists today.

His "must read" post titled "PharmaLeaks: Rogue Pharmacy Economics 101"
can be reviewed here

It's enough to scare me away from answering, or clicking on any of the links in those suspicious daily email offers.

And by the way, I always hesitate to open any email that is presented in html (not plain text), unless I'm absolutely familiar with the source/sender.

Much of the phishing email in circulation is purposely designed to appear as if it comes from legitimate sources like your bank, a shipper like FedEx or UPS, the FBI, and other common and easily recognized names.
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 Reminder about Why Strong Passwords are so Important

One of my most interesting and reliable sources for learning about the latest nasty stuff taking place on the Internet is Brian Krebs' Blog "KrebsOnSecurity"

While reading through his blog posts recently, one of the headlines attracted my attention - "Hacked Inboxes Lead to Bank Fraud".

The meat of his post described exactly what happened to us, a small business, as I reported in my March 30th post - even to the contents of the email sent by a hacker to one of our local banks from our email address - using our email service which the hacker then disabled.

Read Mr. Krebs post here - "Hacked Inboxes Lead to Bank Fraud" and when you get to the part where the Hacker's email is described, you'll see why our local banker was astute enough to be suspicious and contact us for verification.

Worse still, of the 3 examples cited in Mr. Kreb's blog post, one of the banks failed to challenge that email.

The Bad grammar and poor punctuation should have raised the alarm for any trained and responsible bank employee.

Mr. Krebs further points out that "Hacked and phished email accounts increasingly are serving as the staging grounds for bank fraud schemes targeting small businesses. The scams are decidedly low-tech and often result in losses of just a few thousand dollars, but the attacks frequently succeed because they exploit existing trust relationships between banks and their customers".

Which is a call to action to reread my last post –"Does Your Password Pass the Test?", and get some expert guidance on creating your own Strong passwords.

When was the last time you reviewed your passwords? Maybe now's the time to take a new look. TRY THIS TEST >>

                                                                 ... Richard

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 We didn't realize our email password had been cracked, until...

...on a recent Friday morning, we received a 'phone call from a local Bank Manager asking if we had just made an email request for the balance in our account.

This was from a bank where we did not have an account.

A short time later, we realized that our incoming email had stopped - no messages since around the time the Bank Manager called us.

We contacted our eMail Service Provider and learned that our password had been compromised and replaced by the Hacker, who also installed a redirect code that diverted all of our incoming email to his private Gmail address.

Looking back at this episode, it became apparent that our password for this email account was weak - very weak, as a matter of fact.

The eMail Service Provider helped us clean up the mess and guided us in restoring our email service with a much stronger - very much stronger password.

What did we learn?

One - you can't be complacent or unconcerned about the way things are when it comes to your computer and Internet security. You must review and update regularly

Two - hackers and crackers have software that can decipher your simple keywords at cyber speed

Three - our computers are being bombarded constantly by non-human attackers.

According to a recent post by Larry Jaffe, Editor, VIPRE Security News -

"Incapsula, a cloud-based, website security and performance company, recently did a study of 1,000 of their customers to determine who or what was visiting their sites. The results were rather astounding. More than half (51%) of their client’s website traffic was non-human including hackers, spambots, scrapers and spies of sorts collecting proprietary business information and
customer data."

You should read the rest of the post  –"Does Your Password Pass the Test?", and get some expert guidance on creating your own Strong passwords

When was the last time you reviewed your passwords? Maybe now's the time to take a new look. TRY THIS TEST >>

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Feb 1, 2012  Is That Returned eMail really Something You Sent?

Have you noticed how cleverly the cyber thieves are wording their phishing emails, lately?
Have you really sent all of those emails that were bounced - with as many as a dozen daily notices ending in your mailbox with subjects like these-
Returned mail: see transcript for details
* Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

I'm sure you noticed that each one of these messages has an attachment that you are encouraged to open.
Don't Open It!
- those emails appear to have been sent from locations overseas, and who knows what malware they will put on your computer. I don't know what those attachments contain because I never clicked on them.


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Threats to our online security are always with us but aren't always easy to recognize. The cyber crooks are sophisticated - and devious. They understand human emotions like fear, anxiety, and apathy and continually design - and redesign their phishing emails to trap us into exposing our personal and even our financial information.

I'm leaving the "EVERGREEN" posts here as reminder Alerts to a variety of recent phishing practices to help us recognize, or become suspicious of similar messages that can appear in our mail boxes.
                                                     ... Richard

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EVERGREEN  Internet Social Media and your kids Safety- are they at risk?

As a parent, grandparent, and now a great-grandparent, I've watched more than a dozen children learn to socialize with other kids - it's part of growing up.

As grown-ups, we socialize in many ways. We tweet, we make friends on facebook, we Stumble, Digg, make videos to share on YouTube, and look to make friends on even more Social Media sites .

Social networking sites are fun and children want to participate in them, too, but they do present some potential dangers.

With the popularity of social networking sites, here are some words of caution.

As a parent, the very first thing we should do is teach our children about the possible dangers that exist on the Internet, particularly about situations that might crop up on a social networking website.

This free article highlights some of the more Important subjects to review with our children - You can read it in abut two minutes

..just click on Internet Social Media and Your Childen's Safety

Here's the short link to share with your friends -                                                         ... Richard

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EVERGREEN     More and More SPAM  has me ticked off!

I accept that any one who spends much time surfing the Internet for information, and leaving  a name and email address to have access to it -

 - is going to be added  to more and more email lists, and receive more and more 'follow-up' emails. That's fair,

But what really aggravates me is the emails from unknown sources (SPAM) that appear to be stoppable by sending a reply with REMOVE typed into the Subject line.

What a farce! This morning alone I did the "REMOVE' routine for 7 of those messages and  EACH ONE resulted in an 'Undeliverable' message form our ever there 'Postmaster in the sky"

From now on, every unsolicited email that offers the 'reply routine' will be deleted using the REPORT AS SPAM option in my email service.

(Probably won't do much good, but it'll make me feel better)
                                                                       ... Richard 
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EVERGREEN      McAfee Labs Stinger* Updated thru Dec 2012

Free mcAfee STINGER backup virus scanner and removerIf you don't have a Virus Protection program yet, here's an Emergency Step you should take, Right Now!
 McAfee offers a FREE Virus Scanning program named
It's a great backup tool when, for example, your computer is infected with a virus and you can't go online for an update, or even use your existing anti-virus program. If you saved the latest version of McAfee Labs Stinger to a CD or flash drive, you could disconnect from the Internet and run a scan or two with Stinger, which currently searches for thousands of viruses, Trojans and variants!

*Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next-generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed .DAT files, and scan performance optimizations. It detects and removes threats identified under the "List Viruses" icon in the Stinger application.                          
... Richard

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EVERGREEN               Internet marketers and webmasters -
                                                 Who's stealing your stuff?

"How Would YOU Feel ...if you were surfing the Web and suddenly saw an exact copy of something you created, and to which you own the legal rights of use, on someone else's web site? Including, but not limited to ...
   * YOUR Articles,
   * YOUR Web Site Designs
   * YOUR Web Site Copy
   * YOUR Sales Letter Copy
   * YOUR Ebooks or Reports
   * YOUR Ad Copy
   * YOUR Software
   * YOUR Other Products
   * YOUR Graphics & Images
   * YOUR Newsletters & Ezines

How would you reclaim your copyrighted property?

Wouldn't you like to know how to get your stolen Intellectual Property removed from the web without hiring a Lawyer?

You'll be pleased to learn that there is a brand new ebook where you'll discover how you can "Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game!"

Actually, you really need this ebook BEFORE your own intellectual property (or copyrighted material) is stolen so you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself, now.

Who wrote the book? - jlScott. The author is Director of the International Council of Online Professionals (i-Cop) and now the

Included in her ebook is a recent case history documenting how she used her expertise to have a blatant case of plagiarism (complete sections of the i-Cop website stolen and republished word for word) removed within a matter of hours!

There's stuff in this ebook that has already helped me prepare to take action against the thieves who have copied my property and even shut down a couple of my sites -

-some of which is the included word-for-word, fill-in-the-blanks samples to use in corresponding with the plagiarists, their ISP's, web hosts, and even their lawyers, if necessary.

Here's the link to get your ebook -

You'll want to take advantage of the low "Public Launch price" before it goes up in the near future. Click on over to learn how and where you can get immediate access to your ebook - "Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game!"

                                                            ... Richard
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Don't hesitate to express your views and opinions on my Security Alert Blog and Cyber Security Alert postings (easily done by clicking on the highlighted 'COMMENT' |  at each post. Watch for postings on fraud alerts, virus alerts, worm alerts, Internet Security alerts, security scams, parental controls, online predators, net security, and more. Be sure to visit our Firewalls-and-Virus Protection website for even more help


Evergreen      Free report - "Avoiding Current Security Threats"

   There are still some unresolved issues with the Conficker worm and Cyber criminals are flooding the Internet with bogus "Anti Virus and Anti Spyware" programs designed to steal your personal information, add your computers to world wide "botnets", and generally prey on unsuspecting web surfers with unprotected computers.

   But you can take steps to avoid these security threats, and I have outlined them in a special report you can have for Free.

   This report is an update and a bit of an overview of the information published in my newsletters, blog and websites.

   It covers the basics of what to look for and how to prepare your computer to avoid the next high risk threat. It's a quick download (PDF file) which you can obtain by going to the registration page and leaving your email address so that the download instructions can be sent to your email inbox.

   Get Free Report here and share this web address with your friends so the emails you get from them are clean and free of malware.

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December 25, 2012


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